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Recollections & Comments 23

PETE FELDMAN is one of Travis Edmonson's newer fans.

“I met Travis a few years ago when he visited with Dolan Ellis, formerly of the New Christy Minstrels and now the official Balladeer of Arizona, here in the high desert of Sierra Vista.   He signed a copy of the Tucson Tapes 1 for me and I found his songs to be greatly to my liking.”

Pete Feldman
September 2005

CURTIS HARE in Arizona got a pleasant surprise for Christmas when his daughter presented him with two Bud & Travis CDs.

"Bud & Travis were playing in a place on east Indian School Road  in Phoenix when I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live. - memory says it was something like a coffee house. I recall thinking
what a great duo they were. Great music.”

Curtis Hare
December 2007

GARY ALLEN in Virginia received a special birthday message and CD from Travis Edmonson recently.

“My brother Dwight Allen and I have been fans of yours for 40+ years and he  gave me a CD of "Travis on His Own" for my birthday last month. I took  it with me on a European cruise and played it for the first time doing laps around the upper deck of our cruise ship as we sailed across the Bay of Biscay;  I hadn't heard the LP in years and so it brought back a lot of memories.  And still sounds wonderful, of course.
I've always enjoyed the Spanish/Mexican music Travis (and Bud) did; on  another cruise a couple years ago in a Mexican port a group of troubadors sang "Los  Dos" for my wife and me at my request, a song I surely would never have heard without Travis Edmonson.“

Gary W. Allen
October 2006

BILL TANKSLEY in southern California thinks it would be a great idea to expose diners in Mexican restaurants to the music of Bud & Travis.

“I get carried away with memories every time I pull up this website. I am a missionaries' kid who grew up in Oaxaca and Chiapas in the fifties. I grew up speaking and singing Spanish, and eventually got a degree in Latin American Studies.

Travis's music has been an inspirational and engrossing part of my life ever since I first saw him and Bud on the Ozzie and Harriet show. I wish I could get a copy of the television special that Travis did many years ago about his background and his love of Mexican music.

My favorite is the Latin Album which I listen to regularly. I get a special enjoyment at parties and family gatherings to pick up my guitar and sing the songs of my childhood and to try to imitate some of the songs and the arrangements from the B & T albums.”

Bill Tanksley
December 2006

PHIL STOVER in Travis Edmonson's home of Nogales, Arizona has  many fond personal recollections of the singer.

"There are so many memories ….  Travis and Bud eating my moms tuna stuffed jalapenos, playing at the Pioneer, drinking wine at De Grazias shops at Campbell and Prince and planning the next big tour of Travis and Phil.

I just wanted to say thanks to Travis Edmonson for some good music and memories. I still play almost every day and sill write (work in `progress" Mexican Roses)."

Phil Stover.
June 2007

PENNY HILL took advantage of the special package of all eight original Bud & Travis albums on CD.

"I've been listening to Bud and Travis since my brother came home from the Navy in the 1960's with an old reel to reel tape recorder on which he'd recorded hours and hours of Bud and Travis,  as well as Smother's Brother's, records. Of all of these singers, I always thought Travis had the purest voice.
 He was, and is, a joy to listen to.

Over the years I'd find some of this music, but never the same combination ....or in a format I wanted to buy. I was really sorry to have to give my brother back his tapes and tape recorder. That was a long long time ago.

I'm going to enjoy my new CD's! Thanks for the opportunity to acquire the music I so enjoyed.

Penny Hill
October 2008

GERALD DE CARNELLE, like Bud Dashiell, was born in France and grew up in the US, and is pleased to include the Bud & Travis live CDs to his vast collection.

“Bud and Travis were exemplary entertainers, and highly talented musicians. Although their guitar chords were very cryptic, and difficult to follow, simplified music/chords are on the web.
Starting in 1960, I saw the duo at many venues including the Golden Bear, The Santa Monica Auditorium, The Ashgrove etc .... and also individually at various locales in Hollywood when they split up later.

Please keep up the good work in promoting some of the finest folk music ever!
And Travis, you're the best."

Gerry de Carnelle
September 2008

RAFAEL ALMARAZ in Las Vegas is one of those lucky people who saw Travis Edmonson perform live.

” I am originally from Casa Grande, Arizona. I grew up listening to the old rock and roll or traditional Mexican music. Being of Mexican ancestry I can appreciate real Mexican music.

When I was in the US Air Force, and stationed at Williams Air Force Base, Chandler, Arizona, in the early 1960s, I really got into folk music and ran into one of Bud and Travis' albums (Bud & Travis In Concert). I was so impressed by their talent and  their ability to perform Mexican music better than the original singers that I had heard before.

I  used to play their music to my in-laws and they could not believe that two non Mexicans could sing and play guitar better than our own people. I don't want to brag, but I played in band in high school, played guitar, and I played a lot of Mexican music, and I was absolutely amazed at their talent, their musicianship and their showmanship. To this date i have not heard anybody play those songs better then Bud and Travis.”                          

Rafael Almaraz
April 2007

The favorite Bud & Travis song of DALLAS WILLIAMS in Oregon is “South Coast.”

“I was lucky to be at the Bud & Travis gig in Santa Monica so long ago. Now I think the word is "honored". I lived in Tucson a few years back, but was never able to connect with Travis. I so wanted to  thank him for "ruining my life," as his work, among that of others, inspired me and diverted me from what would otherwise have been a rather dreary life, perhaps.

So, today I sing and play. And I owe what happiness I have derived from this life in some part to Travis Edmonson. Thank you Travis!"

Dallas Williams
March 2008

RICK SNYDER  in southern California is delighted to be able to obtain pristine Bud & Travis recordings on CD.

“My family grew up with Bud & Travis. Specifically Bud, his wife Mary and their children Kim and Shannon were our best friends. I saw Bud two days before he went back east to spend the rest of his life with his sister ...... “

My best to Travis. B&T were something very special!”

Rick Snyder
May 2007


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