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Photographer Bob Rosenbaum Remembers Travis

TLike many others, I encountered Travis Edmonson at a tender and formative time in my life. In 1979, I was too young to really know about his own special contribution to the American Folk Song, but I was old enough to be aware that I was in the presence of an extraordinary man and a true artist.

Though I wasn't yet 22 years old, he regarded me unceremoniously as an equal, and in so doing helped me to quickly dispense with the most difficult artistic identity crisis I had experienced up to that time. Travis graciously sat for a portrait at the Montage Gallery on Speedway in Tucson, resulting in one of my favorite images (below).

Six months later, I was already gone -- working on my art in L.A. We never met again, but I still feel a sense of humility and grace from that meeting, and I deeply understand it as a blessing.
Thanks for the opportunity to share this with others who have met Travis along the way.
Bob Rosenbaum

December 2009

Bob Rosenbaum has photographed and documented the art and lives of eminent musicians for over 25 years, fulfilling many roles along the way: fan, friend, student, journalist, bartender, radio host and producer, and fellow player. Bob's work has been published, displayed and broadcast worldwide.

Portrait of Travis by Bob Rosenbaum



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