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BOB EATON in Arizona has been missing his Bud & Travis albums for some years.

““I hold Travis Edmonson personally accountable for a large number of very happy moments I spent listening to Bud & Travis!”

Robert N. Eaton
September 2007

Reverend BHAGAVAN FRIEND in southern California tells why he treasures the music of Bud and Travis.

“I started listening to Bud and Travis as a young man in the late 50's or at the latest, very early 60's. I used to sing along with their albums. Today my friends (especially my younger friends - since I am now 65!) are amazed that I still know all of the words to their songs including Malaguena Salarosa. I guess that is what happens when something or someone makes a great impression on you.

Those WERE the days. Bud and Travis, Kinston Trio, and Cal Tjader  - learned my Conga licks from Mongo Santamaria at the Palladium in Hollywood, California one find "Latin Jazz" night. (I also saw a pimply-faced kind of scrawny young guy with a levi jacket a guitar and a harmonica do his first American appearance at that same Palladium on another night. His name was Donovan.)

But, no matter how much I have loved music of all kinds from Ballads to Led Zeppelin, I have always had a special place in my heart for Bud and Travis - and always will. I still have and treasure their first vinyl 33 1/3 albums.

Thank you again for the site and for preserving and resurrecting this fine folk music. There will come a new generation (maybe some time down the line) tired of rap and crap music and searching for the ROOTS of great music, that will also love and treasure the REAL music made by Bud and Travis.


Reverend Bhagavan Friend
April 2008

Singer BRAD BROOKS describes Travis Edmonson as one of his musical mentors.

“My memories of Travis Edmonson are mostly as a child but I do have a few.  My parents and their friends where pretty tight with Travis back then, as my Dad managed the Ramada Inn and he booked Travis whenever he was around, so I've heard a few `tales from the times.'

I also have some 1/4 reels of recordings from the Ramada lounge that are pretty amazing.  They're different from the recordings released a few years back, and the quality isn't as clear as those, but it is Travis cracking jokes and singing like a bird.”

Brad Brooks
September 2005

GLENN MARTIN in Germany has been listening to Bud Dashiell's solo albums lately, but still favors his work in the duo.

“In my opinion, nothing will ever surpass the magic that was Bud and Travis. I know how much you all must miss him ... and even though I never personally had a chance to know Travis, or Bud, I miss them, if I'd lost loved ones from my own family.”

Glenn Martin
January 2010

PHIL DIXON in Missouri is another musician who has been strongly influenced by Travis Edmonson.  His favorite number is Guadalajara, and he has a suggestion that many fans would applaud.

“The first time I heard Travis Edmonson was in 1960, picking up the “Bud and Travis” debut album from a record shop where I had started college.  I followed by catching all the other releases as I could. Many of those albums I still have. Playing guitar also, I was very intrigued with the mariachi music.

It was very difficult trying to imitate the rhythms by just listening to the music. It would be quite a worthwhile venture to produce an instruction book (by Travis) for the mariachi guitar of B & T.  Even though he does not play now it could still be put into print.

The guitar sound of Travis and Bud has always been the main inspiration for me.  I am blessed in still playing guitar with an all instrumental group .“

Phil Dixon
January 2005

Former Californian JIM KINKEAD, now resident in Scottsdale, tells of the first - and most recent - time he heard Travis Edmonson sing - with 44 years of musical enjoyment in between.

"First heard Bud & Travis singing "Bonsoir Dame" on the radio in the summer of 1959. Realized immediately that there WAS life after Buddy Holly. Last heard Travis perform as part of John Stewart & Nick Reynold's (Kingston) Trio Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale in August of 2003. Hope to see/hear him again soon."

Jim Kinkead
November 2003

JEFF MESS tells of his unending search for the chords of “Better Than Anything” and a classic encounter with Travis Edmonson in the sixties.

“I started playing guitar about '58. It wasn't an easy decision to play a classical guitar instead of the usual steel string Martin, Gibson or Fender.  But, I just couldn't pass up learning such great tunes as "Two Brothers" or "Cloudy Summer Afternoon" [Actually, only a classical guitar and the clear voice of Travis Edmonson can do those songs justice.] I've struggled ever since to match the quality and clarity of B&T's music, and in process, I wore the grooves off my old B&T albums. I can assure you it's not nostalgia; I hate nostalgia.  But, even after over 45 years their music still works for me. I still marvel at their talents and their body of work.

I've also made several good friends along the way that shared my enthusiasm for the duo.  So, their music not only influenced my own guitar playing but my choice of friends as well.

Better Than Anything:

I never saw B&T in person. They rarely came to Cleveland, Ohio.  I don't have any first hand accounts of meeting with either B or T, but an old friend (I haven't seen for 30 years) met them once, as I remember, one cold snowy Cleveland winter night. Since early in high school, the two of us were always competing to figure out chords to B & T songs. This was about '68, I guess, when my friend decided he could score the coup de grâce.  By the time B&T got back together, I was married and had a baby to care for, so my concert-going days were over. B&T were singing at a small coffee house/night club/dive near Case Western Reserve University campus known as "La Cave."  My friend's plan was quite simple: brute force, really; sit in the front row of every performance to see if he could cop the chords to that great song "Better Than Anything."

That song really had us stumped (still does). Unfortunately, for my buddy, the song never came up. During the last intermission, frustrated, my friend got real bold and just flat out asked Bud Dashell if he might give him a few pointers to solving the mystery that was "Better Than Anything." Ok, it starts out in a major key, we all got that, but where it when after that was anybody's guess.  Well, Bud invited my friend back stage, introduced him to "Trav" and proceed ed to give my single pal a complete guitar lesson sans any specifics on "Better Than Anything." How cool is that!  I would have hated for my buddy to have won our long-standing competition, but I wish he could have gotten those chords for the sake of posterity. It's so sad to think that those chords are gone.  The whole incident seems to prove that, by all accounts, they were as friendly and gracious in person as they were on stage or on their albums.”

Jeff Mess
June 2005

BOB RAKICH, who now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, has been enjoying Travis Edmonson singing “Malagueña Salerosa” for four decades, both on record and at live appearances, and he'd like to see another compilation of Spanish-language numbers issued on CD in addition to  The Bud and Travis Latin Album.

“I grew up in Tucson 1948 - 1968. A high school friend, Culver White, turned me onto Bud and Travis. (A friend of his family, Jo Ann McKinney was at one time married to Bud Dashiell.)

I was deeply impressed with the music, especially the Latin numbers. I bought all the albums I could find and afford. I have spent the last 40 plus years listening and playing for my own enjoyment - Y por eso muchisimas gracias.

I saw Travis perform at the U of A when I was there in the 60's. What a performer ! It seems like I remember him playing at Gus and Andy's on
Miracle Mile also.

I have lived in and traveled all over Arizona since leaving Tucson. There is some local lore in Yuma that Travis composed " Scotch and Soda " at Red's Firehouse across the California line in Winterhaven while waiting for some repairs to be made to his car. Any truth to the lore ? I was in Red's many times several years ago. It used to have an old spoke wheeled fire engine parked out front and a large glass vat of tequila on the back bar with a sidewinder in the bottom.  I suppose as a spoof on the worm in the bottle of mescal.

Any possibility of combining latin numbers from all the various recordings not included on "The Latin Album" for another CD?”

Bob Rakich
February 2005

BOB BARTER, a teacher in New England,  has been a fan since the mid-sixties, and is now replacing his favorite LPs via The Travis Edmonson CD Collection.

“Travis' voice is right up there with Scott McKenzie's, Glenn Yarbrough's and  Bob Shane's as being as close to perfect as one could hope to hear. It's going to be such a treat to listen to Travis again.

To this day, I play six and twelve- string acoustic guitars -since 1962- and sing also, inspired by Travis and the other greats mentioned above, (though I'm only a baritone!). I continue to be in awe of  the musical magic that Bud and Travis have provided . It still matters a great deal.”

Bob Barter
April 2006

When Travis Edmonson first became aware of singer-songwriter TIM WIEDENKELLER, he was immediately entranced by the breadth of talents demonstrated by the man who'd already established himself as a top producer in the recording industry.  Travis became an immediate patron, and the two have also become fast friends. In May 2007 Tim released the single “New Old Pueblo” (see FEATURES section), and Travis Edmonson plays a significant role on the CD.

“On May 5 Travis Edmonson joined me and my band onstage to perform a “live” re-creation of my new CD “New Old Pueblo,” complete with deeply sentimental reminiscences spoken by Travis. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!  I know Travis is proud of this
project, as am I."

Tim Wiedenkeller
May 2007

BRUCE COLLINS in southern California has a great story of how he got to watch Bud & Travis perform.

“Travis Edmonson  was my reason to listen to any Latin music.

Bud and Travis would sing in clubs in Orange County, California, but i was too young to get in  (under "drinking age"), so i would work up three of my best banjo songs, and go in three hours before their show to play during the "open mic" sessions.

Very hard on your self esteem, but then they would let me stay for Travis'  shows,  And I was able to do this about four  times!

Bruce Collins
May 20099


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