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A Holiday  Message from Travis Edmonson

Dear Friends

My warmest wishes for a blessed and peaceful festive season, and a wonderful

I want to thank each and every one of you who has kept the faith over the years, listening to my music on old LPs, and when they weren't around, playing the tunes in your head. It's sure a lot easier to do on compact disc, and I'm truly pleased that the albums are available on CD, and you've been enjoying them.

Your letters and comments sent into this website and to my home have meant a great deal to me, and I can't help but feel that special closeness to you that was always there in the live shows.  And it can't be denied, since so many of you have made it clear to me, that exhilarating connection took place through the recordings as well! It's a very gratifying thing to an artist to be able to establish a bond like that with those who dig his music.

Keeping it alive the way you do has been a continuing inspiration to me, and I love you all!

Travis Edmonson, December 2008

….. and Travis' wife, Rose Marie, has added her own personal greeting:

“We have been so grateful for the prayers and support you have showered on us.  The assistance provided through The Travis Edmonson Collection has made a tremendous difference in what has been possible, and it's had almost as much to do with keeping Travis going as his indomitable spirit. Travis is right about that connection with you, and he feels it all the time.

Thank you all so much, and Happy Holidays!”

Love and Prayers, Rose Marie Heidrick

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