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KERRY BYRNES, who has faithfully kept all his Bud & Travis LPs in pristine condition, travels back and forth between the U.S. and Latin America, so it will be no secret which of Travis Edmonson's songs are his favorites.

"How could one begin to pick a favorite song from the classic folk  repertoire of Bud & Travis? Impossible!!! But I always was thrilled by the Latin-flavored songs included in their albums--and that's why their "Latin Album" is probably my favorite LP.

Their songs always were melodic and sensitive, a truly distinctive sound amidst the other giants of the folk music era. One just couldn't get enough of B&T--and their sound is as fresh today as when their albums were recorded decades ago.

One of my life's regrets is that I never had the opportunity to hear these musicians perform live. So, for years, one had to settle for second best--listening to the B&T albums that one might be fortunate enough to track down. Now, however, with a growing number of B&T--and Travis-- albums starting to appear on CD, it's almost like being able to hop into a time travel machine and be instantly transported back to the 60s.

I was most pleased to learn of the Travis Edmonson website that provides all B&T fans a totally new way to connect with two of the folk era's greatest--Bud & Travis.

Que viva la música de Bud y Travis para siempre!"

I hope these sentiments are appreciated by Travis and worthy of being included along with the postings others have made."

Kerry Byrnes
February 2006

BEN CLEVELAND in Arizona was an early singing partner of Travis Edmonson.

“I grew up with Travis in Nogales, Arizona, and had occasion to informally sing with him during our youth.  He was much better than I.  I was about 4 years younger than Travis, and when I went to the University of Arizona I and some of my friends continued the tradition of serenading the girls in the dorms and sorority houses.”

Ben Cleveland
April 2010

SAMUEL REYNOLDS In Oklahoma City has been perusing this website for some of his favorite Travis Edmonson recordings.

”I saw Bud and Travis at the Buddhi coffeehouse in Oklahoma City, in 1959 or 60 -- the debut album was just then available -- when I was 16 years old. It must've been one of the smallest venues they ever played, but they treated it as if it were a really important performance. I followed Travis' music for several years. When I returned from military duty in 1966 I lost track of him. But recently my 17-year old son made me learn how to operate a computer, and I found!”

Samuel F. Reynolds
April 2006

DON STEMMLER  in Maryland  points to the inspirational impact Travis Edmonson's music has for so many people.

“I would like Travis to know that my double LP of the Santa Monica concert sustained me through the Army, college, and the early days of my teaching career.

Only recently did I obtain a B&T CD as a gift. When I heard Bonsoir Dame, Cloudy summer afternoon, and I Guess I'll Go Home, I cried right in front of my girlfriend. Damn. I had not listened closely to music for many years. I felt reconnected with a part of me that I lost. This occurred at a time when I was rereading J.D. Salinger.

In a simpler time years ago, I used to tell people that if my house were burning the first two things that I would save were my Bud And Travis in Concert album and Brubeck's Take Five.

 Bud and Travis gave the world a gift, and I want to thank Travis Edmonson  for sharing his talent with me and the world.”

Don Stemmler
March 2007

GEORGE HERMACH in Oregon has been amassing a comprehensive folk music collection for the past 50 years, and has recently added  the new Bud & Travis CDs to it.

”I have to agree with Travis that the love song Malagueña Salerosa is one of the most beautiful  in the world, and full of artistry, melody and expressive harmony. To hear all of his different versions (all of them beautiful) is so pleasurable.

The CDs are great. I hope that Travis will continue his recovery. I am proud to be one of his sincere supporters and fans.”

George Hermach  
November 2006

BOB CAHALAN in Maryland special favorite is the Perspective on Bud & Travis album

"In the mid 1960's I learned several tunes from Bud and Travis LPs such as "Perspective on Bud & Travis." Some of my favorites (still) are "Abilene," their version of Dylan's "Tomorrow is a Long Time,"  "Two Brothers," and of course the great "Malagueña Salerosa."

As if the great sound and lyrics alone weren't enough, there was also the wonderful comedic patter between these two. For me, they were absolutely the most gripping singing duo of the 60's. Like many great musical partnerships, their pairing didn't last. I regret that Travis had a stroke, and Bud was lost to the brain tumor, so that the two of them were not able to reunite at least once.

Bob Cahalan
May 2009

BILL FLYNN in North Carolina also enjoyed Bud & Travis at The Cellar Door in Washington, D.C.

"I first heard Travis' music when my older sister bought her first Bud & Travis record during the early "folk" days. I became an instant fan, in part because I also discovered how important music was (and is) to my life.

Later, during college, I was lucky enough to see Bud & Travis at The Cellar Door In Washington, D.C.  They became and remained among my favorite artists, together and in their separate work. I especially enjoyed the Mexican songs and appreciated that introduction to the world of music outside of what generally was played and available locally.

I expect Travis realized how many people received and enjoyed his wonderful gifts of songs and humor; I hope he did.  I am grateful to him for all he did and for all he left us to continue to enjoy through his records,

William Flynn
May 2009

GRAEME LIVINGSTONE in the United Kingdom has a special love for the live Bud & Travis albums.

“I don't know if he remembers me, but I met Travis Edmonson three  years ago when Bill and  Jo Zorn brought me and my pal neil Johnston across to see Travis at his home.

I'm glad to see he is still enjoying the fruits of life!”

J Graeme Livingstone
 Fair Oaks Entertainments
May 2007

 SHAUN NIEL is a fan of Travis Edmonson both as a soloist and part of the Bud & Travis duo.

“I became a big Bud & Travis fan while in high school in Tucson in the late fifties.  I was an even bigger fan of Travis's after he went solo and I tried to see him perform whenever he appeared in town.

I have The Tucson Tapes CDs, but my Bud and Travis albums are long gone, so I'm thrilled to be getting the B&T “From The Ridiculous to The Sublime” CD.

Travis, I love you. Thanks for enriching my life with your music. You are a true treasure.”

Shaun Niel
October 2008

ANDY GRABLE, who's now living in Mountain View, California knew Travis Edmonson as far back as the 1940s when the two attended the same high school.

Andy Graybel

"In recalling my high school days at Tucson High, Travis and I were in Johnny Barringer's PE class. Neither of us cared for touch football so we were assigned to run laps. Naturally, after a lap or two, we took a seat in the stands and shot the bull. I didn't know Travis as a musician then, but later, in 1957 when I was attending Art Center School, I encountered Bud Dashiel who was putting on a Christmas show. They became a big hit and I picked up an LP, "Naturally", starting a collection of folk artists.

It's good to hear that Travis is still around and entertaining people.“

Andy Graybeal (THS 1951)
September 2006

JOHN MOTTOLA in Washington State is pleased to have now replaced his long-lost Bud & Travis in Concert LP with a CD version.
”I saw Bud & Travis either in 1961 or 1962 at Long Beach State College. I bought a double album at the concert. I especially love Mariah and Cloudy Summer Afternoon. Some where along the way I lost the album, and am happy to have it back now.”

John Mottola
November 2009


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