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Recollections & Comments 2

Realtor REBECCA WALTER is the daughter of the wonderful singer Jerry Walter, who passed away in 1979.  In the late 50s, her father and Travis Edmonson were both members of the legendary Gateway Singers, and though only a small child in those days, Rebecca has an indelible memory from the time.

“My remembrances of Travis were of a gentle & giving artist.

When I was four-and-a-half,  our family got to travel from Palo Alto where we lived, to Mt Hood, Oregon for a weeks stay at Timberline Lodge where the Gateway Singers had a gig there!  Travis brought his family along too.

I remember that an unfortunate accident occurred while we were there, and  I remember how tender-hearted Travis  was about it.

I held onto many wonderful memories of him, and named my third son Travis!!”

Rebecca Walter
May 2004

KARL SCOTT had a chance to enjoy multiple Bud & Travis  performances in 1965.  Check out more of his thoughts on the group in his review of “A Mighty Wind” on the Folk Beat website:

"Travis and I worked together at the Pacific Playhouse in Stockton California. He and Bud performed for the audience and I bussed the dishes.  It was 1965. B&T played at both the All Nite Grad Party at Stagg HS and the Pacific Playhouse (aka Pacific Bowl) where I worked and got to see every performance. They were the best.  Viva B&T and long live Travis!”

Karl Scott
July 2004

Istanbul, Turkey is the home of one of Travis Edmonson's most avid fans, ATAKAN ONOL, and his warm-hearted story of discovering The Travis Edmonson Collection is one all admirers  will relate to.

”My older cousin had the Bud and Travis debut LP way back in 1962. I was in high school then, trying to learn to play guitar.

There are some musical styles that take you out of this world, and this LP was like that. The quality of guitar playing and singing on the debut album was way ahead of anything I'd ever heard, and my favorite song was Bon Soir Dame.

Unfortunately, the LP somehow got lost in 1963. It was a very sad occasion for me. At that time there was no Internet, Amazon be able to replace it.

Although years passed this album always kept its place in my heart, and whenever I listen to soft guitar playing and singing I always remember Bud& Travis. But never got the chance to hear listening them again.

I looked for the debut album after the Internet came into being, but never could find it. I have found other albums of Bud & Travis but my eyes were always looking for the Debut Album which was the starter ….. for B&T and for me. Though years passed, and I didn't locate it, I didn't give up, and kept on searching from time to time.

Then, the other day I ended up at I was very happy, jumping up and down! I shouted out, "I found it, I found it!" My wife rushed in my room, and looked at me with her eyes wide open trying to discover what I had found .... She told me "yes man.. you're a go getter."

Then I waited for the moment of hearing that CD over and over again. After 45 years ..... I have just received my CD, and  Immediately listened to the whole album with tears in my eyes. Today is a very special day in my life. I am so happy!

My love and regards to Mr. Travis. Way out in Istanbul, Turkey he has an admirer who appreciates his music very much!”

Atakan Onol
June 2007

While medical students in San Francisco, STEVE AND LIZ CARLSON had the opportunity to see Travis Edmonson perform live, both as a member of The Gateway Singers and Bud & Travis.  They took their most coveted albums with them to many exotic locales around the world, and have a special fond memory of one particular scene, which they will never forget.

"We were stationed in central Africa in the late sixties, and electricity was a luxury few enjoyed in our area.  Our small house was located on a height above the town, and we had a wind-up phonograph on which we played Travis' music.    With all the candlelight coming from the homes below us, it was the purest kind of magic to hear that amazing voice singing  “Every Night When the Sun Goes In” and “Malaguena Salerosa” on the still night air ."

Drs. Stephen & Elizabeth Carlson
March 2004

SARA IZOD, who describes herself as a fan of Travis Edmonson “since the beginning of time,” tells about meeting him during the sixties.

” I met Travis Edmonson, and went out with him for an evening years ago in New York City. A friend of mine from Roanoke College, Carol Rowe married the Manager of The Kingston Trio, and She had told Travis to call me in New York ,which he did .  And we had a delightful and lovely time!  He was so Handsome and Dashing and such a wonderful musician!

Sara Izod

I worked for a Broadway Producer, Alfred de Liagre, Jr., head of the American National Theatre Association.  Later, I married and moved to England and then moved back to New Orleans . recently moved to Atlanta after the Hurricane. (I lost so many things in the Hurricane including two of Travis' albums).  I recently ordered 'The Best of Bud & Travis' CD. It means so much to me to hear Travis Edmonson's Music on this Album.

I am so sorry to hear of his illness , but I know in Travis' situation, It is all evolution of the Soul to a Higher Level . He is such a High Soul Being, and has Given So Much to this World!!!”

Please send my Best to him.  I only met Travis for an evening , But I consider it a Blessing that I met him at all.”

Sara Braddock Izod
September 2006

BETTY MANN was the wonderful singer and comedienne who gave so much sparkle to THE GATEWAY TRIO (followers to The Gateway Singers.  Professional commitments meant that her group was inevitably on stage at some other venue, so her only acquaintance with Travis Edmonson was through recordings or after hours parties and jam sessions.  There was only one exception.

”I remember seeing Travis Edmonson performing  a club date in the Washington, D.C. area in the early 60s. The Gateway Trio was in town at the time, and we ran over in between our sets and caught part of the Bud & Travis act.  Then we all partied a lot after the shows.

A very fine musician, Travis Edmonson's Spanish music was always my favorite, although he delivered English-language ballads so beautifully as well.

 In addition to those enchanting renditions of Mexican songs, another highlight for me was his craziness. He was so very funny, and what timing!

 I remember his humor so well.  One bit I remember in particular was the one where they were so bored, they would go down to the laundermat and watch the clothes go around., saying it beat watching TV.”

Betty Mann
January 2005

(Also check out Betty Mann's web page on the Gateway website at

Animal charity organizer SANDY DAVIS recalls a meeting with Travis Edmonson in the sixties.

"I stumbled onto while reading about an old friend of  mine ... Stan Wilson.  My high school friend, MaryLou Green, got me involved in the Coffee House scene and we were both waiting tables at the Garrett and the Unicorn. We worked at Petersen  Publishing Company during the day and by night we put on our black tights and hit the Coffee Houses.

In 1961 at The Unicorn on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, CA. I was a 20 year old Coffee House waitress. I was also working at  The Garrett Coffee House on Fairfax. The Garrett was owned by Terrea Lee ... who also performed there.

I was a kid in love with Folk Music and the  whole scene. I had the privilege of waiting tables when Travis & Bud performed at The Unicorn. I remember one night after a show, walking down Sunset Blvd. with Travis ...we stopped for coffee and pie at a place on the strip. I can picture the place, but the name isn't there at the moment.

Travis told me that he had just moved into an apartment  complex right on the corner of Fountain and Crescent Heights. We walked back to the Unicorn ... it was a highlight & later a memory for me.

Sandy Davis

One night when Travis & Bud were on stage performing, Randy Sparks and his wife came in to see the show. It was always a full house, and there was always something going on after closing time.

I loved the song, "Carmen Carmella" .. and many a night with a glass of wine in my hand and the record turning around, I would go into that world and think about whatever 20 or 21 year olds think about ...  I just knew there  was the greatest story behind those beautiful lyrics. The words would remain in my head, and during those early times in my life, I would suffer along listening to it over and over. That record was  filled with scratches from playing again and again.

I would not trade those days for anything  …  looking back it was all so exciting. I thought it would go on forever .... but of course, it didn't.

Thank you, Travis,  for sharing your talents ... for all the songs  ... with such feeling ...

With so much respect and admiration.”

Sondra Davis
January 2007

ELISA RUMMEL in Hawaii has a special connection to Travis Edmonson.

”I have loved Bud & Travis since I was a little girl. My Uncle (Charles Gonzalez) is the man in the back cover of the Latin album. So that is how I came about knowing their beautiful music. (He is also the one on the Ozzie and Harriet show who accompanies B&T with La Bamba.) The music on that album is so beautiful. I played it over and over. I still have the album but no stereo. So happy I decided to look on the Internet to see if I could find a CD, and discovered Travis' website. I got three so I could give the other two to my sisters.

Best of Health, happiness and love to Mr. Travis and Aloha from Hawaii,”

Elisa Rummel
November 2008

LISA PENNINGTON in northern California has just  taken advantage of the mega-offer on all eight Bud and Travis CDs.

“Recently I was in a busy restaurant where I could barely hear the music playing, but I was able to pick out the tune enough to realize that it was " Malagueña Salerosa."  I turned to my friend and exclaimed, "Oh, have you ever heard Bud and Travis sing this song?  It's absolutely haunting!"  And I became nostalgic to hear it again.

I grew up listening to that song and, also fondly recalled "Cloudy Afternoon" and "They Call the Wind Mariah."  In fact, I had saved two B&T albums we had had in our family for over 40
years!  I had tried my best to lovingly preserve them and longed to hear them again, but of course these days just try to find a turntable!

Anyway, my friend took the initiative to research B&T on the internet and found all the CDs, much to my delight!  Thank you so much for making these songs available again to a very devoted fan.”

Lisa Pennington
August 2008

JOAN McDONALD conveys that effervescent feeling that comes from discovering the Bud and Travis catalogue in 21st century editions.

”I simply cannot tell you how HAPPY I was to discover the Travis Edmonson website!!

Have been enjoying the hot summer evenings listening on my i-pod, to the beautiful Bud and Travis harmony on my back porch--sort of like a stolen pleasure--I had forgotten so many of their songs--it was SUCH a joy to my soul to hear them again! Only wish I had been able to see them perform live

My love affair goes back to when I was about 19--a friend played a Bud and Travis LP for me, and I was immediately bewitched and enamored with their music.

Thinking back--the latin songs/music ignited a great love of the southwest and the language for me--and as a direct result I studied Spanish, and travelled to Spain and several times to Mexico, and the Scottsdale/Tucson area remains my favorite place to visit.

 Truly it has had a direct impact on who I am today, as I love painting pictures of the desert, and since I have retired, want to get better at my rusty Spanish.

I was just given an i-pod for my birthday, and one of my dearest, longest held wishes was to have the Bud and Travis collection on CD, but I didn't know how it could be done.(I still Have the albums)---
As I was scrolling through the i-tunes music store, looking for a rendition of Malagueña Salerosa - my eyes popped out of my head when I saw Travis' rendition available. I literally sat on the back porch and cried at being able once again to hear my most favorite song sung as I remembered it.

I simply can't tell you how much joy I have to know their music is not lost---I was totally unaware that Bud had passed and that Travis was ill.

Travis' unique and powerful guitar and songs plus his beautiful voice - along with Bud's harmony - have meant a great deal to me personally and been a great contribution to the music world.

Thank you for maintaining the website, and for offering the CD's--I thought their music was lost forever."

Joan McDonald
August 2008


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