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The Bud and Travis debut album evokes special memories for MIKE BROWNE in northern California.

”Some 10 years ago I was astonished to hear "Truly Do" in the background of a Northern Exposure episode. I've never forgotten Travis Edmonson's music, and now I just happened to find this site during a random search of the web.
The songs on the Bud and Travis debut album awakened memories of 1960 and the first and longest  lasting love of my life, a beautiful blonde girl of 16 who moved to Pasadena from Manhattan, where I lived at the time.

She brought her leather barette, her guitar, and her record collection which included The Weavers, The Limelighters, and Bud & Travis. We attended high school together, and she educated us Southern California provincials  that the Kingston Trio was not the alpha and omega of folk music.

Of course, I had heard Bud & Travis already. Cloudy Summer Afternoon was getting a lot of air play on Los Angeles radio, but I thought it was just a one shot  hit, until this former east Village bohemian taught me otherwise.”

Mike Browne
January 2008

Bassist CONRAD WATSON, better known by his stage name of CONNIE CLARK to fans of the Travis on Cue album, gives a little history of his participation on that live recording as well as another insight into the generosity of Travis Edmonson.

“I met Travis in 1960, when I was attending music school and learning the bass at Los Angeles City College.

After running into Travis several times in Hollywood, and telling him what I was doing, he invited me to bring my bass along, and started teaching me his songs and their bass lines.

Travis then stated that he was going on tour and ask me to come along and play bass, so I agreed and left school. After the tour Travis and I started doing gigs around Hollywood, but I'd developed a drug habit, and my drug use got worse. I drifted away from Travis and lost contact with him for a few months.

Then, when living in a cheap hotel down on my luck, I ran into Travis. He said he was glad to see me, and stated that he was looking for me to play bass on one side of his upcoming album (and that Leroy Viniger was going to play the other side).

The "Travis on Cue" LP, recorded live at The Troubadour in Los Angeles with Connie Clark on bass (available on CD from this website)

I will always be grateful to Travis, because when I replied that my bass was in the pawn shop, Travis said, “no problem.” He would pay to get it out so I could do the recording date. I will always be indebted to Travis because he new I was in bad shape, and reached down to help me get on my feet. He will always be in my prayers and hold a special place in my heart.”

Conrad Watson (Connie Clark)
May 2009

(The happy end to this tale is that Conrad not only became fully rehabilitated, but went on to assist many others escape drug and alcohol addiction, serving as Executive Director of the Salvation Army program Harbor Light.)

GEORGE W. COX in New Mexico  has had the superlative pleasure of enjoying many Travis Edmonson live performances.

” I first saw Bud and Travis at a coffee house in La Mesa, California in about 1965. Later I heard Travis Edmonson several times in late 1968-early 1969 at the Ramada Inn near the

interstate in Tucson, Arizona. Then, when I was running a National Science Foundation summer institute in Aspen, Colorado, in 1970 and/or 1971, Travis was directing a summer activities program at the Snowmass Ski Area near Aspen, and he sang at a venue there. We heard him several times.

The best part of the performance was when he did “Malagueña Salerosa,” starting in a hallway outside the main room of the bar. It created a haunting feel to that beautiful song. My wife and I did hear him later at a club in Tucson on Prince Road (or Roger Road.

Travis' music has been something that I have never grown tired of, and I try (but do not succeed well!) to do some of his songs on my guitar.

I'm glad to see more of the Bud & Travis and Travis alone music coming out.

Best wishes to Travis!"

George W. Cox
September 2007

 ED GUNNEY in the San Fernando Valley pays his own tribute to B&T.

“Bud & Travis were unapproachable in many ways. I'm surrounded by thousands of records this very moment but somehow listen that much more to Bud and Travis.”

 Ed Gunny
October 2008

Musician KENNETH GREENmet Travis Edmonson  on one of the singer's visits to the Tau Delta Phi fraternity house at the University of Arizona to visit friend Bart Chiatt. Only starting out as a performer at the time, Ken was beneficiary of significant help and encouragement from Travis Edmonson, who made a special effort to assist his pal's fraternity brother.

That was four decades ago, but Ken stresses that he has never ceased feeling a debt of gratitude for that early support which has gone on resounding throughout his life.

“I hope this message somehow reaches him. I would like him to know that the beautiful music he made with and without Bud remains a treasure. Also that partly because of him, my life has been filled with music that I make myself rather than just listen to.  The gift of making music with my own hands, voice and mind is so much more wondrous than merely hearing others make music.

Over the years, music has kept me sane...with no exaggeration. I probably would have made music somehow even if I hadn't met Travis but he filled me with so much wonder and joy at the music he made. He set the bar very high and it has been a life of joy trying to come close to it.”

Kenneth Green
March 2004

A musician himself, THOMAS JACKSON in San Diego, California, declares himself to be a Travis Edmonson fan for a half century now.

” I first heard Travis when he performed with the Gateway Singers during my senior year of high school.  When the original album came out, I was hooked. I was a "coffee house kid" in Fresno, CA, and did some performing in northern California and Washington through about 1964.

I always seemed to be one step behind wherever Travis Edmonson was scheduled to perform, and will always regret that missed opportunity.

I still have some of the original albums, but they are showing their age and the CD's are a rare treat. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to buy the ones I missed as LP's.

Thanks so much for all the music and the memories. I'm still inspired by them as is my youngest son, who has his own band here. I share Travis' sorrow at the loss of John Stewart. I see Nick Reynolds on rare occasions around Coronado, my wife's home town.  I had the privilege of seeing a reunion concert with Nick, John and Bob, along with Nick's nephew Joey Harris, at a local college a few years back. What a presence - what a loss!"

Thomas Jackson
April 2008

DAN RODGERS in southern California represents a family full of Bud & Travis fans.

“Bud & Travis  were the best! Golden Apples of the Sun, Malaguena, Los Dos - all songs that changed my life (and my family's too).  We loved their music!”

Dan Rodgers
December 2007

Young entrepreneur NICK BRANDON  is one of Travis Edmonson's newer fans, and he's been adding many others to the fold in the past year.

“Last Christmas I received a CD of Travis Edmonson's music, and found it so enjoyable that I started playing it as “background music” in the shop that my brother and I operate.

We're starting to feel like disc jockeys lately, `cause when we've got something else playing on the sound system, customers come up and ask if we wouldn't play Travis instead.  Sometimes, they just stand around and listen.  Really!

We thought that Travis' old fans would like to know about this, and want to thank Travis too, for attracting shoppers to our business!!”

Nick Brandon
August 2005

DEBBIE DONAHUE is one of the customers in Nick and Ted Brandon's shop who's also one of Travis Edmonson's newer fans.

“I first heard Travis Edmonson's music in a local shop, and was so turned on that I had to find out what it was.  This is not the kind of stuff I usually listen to, but there was something in it that I couldn't resist.  Just had to have this music for my own, and have bought CDs which I like to play a lot.  At the shop where I first heard them, they said that I should write in to this website.

Travis, you are The Greatest!"

Debbie Donahue
August 200

MICHAEL GALLAGHER in southern California is one of those second-generation Bud & Travis fans who've kept the flame burning.

“My father brought home the Bud & Travis in Person at The Cellar Door LP in the early 60's, and it was one of our family's favorites.

I am 58 years old and can remember Hootenanny, and this was by far one of the best recordings of it's time. Thanks again for helping restore some of my lost youth. Best wishes and regards to Travis and thanks for all the wonderful music!”

Michael Gallagher
August 2007

ROBERT ILLIDGE in Kansas has treasured and protected his Bud & Travis in Concert LP.

“The first time I heard of Bud and Travis was probably in 1960 or so . My mom bought the in concert record which I still have and even more amazingly is still relatively scratch free.  B&T in concert was the first album that i downloaded to my mp3 player and their music never grows old. After 40+ years I still love their music. They may both now be gone but their music still lives on. Rest in peace, Bud. Rest in peace, Travis.”

Robert Illidge Jr.
November 2009


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