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Comments & Recollections 24

FRANK OGAZ in southern California especially likes the Bud & Travis in Concert album.

“I grew up on Travis Edmonson's music, and remember spending many hours listening to Bud & Travis with my dad, so I am extremely happy to see the CD's available.”

Frank Ogaz
December 2007

HARRY JOHNSON in Minnesota is one of those lucky enough to have seen Travis Edmonson perform live.

” I lived in Southern California in the late 1950s and 1960s and enjoyed seeing Bud and Travis perform.  I owned and enjoyed their LP albums very much. I'm happy that the music is still available and wish the very best to Travis.”

Harry Johnson
February 2008

CHRISTIAN BRAMSWIG in northern California was delighted to find that his cherished “Bud & Travis in Concert” is now available on remastered stereo CD.

“Bud and Travis are and were deeply important to me and I am very happy for this opportunity to have them in my life again.”

Christian Bramswig
November 2007

CHRIS KELLER in northern California has a special fondness for the two Santa Monica albums, and looks forward to obtaining them on CD from The Travis Edmonson Collection.

”It is so great to see this project. Listening to Bud &Travis were part of my formative years. One of the reasons I studied Spanish was because it sounded so beautiful the way they sang it."

Chris Keller
February 2008

Bea Duran in southern California is one of those whose familiy has a special affection for Travis Edmonson's Latin repertoire.

”I have searched for a long time for The Bud & Travis Latin Album. I remember B&T's music from my mother and dads time. they played the album over and over. They loved it, and so do I!”

Bea Duran
November 2007

FORREST BONNER in  Huntington Beach, California, has selected the latest CD from the Travis Edmonson Collection as a 40th anniversary gift for his wife.

”Malagueña Salerosa was our favorite song when my wife & I first met. We went to the Troubadour in Los Angeles to hear Bud sing (sadly, without Travis) and have been looking for the Latin Album CD for some long time."

Forrest Bonner
May 2007

A fan for 45 years, Arizonan BARRY ROTHROCK is one of the lucky ones who has seen Travis Edmonson perform live, and describes his favorite Travis track to be Rayito de Luna.

“Although I have almost all of the vinyl from Bud & Travis, Travis (solo), Bud's Kinsmen albums and at least one of the Gateway Singers albums, I am always interested (in this age of digital music) in any new CD versions of past albums. Thanks for the effort in maintaining the site.”

Barry Rothrock
September 2005

ODELL HATHAWAY in southern California especially likes the Bud and Travis `debut' album.

“ Thanks for the "Debut" CD, it is like a voice from the past. I have it now in my iPod, and as I travel over Arizona I often listen to B&T.

That jet contrail up there may be me, listening.”

Odell Hathaway
June 2007

DELIA MESSENGER explains how hate turned to love as soon as she first heard Bud & Travis sing.

“I'd never heard Bud and Travis' rendition of “Delia's Gon,” but I sure knew the words!  My classmates sang it every time I came into a room, and I developed an intense antipathy to these performers who were spreading a song that gave me a lot of trouble!

Then I got a hold of their Santa Monica concert LP, and, of course, I've been a fan ever since.  Yes, Delia's gone mad for B & T!”

Delia Messenger
May 2006

STEPHANIE LANE in Denver particular appreciates Travis Edmonson's wonderful song of conscience, “The Time of Man,” and wonders if anyone has any info on Cherry Hill Singers.

“I found one album by Travis Edmonson a few years ago and purchased it. My friend and I have been looking for a recording of Time of Man for so long and were talking about it tonight. And there it was, on this site. It's one of my favorite all time songs.

Also, has anyone, except for my friend and I, ever heard of the Cherry Hill Singers? They were a group that recorded an album and I believe they were in SAE at UCLA.

I also Found an album by Terrea Lea, from the old Garrett Coffee House, and got that one also. What a treat to go back to the old songs that really meant something. Thank you for the years of great music.”

Stephanie Lane


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