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Californian DOROTHY CASAREZ has been a fan of Travis Edmonson since 1963, and like so many others, treasures The Latin Album as her favorite of his recordings.

“I have often wondered the story behind Bud and Travis, other than what is written on the back of the album jackets. I was just a kid, discovering my interests in music myself, when  I bought those wonderful albums. I have played them throughout my lifetime, and lets face it, it's now 2005.

I cannot ever part from my albums of the duo; they are precious, and oh so beautifully done. I know I have looked before on the net a few years back and couldn't find anything on Bud and Travis. yet recently I tried and now there is a site.    I am so sad to know that Bud  Dashiell has passed on. I read on another site that Travis Edmonson did suffer from an aneurysm.

My thoughts as a longtime fan are with great appreciation. I Thank them both, and bless them both, for giving to me a long-lasting pleasure of the most beautiful musical arrangements a person can possess and hear.

I have continually played Travis' albums over and over. its just never tiring hearing the superb playing.”

Dorothy Casarez
May 2005

DAVID HOLLAND in Houston, Texas is one of those musicians who consider Travis Edmonson an entertainer's entertainer.

“Malagueña Salerosa is one of my favorite songs, and the Bud and Travis rendition is absolutely unbelievable.  My second favorite of theirs is Raspberries, Strawberries,

I was pretty serious about music in the late 50s. A friend of mine, Johnny Winter ( would hang out and my house, and we'd listen to albums and then play the music by ear. When we lost the rhythm guitar in the band I was in, I got Johnny the spot. It was the first time he got paid to perform.

Another group I played with had, after I left, Johnny, his brother Edgar
(, and Janis Joplin.

I was well aware of Bud and Travis from the group I hung out with. The guys I knew who played the guitar couldn't believe some of the things Travis could do. It's just that I only had one album of my own. (As it turned out, Johnny was no slouch either.) I drifted out of performing in college--I had far more academic than musical talent--but I never lost the appreciation of greatness.”

David Holland
December 2007

KEN GREEN, who's now teaching in the California desert, first met Travis Edmonson when a student at the University of Arizona.  In an earlier contribution to this website, Ken wrote of how important it was to him to get a message to Travis to thank him for the inspirational help the latter had provided back in the sixties.  On February 11, 2006 Ken was able to pay a visit to Travis, and express his appreciation in person.

”My wife  Vinnie and I had a great visit with Travis and Rose Marie. Needless to say it was a thrill to see him and talk to him. I still have so many questions I would like to have asked but I will get to them next time.

We sat and talked for quite a while about lots of memories. Then he and Rose Marie asked me if I had brought my guitar and asked me to play for them. One of the great thrills was to have Travis sing along with me on Cloudy Summer Afternoon. When I started to play Bon Soir Dame he said he wasn't going to sing. However, he not only sang but threw in a little harmony to boot. He asked me to help him tune his guitar and I got a chance to play it. Very special.

All in all it was a terrific visit. I promised to come by again on our next trip. He signed a copy of his Santa Barbra CD for me which took some effort but I appreciated greatly.”

Ken Green
February 2006

FORD BURKHART, now a Staff Editor at the New York Times, is another of those who felt that their formative years were enriched by the song and persona of Travis Edmonson, a fact which has continued to reverberate into the time which followed.

“My earliest memory is going to an early concert in Tucson, around 1957 or '58? And the music was great fun. Can still remember almost 50 years ago hearing "The wind is Tess, the rain is Joe, and ..." etc.  The girl I took had a name much like the "Mariah" in the song, although it was Mary Ellen, but close enough for me.

Then, zap: I think all realized that some of this music was not just fun, but was at a higher level, rich, and culturally important. What a trip!

I think Travis took a lot of us wide-eyed students, Tucson High (and Catalina for me), along to a higher level, to a wider world, made us bigger people (and gave us a lot of fun on dates).

We wish him strength. Cheers, Ford”

Ford Burkhart
May 2005

CLINTON JARBEAU in British Columbia is looking forward to a release from The Travis Edmonson Collection which will include the B&T single “The Alamo.”

“I was at the Bud & Travis grand reunion concert at the Santa Monica Civic in 1962. I had a passel of second cousins living in Torrance, and now dispersed from there, but we all attended, I as the youngest member of the entourage.

It was a fine time, and I became a life long fan right there. I don't have anything but the warmest memories of that effort, certainly don't remember much about the program, just the fact that they were funny, and fun to listen to.  For those of us who survived the 60's, a great deal of the optimism and idealism of that time became
personified for me in the work of Bud and Travis. “

Clinton Jarbeau
January 2007

MARY ELLEN BOUGHTON KOKOSZKA, now living in California, is a fan of 56 years standing, who regards the “In Concert” album as her favorite Bud & Travis recording.

“I knew Travis when we were both Seniors at Tucson High School. He was a great guitar player then. I was in a group bus trip to Nogales one time and he entertained all of us with his singing and strumming!  I also saw him perform in 1960 at a club in Chicago with Bud.”

Mary Ellen Boughton Kokoszka
March 2006

JAMES J. McMANUS, now living in Georgia, traces his own history and how it crossed with musical heroes Bud & Travis.

”I was a new staff member at the US House of Representatives and I had become an habitue of The Cellar Door in Georgetown, not far from the White House. By chance I was there the night Liberty recorded “Bud & Travis In Person.”

So late of Indiana, I had never heard of these young men. But that night I was stunned and even emotionally moved at the faultless beauty of their voices, their harmonies, their musicianship.   There was fun and  excitement and sheer joy in their performance.

The years passed, and I returned to journalism, then took another brief time-out as an aide to Sen. Robert F. Kennedy as he campaigned across the nation in the spring of 1968, a journey that ended so tragically.  Finally, I traveled the world as a CBS News correspondent, then retired.

That is what happened to me. But, what had happened to Bud and to Travis?  They had simply dropped from my sight and hearing so many years ago.

During those years I had collected all the Bud & Travis albums and played them again and again for friends and for my five daughters. Time passed.

A few weeks ago, I unpacked an attic trunk, dusted the album covers, bought a new turntable and listened once again. Why had their talent not shot them upward like a skyrocket so that we could have watched and listened and admired.  Where had they gone?

This time, I went to the internet and got my answers, some poignant, some sad. But, the triumph of Travis Edmonson was on heart-warming display - for there he is!  He has celebrated his 74th birthday anniversary and I am now 75. We are peering into the twilight. But, we don't have to believe it.

We are again connected in the way that art and the artist brings us all together. The voices, the words, the guitars collapse 40 years of time and we are once more at the Cellar Door. He is the pure and  undiminished voice and I am the perfect listener, sitting quietly as before, both of us convinced that we are still young men on our way.

Bless you, Travis. And thanks.”

James J McManus
January 2007

BOB BURLINSON of Rye, New York has had the privilege of experiencing many Travis Edmonson performances.

“Sometime during the summer of 1960 (maybe 1961 - it was a long time ago), I was a graduate student at New York University, adjacent to Greenwich Village in New York City.

I was addicted to folk music, had memorized all of the Kingston Trio releases to that time, hung out with the Clancy Brothers at the White Horse Tavern on Bleeker Street, and wandered the streets, coffee houses, and music venues of the Village on an almost nightly basis.

I wandered into the Bitter End one evening - I had no idea who was on the bill, but they never had a bad show.  Bill Cosby or Woody Allen was on stage - Tom Smothers used to hang out there between shows an heckle them - and when the comedy act ended, they brought on the "headline act" - Bud and Travis - Who ?- ten minutes later I was hooked.  Their musicality, their showmanship, the interaction between Bud and Travis was mesmerizing.

Travis' beautiful voice, the soaring melodies, his guitar expertise were unlike anything I had ever heard, and I had seen all the great acts that went through the Village in those days. I went back again and again, as often as they appeared - never failing to be thrilled by their music and totally entertained by their patter -  which was always fresh - The quickness of wit was outshone only by the perfection of their music. "Malagueña Salerosa" is one of my favorites to this day.

A year later, I was in the Post Exchange at I Corps Headquarters in Ui  Jong Bu Korea and the Santa Monica Concert (Vol 1) showed up. I immediately added a Bud and Travis segment to the set list for the folk group we had formed.  One of the guys was from El Paso, and immediately adapted the Latin repertoire as his own.

Soon we were talking about " a medley of our hit" and "cutting an album at 66 and 1/5th with the hole only on one side and not quite in the middle and with sesame seeds on the other side and one could buy it at their local A&Poo Feed Store where it was sold as licorice pizza". We would  ask our audience if they had ever been "theraped grouply".

I still have virtually every album that Bud and Travis ever did from the early days to Travis in Santa Barbara - what a talent and what a treasure he is.  I had the privilege of meeting him and his lovely wife Rose Marie in Scottsdale last summer. I did not know whether to shake his hand or to genuflect. Despite his health issues, the humor, the personality, the graciousness shine through.

When I showed my "kids"  - ages 30 to 37 - the picture of me with Travis last summer, the three of them started singing "Biddy Bum Bum to San Fernando" - which I played incessantly on our car tape player when we took family trips many years  ago.

My two boys are rather accomplished musicians (primarily guitar) and when I played a recent CD in their hearing, they stopped and commented on Travis' remarkable skill.

I join with so many others in a celebration of Travis Edmondson."

Bob Burlinson
January 2006

EDITH EDGAR in Oklahoma loves the two Bud & Travis in Concert albums.
”I listened to Bud & Travis from "hand-me-down" records my aunts gave me when I was a child. The songs were calming and enjoyable. I believe they were my first introduction to stand-up comedy as well as folk music. I simply LOVE them and am on a hunt to fill my musical library with all that I can of Bud & Travis.”

 Edith Edgar
April 2008

ELAINE STACEY in Hollywood has a particular affection for the second Bud & Travis studio album.

“I was probably 9 or 10 years old when my Father brought home the Spotlight on Bud and Travis LP.  It was one of his favorites, and became one of mine.  

When he passed away I inherited his vinyl and this was one of them. As you can imagine, its pretty full of pops and clicks after all these years.”

 Elaine Stacey
August 2007

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