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ANTONIO RIGNEY is one of the fortunate who have  seen Travis Edmonson perform live,  on numerous occasions, and he describes his admiration for the singer.

“I came to Tucson in May of 1970, fresh from Viet Nam. In that summer, I went to the bar in the Ramada Inn at the St Mary's exit for a drink with a friend. Travis was playing. I was stopped dead in my tracks.

I had never heard of Bud and Travis, as folk was not a large part of my music list in the 50-'s and 60's. I had lived in the south and had been engulfed by country and soul music and early rock and roll.

I went to see Travis ALMOST NIGHTLY for a LONG time. When the bar was renamed The Travis Lounge, I was there. When he moved to the Tucson Racquet Club, I was there. My entire taste in music evolved over those years. You could watch Travis 5 nights a week and he was never stale.

Being military, I had to leave in 1974, but returned as often as possible to Tucson, which I loved, and to hear Travis .. the muse from Nogales.

I was devastated when his illness came .... I had returned to Arizona to live by then. I am proud to have met Travis and his family in the 70's and still cannot hear Malaguena Salerosa  without hearing Travis' penultimate version. My significant other presented me with "The Tucson Tapes - Second Set".

Thank you Travis for your music, your art, your personality and so many life lessons. God  bless and keep you."

Antonio Rigney
May 2006

CORAL CAUDLE in Florida has been a Travis Edmonson fan since 1967, and so is her daughter!  Both love The Bud & Travis Latin Album.

”My father, Lou Broder, was a piano tuner, musician, and with his partner Tiny Fortman, they ran their own booking company in Tucson. Just a little trivia, he used to tune Travis's guitar for him.”

Coral Caudle
January 2007

GRAEME BALCOM is a Gateway Singers fan in Vancouver, British Columbia.

”I still have warm memories of that magic night at the hungry i in 1957  when Travis Edmonson and the Gateway Singers thrilled me with the fun and energy of  their singing. I still tell friends and family about that - it was a  highlight of my visit to San Francisco."

Graeme Balcom
October 2006

MARCIA MAGUIRE in Georgia has fond memories of Bud & Travis and the Ashgrove days.
“Back in late 1959-60, my friend Marilyn and I were fans of Bud and Travis. I had forgotten about those days until by chance, I learned that they had cut discs!
Marilyn and I and two other girls connected only with Bud . . . and believe it or not, in those days it was only a platonic connection. Bud and Travis were playing at the Ash Grove, and we'd drive in for the show which started about 9 p.m.  Then afterwards we'd wait for Bud and drive to a drive-in, party, or whatever was going on.”

Marcia Maguire
March 2010

RHEA-FRANCES TETLEY in California has seen Travis Edmonson perform in the 1960s, and as recently as this summer.

“I enjoyed seeing Travis Edmonson at Trio Fantasy Camps for so many years, and hope he can be there this coming summer too. (Also saw him at Santa Monica Ages ago.)

I really have enjoyed speaking with Travis and Rose Marie at camp.“

Rhea-Frances Tetley
October 2006

LENORE MAHLER in Idaho purchased the seven  currently available Bud & Travis CDs as a birthday gift for her father.

“I grew up listening to Bud & Travis thanks to my dad. His 77th birthday is coming up, and  I would like to give back to him the wonderful gift he gave to me  - the music of Bud & Travis. Many thanks to Travis Edmonson who has given my family so much wonderful music to enjoy!”

Lenore Mahler
January 2007

GARY PUMPHREY in  Colorado Springs is delighted to learn about the Travis Edmonson Collection CD of “Perspective on Bud & Travis.”

”I bought my vinyl copy of Perspective in high school!  It is wonderful, but I haven't been able to play the scratchy record in many years.”

Gary Pumphrey
January 2007

TIM CONN in Auburn, California purchased the Perspective on Bud & Travis CD especially to hear their version of Sabras Que Te Quiero.

“I first discovered Bud and Travis in the `60s.  I thought they had the most wonderful blend of voices, and the guitar work was always out of this world.

The Spanish pieces have always been among my favorites. B&T's versions of Cielito Lindo, Guantanamera, and Anna have never been surpassed.  I have only heard Bud's rendering of Que Te Quiero, Sabras Que Te Quiero, but I am looking forward to hearing their duet version. As far as the Spanish songs go, I have always wished that they had recorded Perfidia and Quando Caliente el Sol, but I guess you can't have everything.

Is there an undistorted version of I Talk to the Trees? The multi-media version is sadly distorted, but Bud looks as if he is having such a good time with the instrumental sections. It is a lot of fun to watch and the quality of their singing and playing is evident in spite of the technology problem. Thanks for making their music available to another couple of generations."

Tim Conn
May 2008

[To those who were also wondering, Bud & Travis recorded “I Talk to the Trees” as a single.]

CINDY CARRERA in Phoenix has been a fan since childhood, and lists her favorite Travis Edmonson track as “anna.”

” I have many fond memories of the songs on “The Bud & Travis Latin Album,” as my parents played it all the time while I was growing up. At that time, I couldn't appreciate the beauty of lyrics and the skill with which Travis Edmonson performed them. Since being reintroduced to Bud and Travis, I, too, now play the CD all the time. I'd love to be able to sing the songs and know what I'm singing. "

Cindy Carrera
January 2007

GERALD TIERNEY's appreciation of Bud and Travis has been long standing and many miled.

“Bud & Travis and I go back quite a way, since I was in high school near Georgetown when Bud & Travis, then Bud w/ the Kinsmen and then Bud & Travis were fixtures at a club called the Shadows run by some students at Georgetown University in 1962/4 or so.

The popular folk revival was in full swing, and a local FM radio station on the Virginia side of the river (which I still call home even though it has long since ceased being Virginia and is now effectively a suburb of D.C.) run by Arthur W. Arundel and Dick Cerri got my underage self as close to the stage as possible.

Folk music split into two camps - the contemporary and political activist side, and the antiquarian side. I went down the latter (even tuning my guitar's G string to an F# so lute tabs would sound correctly).

I travel now to Peru and when no one's around I find a guitar and try out some B&T riffs and even some B&T lyrics. I don't know Spanish but I know the lyrics well enough to be understood and the melodies will always be with me. Thanks for helping to bring it all back. I still have the vinyls of course, and still read the liner notes. And when my Peruvian friends come here ( now it's Illinois) The Latin Album still draws applause.”

Gerald Tierney
June 2008

In January 2000 Gerald added, "I just purchased a concert grade guitar - the first piece I play ( for my eyes and ears only) will be B&T."

CHRIS MORALES in California wrote in to this website when he first rediscovered Travis Edmonson's music earlier this year.  Meanwhile, he's purchased many  CDs from The Travis Edmonson Collection, and has become very knowledgeable about the singer's talents.

“WOW! Simply put, there was no one like Travis Edmonson and Bud Dashiell. They were doing "World Music" 30 years before anyone coined the term. They were superb singers, musicians and entertainers, and that is particularly apparent on "Spotlight on Bud & Travis."

B&T could tackle any type of material, from Broadway show tunes, to African sing-alongs, and still sound like themselves. It is a sign of greatness that no matter what material they are performing, you can readily identify the performer before the song.

I have purchased nearly all of the B&T discography from The sound quality is superb and it is music that you never tire of listening to!”

Chris Morales
October 2006


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