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Top of MICHAEL WILLIAMS list of Bud & Travis favorites are the B&T in Concert recordings, and he's also a Gateway Singers fan.

”I was introduced to the music of Bud &Travis  in the early 60's via Les Claypool's radio show on KRHM. Didn't have money then, couldn't buy albums.

Glad to see this effort to bring back some wonderful music. Best of luck with the project.”

Michael Williams
August 2007

BILL DuBOIS, now resident in Florida, is another who has special feelings for The Bud & Travis Latin Album.

“I'm a 58 year old retired naval officer. Been a hard core B&T fan since I was 15 and got my first guitar in 1963 ...

It was an el cheapo from Wallach's Music City in Long Beach, California ...but I rubbed off the label on the head ... and took some gold foil and did a decent job of tracing out "Goya" instead.

I saw B&T perform at the Laguna Bowl in 1964 with three buddies (just got my license). Travis, we were the guys up in the cheap seats yelling for you to do Bonsoir Dame. Bought all the records in mono - we didn't have a stereo turntable.

After moving to Florida, I saw a copy of the Latin Album in stereo in a store in Orlando ... but didn't buy it.  It wasn't until 1995 when prowling the early internet news group called did I finally find someone who would make a tape of it for me.

Well ... since then I have purchased all the released CDs...except those that show up on this site ... I cannot wait to get a CD version of InPerson and Perspective (two other favorites).”

Bill DuBois
February 2006

MICHAEL LAWLOR in Santa Barbara, California, was excited about getting Bud & Travis CDs from The Travis Edmonson Collection, and  synthesizes what makes them magical for so many fans.

”This is so wonderful! I grew up with Bud & Travis music, and had all their albums on vinyl so long ago. I loved this beautiful, passionate music then ... and I love it now. It remains timeless and fresh to me.

 The music of Bud and Travis is so incredible, the musicianship so superior ... both technically and soulfully. What a gift!

I listened to the five Travis Edmonson Collection discs continuously for two days! Such a great pleasure, with so many great tunes that I had forgotten about. I am absolutely thrilled with them and especially pleased that it helps out Travis. Thanks for everything!!!"

Michael Lawlor
May 2007


SALLY sherringham is another fan who melts when hearing Travis Edmonson sing Malagueña Salerosa.

“I have the Tucson Tapes version of Malagueña, and play it every day!  There's just no other song which moves me so much.”

Sally Sherringham
August 2006

OE LONG in San Luis Obispo enjoyed seeing But & Trravis as part of the southern California coffee house scene during the great folk era.

“I saw Bud & Travis in the 60's @ The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, California, and that concert was very similar to the "In Person at The Cellar Door" one. I have the album on 33 1/3, but am glad now to have it on CD.”

Joe Long
April 2008

ART FISCHMAN, his wife and three daughters have always been very much into all of the music of the 60s and 70s. His special appreciation of Travis Edmonson goes back to that time, and has been rekindled by a visit to this website.

“The music of guitars, banjos, zithers, autoharps and wonderful folk singers was always present in our house. That's the time line for us for Bud and Travis.

There were many of Travis' songs that really "took over" our household for quite a few years.  Two, particularly, were close to the top of the list  ----- “Delia's Gone” and “Malaguena Salerosa.”

The fantastic range of rhythms, melodies, vocals and guitar playing seemed to have no limits. One was excited all the time, waiting to learn what the presentation and the approach of the next song was going to be like.

There were many, many hours of good listening."

Art Fischman
West Orange, New Jersey
June 2004

The favorite Bud & Travis album of JIM JASMIN in  Fremont, California is In Person.

 “I first saw B&T on either the Steve Allen Show or Johnny Carson. Can't remember which late night show, but I remember them doing La Bamba and was blown away. Had to go out and find a record with that song on it. I've collected just about every LP by both Bud and Travis, and have several copies of each.”

Jim Jasmin
July 2007

JOE  SANTOYO in southern California has been transferring all his Bud & Trabis LPs onto CD, but still ordered B&T In Concert from The Travis Edmonson Collection for its perfect sound.

“I never stopped liking Travis'  and Bud's faces on the album cover of B&T in Concert, and I still love "La Vaquilla Colorada."

Joe D. Santoyo
January 2008

ames Vance in Indiana has a special fondness for the Perspective and Bud and Travis Naturally albums.

”Thanks for making the Bud & Travis recordings available. My recordings are over 40 years old and difficult to listen to.  I dragged them around for years while I was in the Navy and they have been through some children in the years since then.”

 Jim Vance
July 2007

ED GUNNEY, a previous contributor to this website, particularly likes one of the B&T singles.

“I have a 45 of “I Talk To the Trees,” and would pay to have a stereo rendition of it. Keep me informed of Bud and Travis material. These two werre unapproachable in many ways. I'm surrounded by thousands of records this very moment but somehow listen to Bud and Travis the most often.”

Ed Gunny
January 2009


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