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GLENN PETERSEN, a professor of anthropology, is one of those who cite Travis Edmonson as a strong influence in their lives.

“Bud & Travis' music had a big influence on my life.  I saw them perform in concert in Santa Barbara a couple of days after Jack Kennedy was shot.  I bought most of their records, all of which I still have (though I recently got some of the Travis Edmonson Collection CDs, so I can honorably retire the vinyl).

I still think about things like the old banjo key of fronk minor and licorice pizza.   In retrospect it seems truly odd that a 16-year old kid would have been so transfixed by Travis' Spanish ballads, but I was.  I subsequently lived and worked a lot in Latin America over the years and my knowledge of and love for this music has served me well.  To this day I still wander down the street singing “Te seguiré hasta el fin de este mundo” (it helps that in my neighborhood there's been a huge influx of Mexican immigrants and Mexican restaurants on almost every corner), and even my daughter knows the tune.  

But it was really “Joey” that got to me.  I've gone several times over the years to the New York City Opera to see “Most Happy Fella,” just to hear “Joey” sung in context.  The song was a catalyst for my joining the Navy, and military service in Asia exposed me to the Pacific Ocean and some of the tiny islands there.

When I got my discharge I went to college, and became an anthropologist, so I could go live on one of those islands.  I wound up as Margaret Mead's last grad student at Columbia University, and have been doing research in the islands of Micronesia since the early 1970s, teaching at the City College of New York for the past   30 years now. And there's no job in the world more suited to me.  But if it hadn't been for Bud & Travis' “Joey,” I really doubt that I would have made it here.

A long way of saying to Travis how his music touched me, of saying thanks, and of wishing him a great Diamond Jubilee year.”

Glenn Petersen
November 2007

KAREN MOSS, who still lives in Tucson, recalls the enjoyment Travis Edmonson's music brought to her college days, and how it produced some extra benefits in the classroom.

“I have been a huge Travis fan since the early 70's, when Travis played at the lounge in the Ramada Inn here in Tucson. I feel sure that I spent much more time listening to Travis than I did in class while at the UA, and I learned to drink rum & coke while he played "Michaela."

I earned great marks in my Spanish classes because I bought all the albums and listened to them over and over, transcribing and translating -- I would go so far as to say that what Spanish I have, any fluency I can claim, is because of Travis's songs.

Our paths crossed again in later years when Travis lived  on Rosemary Avenue, and ate often at Frank's Restaurant, and I worked at the church close by.  My route to the church parking lot took me right by Travis's house, and I often said a prayer for him and did so with much gratitude. His music is a marker for my "growing-up" years, and I can't think of my college experience without thinking of Travis and the great music in the same thought."

Karen Moss
May 2005

CHRIS MORALES in Santa Barbara has joined the legion of Travis Edmonson fans via the Best of Bud & Travis CD.

”I am a recent convert to Bud and Travis and I play their music every day, 2-3 times daily! My older brothers played them when I was very little, but I only knew of them, and now, I'm so glad that I know how great they are!”

Chris Morales
March 2006

When ordering some additional albums from The Travis Edmonson Collection, ANNE MARIE LOWELL expressed her delight in listening to the CDs.

I cannot tell you how pleased, enthralled I am with the Bud & Travis CDs I ordered from Travis' website. The remastering quality of them is incredible.  As I commute to and from work and listen to them on my Zune (Microsoft's equivalent of an iPod), I can hear the most minute instrumentation. My old stereo system never gave me this!"

Anne Marie Lowell
March 2008

RON FITZ in Colorado names “Bud & Travis Naturally” as his favorite Travis Edmonson album, and acknowledges the enormous contribution which the  singer  has made to American music.

”I came to love folk music about ten years after it was popular in the 60's. A dollar or two for albums in the cut-out bin let me go beyond the Kingston Trio. Throughout the 70's I found albums by all the KT contemporaries, including Bud and Travis. Eventually, I covered all the reasonably well-known acts, and increased my knowledge of music history. With the advent of CDs I came to know the Weavers and early performers who had inspired the 60's "Folk Boom." I learned more, and exchanged more information with others when the Internet became accessible.

Now I'm looking at performances in the late 50's-early 60's time frame. Taboos of the day evidently kept "The Gateway Singers" from commercial success, but that group contained Ernie Sheldon, Lou Gottleib and Travis Edmonson who seriously impacted commercial folk music individually and collectively.

While I have read about and am familiar with the songs performed by the Gateway Singers, I have heard very few of their performances. I hope to bring more Bud & Travis and Gateway Singers works into my collection now that I've discovered this website.

I've seen Travis Edmonson at John Stewart's Trio Fantasy Camps where he is rightfully acknowledged as a pioneer in folk music. I must agree that only a handful of individuals including Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger may be said to have contributed more to our folk heritage; Travis has certainly been among the most imposing and inspiring figures in the world of folk music.

In all my years of following folk music, I find it interesting that the greatest praise for Bud & Travis comes regarding their Spanish language pieces. Some writers remarked about their great appeal in live concerts. The duo's appeal for me was in the traditional songs that just about every folk act performed, only they were done BEST by B&T.

It always seemed to me that their versions of "Down in the Valley," "Two Brothers," and "Hills of Shiloh" were what the other singers were aspiring to. Likewise with the W.B. Yeats poem that became "Golden Apples of the Sun." Bud & Travis just performed the definitive versions.

On a non-musical note, I have to take off my hat to the man I've seen at the Trio Fantasy Camps. I see a passionate man of great courage and determination come out year after year to share an unflagging spirit with people who love the music. If he wasn't already an inspiration for his talent, he is surely an inspiration for his fortitude. Having met him, I have been in the presence of a giant."

Ron Fitz
September 2006

DENIS LIEBL adds to his earlier remarks in this section.

“My true love of folk music surfaced with the amazing sound, harmony, talent and humor of Bud and Travis.  After hearing a few of their songs, like Last Train to San Fernando, Delia's Gone and They Call the Wind Mariah, I knew this was the music I would not only be listening to, but also playing…though I didn't play an instrument yet.  I took guitar lessons, classical guitar no less, and played those songs from the debut album over and over until I figured out the chords and the unusual strumming style that set Bud and Travis apart from every other group. And there were many from that era.  I was hooked.

Around 1959 or 1960, I was thrilled to be in attendance at a live concert at our local movie theater, the Loyola Theater in Westchester, California (near LAX).  My date and I sat in the first row and were most entertained by the incredible talents of the 3 players on the stage, mostly the two playing guitar and singing.  The one with the beautiful voice and quick wit, Travis, put me on the path to forming a group in my freshman year in college in 1961 and competing in the annual Spring Sing for Loyola University at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in May of 1961, where we took first place in the “Novelty” category as the “Four Flats.”  How incredible that we would play on the same stage that a year earlier the legendary “In Concert” albums were recorded, a point of trivia that did not escape me.

While I purchased most of the vinyl versions of the Bud & Travis albums (and still have most of them), I have no means to play them anymore and had slowly slipped away from their music over the years.  Once in a while I have had a longing for one song or another from the collection and tried to find them in CD format.  While surfing one day I found The Travis Edmonson CD Collection, and my music was back.

I have now rediscovered the amazing talent and enduring music of Travis Edmonson, from his Gateway Singers days, to Bud and Travis and his solo career, and am amazed by this great body of work.  So much of this music is just as strong and well received as it was back in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.  I play it for so many people for whom the music of Bud and Travis is new, and have yet to find anyone who wasn't completely captivated and entertained by the songs, guitar magic and the humor s a complete entertainment package.

The legend lives on, and so does the man who created the legend.  His strength and resilience has been more than an inspiration to me.  And his music has been the best Music I've Known, the absolute soundtrack for my life that I now share with my beautiful bride, Linda, who is now a great fan of Travis' as well.  Ttravis, we thank you, we love you!”

Denis Liebl
November 2007

Describing himself as being “from a place that is only a few hours drive, both geographically and culturally, from where Travis grew up and where he now lives, “ BARRY ROTHROCK has nevertheless found his way to the music of the region via a map  drawn by Travis Edmonson.

“although I have always enjoyed all of B&T's albums (as well as Travis' solo albums and Bud's with the Kinsmen) the music that I think is the absolute best is all the Latin music which they played (most assuredly through Travis' interest) and as such was my main gateway to that genre in my early 20's.

In the years since I began listening to B&T, I have, thanks to them, gravitated to and "discovered" a great deal of that music myself, a lot of it the popular music of Mexico from the 30's and 40's, ie. Sin Ti, Rayito De Luna and Los Dos that I first heard from their records. There are I find, almost unbelievably, still young latin musicians singing those songs and keeping them alive, which is surely a testament to their excellence.”

Barry Rothrock
August 2006

PETER CLOUD in Arizona has a story many a male Bud & Travis fan will relate to.

”I can't believe I found The Latin Album CD on your website! Bud & Travis were such an inspiration to me in the 60's.

A good friend and I went out and bought matching Framus Classical Guitars to play their tunes and serenade our girlfriends. Sabras que te quiero was our signature song. I can't begin to tell you how many times we listened to the Perspective on Bud & Travis album to get this song right.

`After it's all gone away, all we have left is the song.'”

Peter Cloud
January 2008

Arthur Sordyl in  northern Virginia first discovered the music of Bud & Travis on the TV series Northern Exposure.

” I wish that I had really pursued my fleeting interest when I had first heard Bud & Travis15-17 years ago.

I could never imagine not being able to listen to The Best of B&T or Santa Monica concert 3-4 times in a row like I do now. I'm dumbfounded that more people don't know how exceptional these 2 guys were in every way possible musically - beautiful voices, lyrics, and guitar playing that knows no peer.

The fact that they were 2 genuine, conscious, knowledgeable people to begin with doesn't surprise me at all and am very saddened that Bud passed before he should've. I am very glad that someone has taken the time to put together such an informative, useful site."

Arthur Sordyl
June 2007


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