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LOUISE SHANE, enthusiastic fan and friend for 50-plus years, sent the following greeting through the website following Travis Edmonson's memorable appearance at 2006 Trio Fantasy Camp.

“Hey Travis,

So glad my boys were able to meet you! Hope my entire family can see you there next year. In the mean time, I want to purchase all of your music on CD! My love and best wishes to you and yours.”

Louise Brandon Shane
September 2006

HUGH KERR  in Florida is an entertainer who  received a very special bequest from Travis Edmonson.

”The material chosen by Bud & Travis is extraordinarily diverse and generally far in front of their peers. Their patter is witty and urbane (I think that Orson Bean may have had a hand in that.). Their arrangements were superior. Bud's persona is strong and attractive; his guitar playing is always effective, sophisticated, and sure. On the other side, there is no mistaking Trav's voice for any other. Trav's voice is pure music with no affect; its soulful quality lingers long after the words lose their meaning. In popular music, only a few, like Sam Cooke, compare with Trav in the ability to enchant with sheer musicality of voice. Together they were, in the current vernacular, awesome!

“For three reasons the private re-issue of Bud & Travis catalog warms my heart.  First, all 8 of my B&T LPs are worn beyond recognition. (My solo albums are OK.) Second, at least one of the artists is finally getting all of the money.

Third, in 1964, Bud and Travis gave my partner (Pete Duey) and me, as Pete and Scot, permission to use all of their recorded material in our nightclub act. (Travis warned us at the time that imitation is the sincerest form of failure.  He was more than half-right.) Now, my disbelieving friends and I again have the opportunity to hear their music as it was meant to be heard.

B&T were in their idiom--as Frank Sinatra said of Tony Bennett in his--"simply the best in the business."

I would like to congratulate Travis for reaching his diamond jubilee year. Whodathunkit?

I was glad to hear that David King (David Kroll, Bud & Travis' bassist after Charlie Gonzalez) is still out there working. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to Pete Duey."

Hugh Kerr
November 2007

We all know just how good Travis Edmonson's voice  sounds to the ear, butTOM MYER relates a fascinating story of what it was like to see as well as hear it.

"I became a lifetime believer that the Latin Album is one of the most significant musical works because of one musical note.

I was sitting aboard a ship in San Diego in December 1965, just returned from Viet Nam. I had a new stereo just purchased in Okinawa and had the speaker outputs connected to a two-channel oscilloscope.

Back then we were fascinated by the separation aspects of stereo. While listening to an FM station one evening, they played B&T's Malaguena Salerosa. It was the first I'd heard it and it raised the hair on my arms.

At one point in the song, Travis holds a long note. On the 'scope, this note appeared as an incredibly clear sine wave, something I've never heard before or since in a human voice. It was an incredible experience which I still remember clearly. "

 Tom Myer

GERALDINE ROUTHER was a habitué of the coffee house circuit in Los Angeles during the sixties, and often heard Travis Edmonson perform, both formally and informally.

“B&T always put on a great show, but given the choice, I think I would have opted for the one that Travis would give when the stage acts were all over.  Bud would go home, but Travis would stay on and chat with everyone, sing and play his guitar.  He was always interesting to listen to, and even made us feel like we were interesting too.  What a talent!  What a guy!”

Geraldine Routher
July 2004

NINA TIMMENDORF was introcuted to Travis Edmonson's music when she was a little girl, and her daughter is carrying on the tradition.

Travis has inspired three generations of my family with his music and personality, and it's about to be a fourth, as my daughter is already playing his music for the grandchild I'm expecting this summer.

And the baby is even tapping his footto Cloudy Summer Afternoon - apparently his favorite!

Nina Timmendorf
May 2009

DON MACLACHLAN, who is now  resident in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, keeps his Bud & Travis music ever handy on the go in his MP3 player.

“Been a fan since hearing Malagueña Salerosa in Edmonton, Alberta, muchas años pasados...

I live now in a world of Mariachis and street singers - all of whom know 'the song' but none of whom can perform it as B&T did for so many years... I always come home and play 'the original' once again... Thanks so much for the memories and the songs.   (I played bass in our own 'home brew' folk group - made a few bucks but never went pro- have to continue with a couple of degrees and do the conventional thing...)”

Don MacLachlan
April 2007

Now a resident in the California desert, singer RENÉ LEVA has enjoyed the distinction of being part of a Travis Edmonson duo (one which some say put the Bud & Travis act in the shadows).

“Travis has been my idol since I first heard him. I was fortunate to have shared the stage with him in Lake Tahoe and in Santa Barbara. Feliz Cumpleanos. Amigos para siempre”

René Leva
September 2004

Musician and educator  PAUL GENSEMER in Colorado is rejoicing in the fact that all the Bud & Travis albums are now on CD.

" I got hooked in college (University of New Mexico) and have played Travis Edmonson's LP's into dust and scratch. I have been in music all my life (teaching band/orchestra/theory) and play semi-professionally. Bud & Travis are my sanity break. -once I played the Malagueña fromBud & Travis  In Concert for 2 days non-stop. (and played guitar and sang all but the notes above A).”

Paul Gensemer
January 2006

Fellow Arizonan STEVE GRIER has been a fan of Travis Edmonson since the artist returned to his native state in 1966.  He's now replacing his old B&T LPs with CDs, starting with `debut' and Latin albums.

“Many years ago I was a big fan of Bud & Travis. What music!   My daughter spent time going to school in Mexico and I remembered the Latin Album as I wanted her to hear there music in Spanish.”

Steve Grier
March 2005

Entertainer JIM VISONE in Las Vegas enjoyed a live Bud & Travis performance in New  York during the sixties.
” I first saw the duo at the Bitter End in the village, and have the “Bud & Travis In Concert” LP.

I later met Travis in Tucson, and he arranged a gig for me to play at a recovery facility attached to one of the hospitals there in town. Probably the most appreciative audiences that I ever played for.  That was in maybe 1975.

I wish Travis all of the best, and I hope that he keeps on going for many more years."

Jim Visone
February 2007


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