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Bud & Travis From The Ridiculous to The Sublime

The Travis Edmonson Collection #21 (2008)


The loyalty and appreciation which fans of Bud & Travis have for those masters of song and entertainment was dramatically exhibited over three decades after the duo did their last show together.

Eleven years ago, When, at the instigation of Tom Straw and his fabulous Bud & Travis internet salute, Collector's Choice came to release their Best of Bud & Travis Collection, the CD immediately became the label's runaway best seller of the year.

In this Travis Edmonson Collection mirror edition of that recording, we've tried to alter the balance a little by spreading the songs across more albums than the earlier one which presented most of the 24 tracks from the Bud & Travis in Concert LP. That selection by long-time fan Gene Kelly has been acknowledged with only a few changes.

To live up to its title From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, this collection opens with B&T at their most nonsensical, and also includes the indispensable introduction as well as musical portion of Sloop John B, concluding with Travis Edmonson's signature call at the end.

Two songs from the Bud & Travis Latin repertoire follow, La Vaquilla Colorada, the song of the red cow, bringing everyone into the vaquero spirit and Vamos al Baile, a traditional Mexican song with some original material thrown in by Travis Edmonson.

His chart song, Cloudy Summer Afternoon recalls a romantic day in New York shortly after Bud & Travis first got together. With its jazz overtones, this song is definitely one all fans “can never forget” either.

If that represents the sophisticated side of the B&T repertoire, then another Travis Edmonson composition, Guess I'll Go Home, personifies an innocence that remains a part of young love in any era.

Concluding the selection from the Santa Monica concert, Every Night When the Sun Goes In, which was recorded by The Gateway Singers when Travis was part of that influential Group (under the title True Love) ,has been added to this sampler to represent the Volume 2 recording from the March 24, 1960 event.

The next three tracks are from another live album, Bud & Travis in Person at The Cellar Door (Washington, D. C.), the melting Better Than Anything written by their accompanist Buck Wheat, a musical version of the Yeats poem Golden Apples of the Sun and Cielito Lindo Son Huasteco, the song of the lovelorn shepherd.

The indispensable B&T party piece, Raspberries, Strawberries  is a studio version from Spotlight on Bud and Travis, from which another of their most-requested numbers comes, the vivacious La Bamba (the chorus of which,  “Yo no soy marinero, por ti seré” translates “I am not a sailor, for you I would be.”

From their debut album on Liberty, the self-titled Bud and Travis we offer  Travis Edmonson's composition South Wind (famously covered by The Kingston Trio), The Broadway show tune They Call the Wind Mariah, Bud Dashiell's adaptation of the inviting Bon Soir Dame and  one of the group's most compelling songs Rayito de Luna, a lover's declaration of how his sweetheart has brought light into his miserable life like a ray of moonlight.

From Bud and Travis Naturally, the album which concluded the duo's first spell together are included here Los Dos, the Travis Edmonson composition Haiti and another Broadway song, Joey, Joey, Joey.

The Rod McKuen piece, So Long Stay Well, described by the composer as one of the finest versions he'd ever heard, is the single inclusion from Perspective on B&T, and is followed by four tracks from The Latin Album, the smoky No Me Quiras Tanto (“don't love me so much), aMalagueña Salerosa  with an incredible finish, the super exquisite and romantic Sin Ti, and the definitely sublime recollection of Mayan civilization, Camminante del Mahab.


This alternative to the 1997 Collectors Choice edition of The Best of Bud & Travis has been issued by The Travis Edmonson Collection to address some of the comments that too many of the tracks came from the In Concert album.  Containing much the same essential repertoire, it offers a more balanced mix across the group's eight LPs, and also features the introduction to Sloop John B and the quintessential Raspberries, Strawberries.



Bud & Travis From The Ridiculous to The Sublime


1/2/3/4/5 From Bud & Travis in Concert:
    Sloop John B
   La Vaquilla Colorada
   Vamos al Baille
   Cloudy Summer Afternoon
   Guess I'll Go Home
6 From Bud & Travis in Concert Volume 2:
   Every Night When The Sun Goes In
7/8 from Bud & Travis in Person:
   Better Than Anything
   Golden Apples of The Sun
9/10/11 From Spotlight on Bud and Travis:
   Raspberries, Strawberries
   Cielito Lindo Son Huasteco
   La Bamba
12/13/14/15 from the Bud and Travis `debut album':
   South Wind
   They Call the Wind Mariah
   Bon Soir Dame
   Rayito de Luna
16/17/18 From Bud and Travis Naturally:
   Los Dos
   Joey, Joey, Joey
19 from Perspective on Bud & Travis:
   So Long, Stay Well
20/21/22 From The Bud & Travis Latin Album:
   No Me Quiras Tanto
   Malagueña Salerosa
   Sin Ti
   Camminante del Mahab

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