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TONI CONNER GOLDBACH, now resident in southern California, finds that Travis Edmonson's music brings her instantly back to Arizona whenever she hears him sing.

"I first saw Travis in concert at the University of Arizona  with the original Los Chanquitos Feos (several of whom are the renowned Mariachi Cobre de Randy Carillo).

My mom was a fan before I was. Her favorite song was Malagueña Salerosa, and she also loved Vamos Al Baille. She had known Travis' brother, Erloyde.

I worked at the College Shop near campus when Travis did a show with Bob  Shane, and they came in shopping, and everyone was so stunned when Travis and  I started talking.

We also heard him at various venues in Tucson. I remember a particularly stirring rendition of Noche de Paz one Christmas eve when I was home  (Tucson) from teaching in San Diego.

Travis was at a book signing here in San Diego for Tortillas. I tried to keep up with his doings over the years.  I often wonder what became of Armando Rios. Travis, remember when you came out to the Boys Club and sang for the kids? I think that was where Armando first saw you.

I was able to see the PBS
show “Border Crossings,” but that was pre-VCR days for us! I think that the last time I saw Travis was at Hobo Joe's on Broadway (now long gone) late one night.   I was with my mom and husband-to-be and we talked about my moving to California and getting married, etc.  My mom and he talked about his brother whom she had known for many years.  Both my mom and Earl have passed on.

But my love for Tucson has certainly endured.  I have thought often that  when I hear Travis' music I almost feel the pull back to my roots.  I had always thought it would be wonderful to just sit and talk once more.  

Oh...and I remember the song that really "sings" to me.  “It Ain't Easy.”  After I wrote this last night I read all of the other comments.  That was a magical time.

Thanks, Trav."

Toni Conner Goldbach
August 2006
"angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."

GEORGE ZANINOVICH  in northern California is an enthusiastic supporter of the Travis Edmonson CD Collection.

“I was thrilled in discovering that these wonderful albums are all being released on CD byThe Travis Edmonson Collection. A few years ago I went to the trouble and expense of having my complete collection of original B&T albums professionally "needle-dropped" to disc, having given up all hope of ever seeing more of their catalog available on CD and being disappointed in the quality of the few commercial releases that had seen the light of day. I'm confident that your product will far outshine my personal attempt at digitalizing B&T's legacy.

Having been a fan almost from the beginning, my one disappointment was not being able to see them in concert - living in the sticks and not being old enough to drive didn't help.  I missed seeing Travis by a year when I enrolled at UC Santa Barbara in 1967.

I commend you for your efforts on Travis' behalf, and doing it in such a way as to provide his long-suffering fans the opportunity to re-experience the music we love.  Musical fads have come and gone but the unlikely pairing of Bud's smoke-and-gravel baritone with Travis' soaring choirboy tenor, coupled with material that was both personal and universal in its message, remain timeless.”

George Zaninovich
March 2006

When LEILANI BABCOCK  in Michigan heard that all of Travis Edmonson's albums were available on CD, she wanted to order every one.

"I have always loved Travis' music. ” I met him once in Lake Tahoe in 1967. He was then acquainted with a group called the The Christiana's, who worked at the ski lodge by the same name.”

Leilani Babcock
February 2007

ROSANNE BUSCH was hoping against hope that her beloved `Bud and Travis `debut' album was available on CD just as she remembers it.  Voila!  The Travis Edmonson Collection fulfills her wish.

"Your digitally remastered CD is wonderful.  I love my old 33 1/3 album so much, but cannot play it anymore. New equipment . I wanted the original in a CD version. Love the music SO much.”

Rosanne Busch
February 2007

Entertainer BOB WHITE is re-releasing some of his LPs on CD, including a rendition of Travis Edmonson's “One For The Money.”

“I spent a couple of hours exploring the websites, and reading all the information, letters, and wonderful stories regarding Travis. I now feel so close to him, I feel as though we are old friends.

Of course, that is exactly what a truly great song will do. While I was researching the website, I discovered that two old friends, Don Armstrong and Victoria Garvey are well, and singing Travis' songs.  They are old friends of mine from Saratoga Springs N.Y. from the
late 60's. I have sung Victoria's "Loving Of The Game" for years. Another beautiful song, very similar in feeling to "One For The Money". I will mail a cd to Travis today, along with a note of appreciation.”

Bob White
May 2009

TEE COOK, who made the Army a career, counts “Jenny on a Horse” as one of his favorites from Travis Edmonson's albums.

“I'm a native Arizonan, call Tucson home and went to the University of Arizona in the early 1960s. I feel I grew up with Bud & Travis, and liked all of their songs I ever heard.

I knew Travis was ill but wasn't sure about details or where he is now  living.  Hopefully he is surrounded by family & friends who love him.  I was saddened to learn that he was so seriously ill but gladdened to  know that he is still with us. What a great discovery.

Travis and I never met, but he was almost a contemporary as I was only a few years younger. As "local fans"  my friends and I always took great  pride in knowing he was an Arizonan from Nogales. His Mexican canciones --  ballads & love songs -- are superb.”

Tee Cook
November 2006

Ron Wise in Montreal  is a special fan of the Travis Edmonson song “South Wind.”

“I'm a huge fan of THE KINGSTON TRIO, and one of my favourite KT songs is "SOUTH WIND" (from the Trio's "String Along" album).

Once I heard BOB SHANE's idol was TRAVIS EDMONSON.  Well, 'nuff said. I had to see why, and HEAR why!!! I bought some Bud & Travis albums and I was hooked. They were so great I lent them to my girlfriend at that time, but when we broke off she NEVER gave them back. Can't blame her. She had great taste in music.  

 I wish TRAVIS EDMONSON a speedy recovery, and to know that all of his fans love him, cherish him and wish him the very best of Good Health and Good Cheer."

Ron Wise
October 2006

NICHOLAS RODRIGUEZ in Pasadena, California is a part of the greater Bud & Travis family.

” My great uncle was Charlie (Cipriano) Gonzalez, to whom the Latin Album was dedicated. I have listened to Bud and Travis since the 60's."

 Nicholas Rodriguez
April 2007

After two decades, JERRY AND JENNINE JACKSON were recently reunited with Travis Edmonson  , and happy memories were stirred despite the sadness of the reason for their meeting.

“Travis has certainly given us many hours of pleasure with his music. We saw Travis and his wife at the Memorial Service for Colette Jackson.  We knew Travis when he sang at the Saddle and Surrey Guest Ranch. He was a good friend of our brother, Jack Jackson and sister-in-law, Colette Jackson who owned and ran the ranch.

When Travis sang Malagueña Salerosa at the Ranch, everyone had "goosebumps", it was so beautiful. We did not live at the Ranch, but in Tucson and coming to the Ranch was a special treat and made even more special by having Travis there singing. We had lost touch since the Ranch was sold in the mid-80s and were delighted to see Travis again and hear Malagueña Salerosa. It brought back many happy Ranch memories.”

 Jennine Jackson
June 2006

THOMAS WATANABE in Hawaii has taken advantage of the mega offer of all eight Bud & Travis albums in addition to getting the wonderful Diamond Jubilee Collections.

“Bud &Travis are my all time favorite . Because of them I traded up on 4 stereo systems so I could do justice to their artistry when I was young. My pockets were empty but my ears were rich with their music. Malagueña Salerosa is really the song that started this for me.”

Thomas Watanabe
January 2009


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