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Maria Hallaris on Collin Edmonson

Travis Edmonson readily credits his brother Collin as being the primary influence in both his career andlife's leanings.  Read a little more about Collin Edmonson at the end of this page.

MARIA HALARIS gives some insight into Travis Edmonson's wonderful personal qualities through a recollection of his brother Collin who gave her a copy of “Bud & Travis in Concert” which she's treasured to this day.

“I met Colin Edmonson through my father who was working at the American School for Classical Studies in Athens.  I was a young teenager at the time, and  did not speak English.

I was taking lessons in classical guitar, and I was
crazy about the Kingston Trio. My brother, who was attending Princeton University, had sent me The Kingston Trio's first album, and my family always joked later that I learned English through their music!

Colin and his wife Betty asked my father if I could baby sit for their kids, and of course, I loved the idea. What impressed me immediately was how approachable, warm and friendly all four members of the family  were.

The way I perceived  the American School until that point was a formidably bookish intellectual environment that was leagues out of my  world. Not the Edmonsons, though!  The nights that Colin drove me home, after babysitting, in his Land Rover (my family didn't even own a car) remain very vivid in my mind.

Collin had a way of treating everybody as his best friend,; he had a fantastic sense of humor that had no language barriers and gave everybody a magical sense of self worth and importance.

He gave me Travis's LP. He said,  “if you like folk music, maybe you'll like this. It's my kid brother and he likes to serenade young girls. Let me know what you think.”

After I listened to the records a few hundred times, I told him that I hated to say this but I thought Bud and Travis had better voices than The Kingston Trio, but I still liked The Kingston Trio better. He laughed loud and hard for some time, and then he said "I always thought they are better than the Kingston Trio, but coming from you, it has more weight!"...

When he left from Greece Collin  gave me his guitar.  Unfortunately I don't have it anymore.

Years later, my niece was attending Pomona College. She was walking on campus, when a classmate of hers called her by her last name. Moments later a professor she didn't know approached her, and asked her if her grandfather had worked in the American School.

Colin had the nicest things to say about my family but then again, this was Colin, best friend to everyone, and everyone's best friend. As he used to sign letters to my father "o philos pou poli se agapa",(greek, meaning your friend, who loves you much).

Sweet memories. Thank you for making them surface again. Even more important, thank you for all you do for Travis, he touched so many lives .

God bless you.”

Maria Halaris
September 2006


graduate of the Classics Department of the University
of Arizona, Prof. Colin Edmonson received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and spent most of his career teaching at the University of Washington, Seattle.

A small hint of the kind of charisma and spirit of the Edmonson siblings can be alluded to in the following remarks of Prof. Nigel Kennell of the Classics Department of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, who considers himself highly privileged to have studied under Dr. Colin Edmonson in 1978-1979 at the American School in Athens.

Describing him as “one of the greatest teachers of Greek history, culture, and archaeology that America has produced since the Second World War,” Dr. Kennell states, “his depth and breadth of knowledge was prodigious; we came to believe that there wasn't an inch of the country whose history he did not know from prehistory to the modern period. Colin Edmonson was such a philhellene that Greeks thought he was a native speaker.”

Going on to elaborate on personal qualities, he says, “and Colin, as anyone who knew him can attest, was far from "classical" in his behavior, and was certainly not a prolific publisher. Rather he acted as a catalyst for other's work.”



Maria Halaris who received Bud & Travis in Concert from Travis Edmonson's brother Collin
Maria Halaris

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