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JOHN SUCH of Massachusetts is an avid aficionado of the folk genre, and has recently been adding to his collection of Travis Edmonson recordings.

"In the late 1950's I was hooked on FOLK MUSIC, but on a meager income of $1.00 per week for an allowance I could only buy a limited number of albums.

Although I certainly knew of the talents of BUD AND TRAVIS, I only owned one or two of their albums during that era. Fortunately, through the efforts of this website, I now have the opportunity to rediscover BUD AND TRAVIS, and enjoy the music I missed over forty years ago."

John Such
June 2005

COZETTE HAGGERTY in Massachusetts had the chance to meet Travis Edmonson at Trio Fantasy Camp, and has been a fan ever since.

“the highlight of my weekend was Travis Edmonson's singing in the "hospitality  Suite" - truly some of the sweetest music I've ever heard! You could drop a pin in that place - it was just amazing!

I've been a huge John Stewart fan for years, but wish I could have heard Travis' music years sooner! I'm thoroughly enjoying the Latin Album and "The Best of Bud & Travis" CD.

The night I heard Sin Ti was very sweet!  Two other special numbers Travis Edmonson sang at Fantasy Camp were Cloudy Summer Afternoon and Bonsoir Dame.

Best wishes to Rose Marie  and Travis, and may he continue to sing like that for many years to come! It was truly the highlight of my weekend!”

Cozette Haggery
October 2006

NANCY HUEBNER was a regular for the Bud & Travis shows at The Ash Grove in Los Angeles.

"The Bud & Travis years were my dating years and I loved folk music. I remember The Gateway Singers too, but did not know Travis was connected to them.

With the many years that have passed since the days of the ASHGROVE, I never believed I would have an opportunity to find my three favorite records - Saturday Night at the Coffee House, the Bud and Travis debut album and Spotlight on Bud and Travis - which were unfortunately on the turntable when our stereo was stolen.

Nancy Huebner
May 2009

JENNIFER KANE in Las Vegas  recalls pleasurable memories enjoying the music of Bud & Travis.

”Bud & Travis' beautiful voices and brilliant guitar playing were part of the great soundtrack of my childhood. I would lie on the living room floor, next to the stereo speakers, listening for hours to Travis Edmonson, The Kingston Trio and The Brothers Four.”

Jennifer E. Kane
January 2007

Rick Sohn and Pete Hinds were a wonderful duo who performed many Bud and Travis songs. Rick's widow hosts an annual party, and this year HARRIS GOODMAN joined Pete to recreate some of their great numbers, and he shares a little of the atmosphere with

"On Saturday, July 28, Margaret Sohn had her annual summer party, and Pete Hynes, Rick Sohn's old singing partner, was there.

I was prepared with a complete book of Bud and Travis lyrics! We finally sang together! "South Wind", "They Call The Wind Mariah", "Cloudy Summer Afternoon", "Bonsoir Dame", and many others.

We also managed to struggle our way through the Kingston Trio's "Scotch and Soda", though, to be fair, I'm the one who struggled. Those chords are pretty difficult! Pete knew the song like the back of his hand and sang it with ease and confidence.

Later in the evening, as we sat out on Margaret's patio in the back of the house, Pete entertained us with a beautiful acappella rendition of Travis' "The Web".
What a joy to finally be able to sing with this voice I'd become so familiar with through the old "Pete & Rick" recordings. I, and I'm sure, many of Rick friends and family who were in attendance, felt Rick's presence that day."

Harris Goodman
August 2008

BRUCE TORRENCE is savoring his complete collection of Bud and Travis albums on CD.

“I have been a fan of Bud and Travis since the very early 60's when I first saw them at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles. I probably saw every performance they had at the Ash Grove. At one time, I had all their albums but, for some reason, they have disappeared.

My favorite song they sang was Malagueña Salerosa.

About twenty five years ago, I acquired a Bud and Travis poster and met with Bud, and gave it to him. It wasn't too much later that he passed away."

Bruce Torrence
August 2008

DAN FIELD, like so many admirers, continues to be concerned by Travis Edmonson's health situation, and encapsulates as well as anyone, just how great an impact the singer had on people.

“I have never had the honor of meeting Travis, nor of corresponding with him, but he is a part of my youth, a large part, and he is an individual I have admired for decades and who has given me and my family uncounted hours of entertainment and enjoyment. His talent is vast, and I simply would like to do what I can to help, particularly when by buying CDs from the Travis Edmonson Collection, I can selfishly insure myself of many more hours of enjoyment of his music.

So much has changed since B&T cut their first album. For old-timers like me, the music of that time has been a rock to cling to in the midst of a roaring and ever accelerating river of change.  It saddens me to hear of the difficulties Travis is undergoing. I hope he understands how much what he has done in his life means to all the people like me who have never had the chance to express to him how much of a difference he made in our lives.”

Dan Field
June 2006

Entertainer BROWNIE MacINTOSH has had a wide-ranging career in show business, including writing for The Kingston Trio.

”I remember so clearly hearing the music of Bud & Travis on the radio and thinking "wow, what a fantastic sound!" Bud and Travis were most definitely an influence in my musical career.”

Brownie MacIntosh
September 2007

PAUL GAJDOS , who has contributed previously (Recollections & Comments) , has bought nearly all the CDs in The Travis Edmonson Collection.  While the `debut' album has received the highest praise from most buyers thus far as “sounding like it was produced in a 21st century studio,” Paul has found an album he likes even better.

“I just received the album on CD, "Perspective On Bud & Travis.” This one tops them all for clarity and crispness of recording. The CD sound is superb and the separation between the two voices is excellent.  I was completely satisfied with the other CD releases but this one is really the tops. Thanks again.”

Paul Gajdos
August 2006

JOHN CAMBEROS in Colorado has purchased nearly the entire selection from The Travis Edmonson Collection.

“The music Travis and his friends created have made my life much more enjoyable.  I have been working to convert my original vinyl records to digital, so the  discovery of this CD treasure along with some rare MJQ CD's has been quite a  delight.

I look forward to playing them without risk of wearing them out again.....I have worn away the grooves on 2 sets of the Santa Monica Live album.

I feel lucky to have shared the planet at the same time as Travis and his  colleagues.......”

John Camberos
December 2008

GLENN PETERSEN in New York particularly cherishes Naturally and the Bud and Travis `debut' album.

” I still have and still occasionally listen to four B&T LPs I bought in Santa Barbara in 1963/64, where I also saw Travis perform. This music truly shaped not only my aesthetic sensibility, but also had a very big impact on the course of my life.  I've gone several times over the years to “Most Happy Fella” at the New York City Opera just to hear "Joey" in its original setting. I can't begin to express my appreciation for Travis Edmonson's music.”

Glenn Petersen
March 2007

CATHY OAXACA-HOOTE in southern California was inspired by Bud & Travis as a young girl.

“I have been listening to Bud & Travis since the early 1960s, when my parents played their albums on our "hi-fidelity" record player. It was while listening to Bud & Travis as a little kid that made me want to play the guitar, something that I still like to do to this day.

In fact, I am still teaching myself to play their songs (as best I can). I even have an hour-long cassette tape of Bud Dashiell giving (spoken) advice to aspiring musicians, which I purchased through a songwriting symposium.

I did not learn that Travis passed away until a couple of months ago. I always intended to write to him and let him know how much Bud & Travis music meant to me and to my family. Also, it would have been nice to have been able to purchase an autographed CD.

My Dad loved Bud & Travis music, especially the songs in Spanish, which, being hispanic himself speaks volumes regarding how good Bud & Travis could sing in Spanish (and French, and probably whatever language they attempted).”
Cathy Oaxaca-Hoote
March 2010

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 Heartwarming and charming Comments about and Recollections of Travis Edmonson sent in to the website during the last six years of his life

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Travis Edmonson in Memoriam - the touching tributes which poured in after his passing on May 9, 2009

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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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