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KATIE WINCHELL in southern California  represents a family full of Travis Edmonson fans.

“I grew up listening toBud & Travis in Concert, and Malagueña Salerosa  has never left my head. I'm  thrilled to find the album available from The Travis Edmonson Collection, and want to share it with my sister and mom (who went to UofA and also hung out in Nogales)."

Katie Winchell
October 2007

MIKE CRABTREE  in southern California values all of Travis Edmonson's music, but The Latin Album in particular

"I'm from the era of the 50's & 60's, and the music from all of Travis Edmonson's albums is a national treasure.  I'm so excited that The Latin Album is available  on CD from The Travis Edmonson Collection, as my one LP record has not stood the test of time and small children.

The music from all of Travis Edmonson's albums only comes along once in a lifetime. I had thought the tracks from the Latin album were lost and only to be remembered. Now I will again feel the real emotion that this music brings out.

Thank you Travis."

 Mike Crabtree
October 2007

MARTIN WIGGINS in Arizona belongs to a family of Travis Edmonson fans.

“My mother is from Douglas....not all that far from Nogales, Arizona. Both she and my father are huge Bud & Travis fans. We lived in Mexico in the 1950's and the Latin Album always brings back great memories.”
Martin Wiggins
January 2009

HELEN FREDELL reflects on musical trends, and how Travis Edmonson's albums were earlier part of a larger recording genre.

“I was given the first LP (yeah, we talked that way in the day) by my uncle who had a store in Indio, California. And I loved it - but I remember the good ole days when Ferlin Husky and the Weavers and Johnny Cash were all kind of mainstream, before folk, country/western and rock separated...

I have always loved folk music - I grew up with it and actually knew Mike Seeger! Oh, very casually! But B & T were to my untutored ear more musical than Burl Ives, less dogmatic than Pete Seeger - well, you get the picture.  So I will be happy to get my link to my girlhood, now that I am part of the Medicare generation.

Alan Thornhill lives near me, and we discussed B & T one day when I was walking my dog. Small world.”

Helen Fredell
January 2010

CHARLES DUFF in Florida  is enjoying his Diamond Jubilee CD “Viva Travis.”

”I was privileged to see Bud & Travis way back in the early 60's, and was amazed with there performance, and have played my records of them until they wore out and became unplayable. I have several of their CDs and they get played a couple times a week.

The great ones only come around very rarely, and Travis is a truly great one!"

Charlie Duff
October 2007

Entertainer AVA VICTORIA  is known to Bud & Travis fans via the wonderful interview she did with Tom Straw on  She's meantime released a wonderful new CD, “Hybrid Songbird,” which will surely appeal to all fans of the group! (More info on her website given below.)

“I hope that one day I will have the GREAT pleasure of meeting Travis Edmonson. I was a student of Bud's in Westwood, California. I have most of the vinyl they made, and the collection is precious to me.  Please do let Travis  Edmonson know how much I do enjoy those recordings.”

Ava Victoria
September 2006

HAROLD KAZAKOFF  in Saskatchewan became acquainted with Travis Edmonson as a member of The Gateway Singers.

“I'm 67 years old & retired. Probably have about a 1,000 LPs, EPs & singles from the Folk Era. Have all Gateway Singers & Gateway Trio LPs probably short a couple singles. Had to replace some, wore them out. Never thought they would be available on CD. Never saw either group live, but saw Bud & Travis on a short TV shot ,an interview, when they played Winnipeg, years ago.

Have most of the Bud & Travis Lp's & even a couple by Bud Dashiell/Kinsmen. Never forgot the Folk Era; they were good times."

 Harold Kazakoff
October 2007

TOM WRIGHT in Arizona has been a Travis Edmonson fan for 27 years, and loves all the singer's songs and albums.

“I attended a Travis show at Scottsdale Community College on March 7, 1980, and it was a great evening. David Holt played amazing guitar that night, especially his double-slide dobro solos. Is he still around, recording and/or performing?

Sure hope "10,000 GD Cattle" will come out on CD sometime soon.”

Tom Wright
September 2006

ANNA MARIA RODRIGUEZ in Oklahoma shares a special day in common with Travis Edmonson!

“I've listened to The Latin Album since I was born (also September 23!) and might well have been named for one of its songs.

My mother and father always considered "Sin Ti" their song, so I know it (and most of the others) by heart. Also, whenever I hear any other version of "La Bamba," it doesn't sound quite right because the B&T version is my standard."

Anna Maria Rodriguez
September 2007

RACINE BARTON took advantage of the mega offer of all eight B&T albums in disc-only editions.

”Great to hear those albums again. I grew up with Bud & Travis playing, and can recite most of their Santa Monica concert verbatim. So hearing them clean and clear again is wonderful. (I have the record albums but haven't been able to play them in years.) I thank you for looking out for him and helping him distribute his wonderful music.”

Racine Barton
January 2009

BILL FROM in British Columbia thanks Travis Edmonson for acquainting him with the art of serenading.

“I'm purchasing the Bud & Travis in Concert CD as a gift to my brother who is a University of Arizona graduate and who introduced me to the music of Bud & Travis many years ago.

I was an amateur folk singer back in the day, and I remember a few lovely ladies who swooned at my rendition of Travis' "Guess I'll Go Home". I am grateful to him.”

Bill From
September 2007

HAL SULTZBACH , now resident in Oklahoma, recalls the many performances of Travis Edmonson he enjoyed when living in Tucson.

“For a while Travis Edmonson performed every weekend at the Tucson Racket Club. My future wife and I were regulars. As much as I enjoyed Travis's music, I enjoyed talking with him even more. He used to kid me for bringing my girlfriend and her two sisters to the club, "No man needs three women at once", was a regular comment of his."

Hal Sultzbach
September 2007


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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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