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Ava Victoria

Singer Ava Victoria was always a special admirer of Travis Edmonson, but having also been a guitar student of Bud Dashiell's, the other half of B&T had an even greater influence on her as a performer, and she reflects on these when talking about her newest album.

“My latest CD, KICKIN' UP LIFE, has a cover of "For No One",by Lennon & McCartney. Bud had given me a sketchie page of chord inversions, just as he had for "Shenandoah". It was from there that I made my taste selections and hammered out my arrangements.

He smiled kindly at both, and did like my medley of "Shenandoah-Down In The Valley." I've often   wondered if he would have liked my selection to use harmonica in both recordings?

Bud also encouraged me to rake through the musical theater repertoire. Years later, when I was invited to teach singing to actors at the theater school ACT, (American Conservatory Theater) in San Francisco, I  revisited Bud's encouragement to look at the MT rep for guitar. It was one of the most  delightful ventures in my artistic life.””

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"Kickin' Up Life"


Life Is
Once Upon A Time
I Never Thought I'd Break
Everybody's Dancin'
It Never Was You
Just Go To The Movies
For No One
The Nearness Of You
Isn't This Better?
Are You Ready Now?
I Belong Here
Here's To Life



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