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The wonderful Allan's Landing Band is hoping to include a Travis Edmonson song on their forthcoming CD, and BETTIE ANDERSON sums up their admiration for the singer songwriter.

“We only know Travis Edmonson through his music. His footprints are large!”

Bettie Anderson
June 2008

GENE SMITH plans to take his new Bud & Travis CDs on the road with him.

“There are times I'm in my attic and see all the 33 records, all the great music of those times, and I get really nostalgic about the good old days. Have been able to get many of the old groups, and now Bud & Travis on CD!”

Gene Smith
December 2007

MIKE SANDERS in New York has a special affection for the Perspective on Bud & Travis album.

“Perspective on Bud and Travis” was my first "folk music" album as a lad. There are songs on that album that I have heard in my imagination for years. How pleased I was to see that this album is again available! In the words of another Bud and Travis song: So Long, Stay Well!”

Michael Sanders
June 2008

BILL WARREN in Los Angeles states why he's made his CD purchases from The Travis Edmonson Collection.

“I came to this website because I was told Mr. Edmondson has an expensive illness, and that the money from the sale of the CDs would go directly to him. Sounds like a hell of a good idea to me.  I don't know if I ever had a solo album by him, but I liked the Gateway Singers and loved Bud & Travis. I have some B&T albums, but not all of them. And I want all of them. I also want the Gateway Singers albums, being also a Lou Gottlieb fan.

I want Mr. Edmondson to get the sales proceeds. I feel I owe it to him. I never saw B&T in person, but they were my favorite folk duo, probably my favorite folk group (if two is a group) after the (dare I say it) Kingston Trio and the Limeliters. I have all the CDs by them I've been able to locate.”

July 2006

KIKI RODRIGUEZ is a second generation Travis Edmonson fan whose bringing the music of Bud & Travis to contemporary audiences with his band.

” My Dad was a hardcore Bud and Travis fan and used to play their records all the time. I always feel like a little kid again whenever I hear their music.

Today, I play in an acoustic coffee house-bar band and one of our songs is "Jenny On A Horse" and every time people will come up to us and inquire about it!”

Kiki Rodriguez
December 2007

DENNIS LOW in California sends a message to Travis Edmonson via the  website.

“Hi Travis,

I've always loved the way you and Bud harmonized and complimented each other in your guitar solos.  Your music is timeless.  I've been a fan since 15, and I still love your music here in my 50's!”

Dennis Low
July 2006

JOE GRANDE IS what we'd refer to call Bud & Travis Royalty, having attended the famous recorded concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

“When the music died in 1959, here in Los Angeles we were rescued by Hoyt Axton, Dave Van Ronk, and Bud & Travis.

From my senior year of high school until I was drafted in 1963, I spent more time at the Troubadour, the Ash Grove and McCabe's then I spent in the classroom. In truth, these were my classrooms and Travis and some of the others were my teachers.
I was born March 24,1941, and as a freshman at Loyola University, spent my 19th birthday with about a dozen friends at the Santa Monica Concert (3rd row stage rrigth as I recall). Unquestionably the best birthday of my life.
I am sure that hearing Travis On Cue and On His Own again will bring back more memories of Travis and the Troub.”

Joe Grande
May 2008

Another of those lucky enough to see Travis Edmonson perform live, JULIE FERNON in Arizona, who describes herself as “a fan since Day One,” declares the debut album “Bud and Travis” to be her favorite.
 “I remember in the 60s seeing Bud and Travis play in a coffee shop named Don Quijotes, which I believe was near the corner of Campbell and Limberlost in Tucson.

We need to gang up and get XM's channel 15 folk channel to start playing Travis!”

Julie Fernon
April 2008

JOHN LOEB has fond memories of Travis Edmonson performing live.

“I used to go see Travis sing in a coffee house cafe in the 60's and have his records on vinyl. I also saw Hoyt Axton at the same coffee house. The setting made Travis' performances very close and personal.  I especially liked "The Web" and "I'm A Drifter". His version of "Malaguena Salerosa" is the best version I have EVER heard.”

John S. Loeb
June 2007

JERRY CHILSON in Washington State has been a long-time fan and an early supporter of The Travis Edmonson Collection.

Bud & Travis were two of the finest. Travis Edmonson's rendition of Malagueña Salerosa, After all these years, still sends shivers up my spine. One of my other favorites is his collaboration with katie Lee On “10,000 Goddamn Cattle.”

Travis' music has gotten me through times of stress, & enriched my life. Thanks to the website for keeping the dream and Travis alive in the hearts & minds of folk everywhere."

Jerry Chilson
May 2007

 CLIFTON LUCIDO in Minnesota purchased two copies of the Travis Edmonson Collection Best of B&T “From The Ridiculous to The Sublime.”

“I am listening as I write this email to let you  know that the boys sound just as good as I remember. I plan on sending one of the copies to my mother for her birthday. Bud and Travis in Concert was one of the best musical memories of my childhood. We always
wondered what happened to the duo. The website was filled with great information and music brings back lots of memories. My mom will be thrilled.

 Clif Lucido
October 2008


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