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GEORGE FULTZ in Wisconsin has held the Bud & Travis Cellar Door album firm in his memories.
”I have always loved `G'imme Some' from Bud & Travis in Person at the Cellar Door. And it is strange how the patter on the album never got old.

If it's is as good as my memories of it, I will be ordering Bud and Travis albums that I never heard before. Preferably those with patter. For self and as Christmas gifts.

It's great to learn that they are available - I had long ago given up hope.”

George Fultz
May 2007

BILL SOLI is one of that avid group of second generation Bud & Travis fans.

“I grew up in the Philippine Islands. During my teen years, I remember listening to my dad's Bud & Travis records. He has five or six of their albums that he had bought while stationed in the US.

I loved the way B&T combined folk music with calypso and Latin. I cannot think of any other artist who compares to their music style. My favorite album was "Perspective on Bud & Travis." I love all the songs in that album.  About 15 years ago, my dad made me a tape of it. The record was so old that most of the songs in the tape were so scratchy, but still, that didn't stop me from listening to them.

Every time I would go to the music stores, I'd always ask if they sell their CD, but most stores haven't even heard of B&T (which is pretty sad).  Then finally their "best" CD came out a few years ago. Both my dad and I were so excited that we got ourselves a copy.  It was great! Still, I would wait for the Perspective album to come out on CD. And now it's finally here.

My father finally retired in the US Air Force and still lives in the Philippines.  I'm sure he still listens to all Bud and Travis' records. I am 38 years old now and I live in Glendale Arizona. Imagine my surprise to find out that Travis lives so close to me (Mesa, Arizona).

Bud & Travis are probably one of the first groups that inspired me to become a musician. I now play in a band that plays Oldies music (The 8-Tracks Band).  Although we do not play a lot of folk music, listening to Bud and Travis has taught me to appreciate music of
diverse form and style. Thanks Bud & Travis!”

Bill Soli
January 2007

CHUCK STEVERSON, whose favorite Travis Edmonson song is “Sin Ti,” has been a fan for 30 years.

”I  worked as a bartender for travis when he managed and performed at the tucson racquet and swim club. great performer great stories great guy, I  say, a friend.”

Chuck Steverson
November 2006

Overseas fan LUCIO RUSSO in Italy likes the early Bud & Travis albums best.

“I grew up in the sixties with Bud & Travis music in Taranto, Italy, where my father was friends with some men at the US Navy base there.“

Lucio Russo
February 2007

DIANE BRADLEY  in Buffalo, New York only became acquainted with the music of Travis Edmonson recently.

“My brother collects folk music from the sixties, a period when our parents weren't even born yet.  One of the CDs he got was called “Best of Bud & Travis,” and I fell in love with it the very first time I heard it.

I am so moved by Travis Edmonson's beautiful voice, and play “Guess I'll Go Home” over and over.  It's a treasure, and so is he.”

Diane Bradley
March 2006

ANDREAS SEDLMAIR is a Travis Edmonson fan living in Hamburg.

“My wife is Tish Hinojosa, the singer-songwriter, and ever since she met Travis Edmonson somewhere on the road a couple of years ago, she's been a big fan. So it was she who turned me on to Travis' music.”

Andreas Sedlmair
October 2008

Tish Hinojosa

Read more about Travis' friend Tish Hinojosa on her official website

ANA RAMIREZ-PALMER in northern California has a special love for the Bud & Travis Latin Album.

“I have been a Bud and Travis fan for years, and my cassette tape of the Latin Album is getting a bit rough. I would love the CD. Their voices are like velvet. As a native Spanish speaker I thoroughly enjoyed their Spanish songs, as well as those in English, but the Spanish touched my heart most.”

Ana Ramirez-Palmer
September 2007

BILL KOEHLER, now living in Austin, Texas, became a fan of Travis Edmonson's music through one of Bill's favorite songs.

“I studied with and played a little with Dick Ferdon in Tucson (I am a native Tucsonan)in about 1970-71. Among the many songs we played, Dick taught me the words and music to Travis Edmonson's "I'm a Drifter"--it is one of my most favorite songs. However over the years, I lost the lyrics (still remember the music!). I am trying to re-find those lyrics-now I see that Travis has a web site, and am wondering how to recapture those lyrics, and some of the heart of folks songs of the time. Which album has this song? I am happy to purchase the album, and even review others to also purchase.
Now that I know where Travis “is," I will visit the site more often!!

Thanks for your help!!!”

Bill Koehler
September 2006

RUCE MELZER in Minnesota expresses his appreciation of Travis Edmonson's wonderful arrangements.

”I Have always loved your music. Thought your songs, harmony, arrangements, music, and musicianship were, and always will be in my top 10 of all music.   I'm a musician also, and can appreciate what it took to create your masterpieces!"

Bruce Melzer
July 2006

Member of a five generation family of Bud & Travis fans, RANDY MATHIS in Texas, who has coveted his  Bud & Travis LPs all these years, has recently acquired them on CD from the Travis Edmonson Collection.

”I'm excited to find out these CDs are available. I grew up listening to Bud & Travis (my parents and grandparents were big fans ... me too.”

Randall Mathis
July 2006


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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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