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The favorite Bud & Travis album of GEORGE MISKIMON in Maryland  is “In Concert.”

“The first time I heard Bud and Travis was in Hawaii. It was 1962. I was stationed at Hickam Air Force Base. Someone in the barraks was playing a record that was Mexican Folk  Music. The song was "La Bamba" and I became an instant fan of Bud and Travis.

I hadn't heard of them at that time. My initial appreciation of their music was their guitar stylings. The more I listened to their music, the more I was captivated by the union of their voices blending with their guitar playing. Bud and Travis made a huge impression on me in 1962 that has continued to the present. I only regret I was unable to see them in person.

Travis Edmonson  is to Folk Music what Chet Atkins was to the guitar. I thank him for what he has given the music world."

George Miskimon
October 2007

CHARLES FREEMAN is a musician in his thirties with his own band, who admits being turned on to the music of Travis Edmonson when a senior in high school - a time when Charlie was definitely a metal head, but couldn't help from being “captured by the smooth singing.

”I just wanted to say that Travis Edmonson is one of the greatest singers I have ever heard. When I first experienced "Malaguena Salerosa" I was blown away by the power and the emotion of it. I do not understand allot of Spanish, but I knew what the song was about - a passion - just by the way he carried it thru. It is beautiful. I'd loved to have attended one of his performances.

I listened to the Liberty album “Bud and Travis” often and liked the music. . Years passed by and I saw KILL BILL 2. All of a sudden I was singing parts of the song softly, and my wife was like `how do you know this song?' That's resparked my interest.

So I now plan on covering that song with my own band to perform. But here is the catch. I will sing it in Spanish as he does. It will take some practice, but I will get it!”

Waterville, Maine
November 2004

TRUDY MERCHANT, who now lives in New Mexico,  grew up with Travis Edmonson in Nogales, Arizona, and he remembers her well from as far back as grade-school days.  She also had the opportunity to see him perform many times at the hungry i in San Francisco as part of The Gateway Singers.

“I have enjoyed Travis Edmonson's music for over fifty years ..... especially the songs in Spanish.”

Gertrude Corcoran Merchant
March 2005

The breadth of Travis Edmonson's repertoire makes it difficult to pick a favorite song, but his enthralling performance of “So Long Stay Well” is a special favorite of many.   DAVID RUIZ, a fan for over four decades  from San Francisco, is one of those who picks the “Perspective” album and  that  track as his top choice.

“Where do I begin? I can say I'm a fan because of Travis's wide selection of folk songs, Spanish-language songs, original compositions...he is UNIQUE. That's all I can say."

David Ruiz
February 2004


Musician ANDY RODRIGUEZ  wrote in, not only to declare his admiration for Travis Edmonson, but to ask a special request of the singer with respect to one of his  compositions on  Andy's favorite B&T album, Perspective on Bud & Travis.

“ I am a long-time fan of Bud and Travis - I literally grew up listening to them and I also learned to play guitar by listening to them (among others). Now, with my own kids grown and married, I'm in the process of recording my first CD ,and would very much like to include a particular song,  "A Long Time Back."

Andy Rodriguez
March 2006

(Travis Edmonson has agreed to the request, and we're all looking forward to Andy's new album.)

BOB ANGUS, who's written in previously about his admiration for Travis Edmonson, recalls Travis' college pal, Nick Reynolds.

“It was a shock to hear that Nick Reynolds passed away. I remember that he graduated from Menlo College in the Bay area and first played mostly with the Kingston Five, consisting of Bob Shane, Fred Bush and Dick Watkins, who were also Menlo students, and with Dave Guard, a Menlo grad and in the Stanford MBA Business program. Actually, most of them went back to grade school where they attended a prep school together in Hawaii.  After Nick and Bob graduated from Menlo and Dave from Stanford, they wanted to try out their luck with music, but Fred and Dick (who had just finished their sophomore year at Menlo) couldn't see a future in folk music and opted to stay in school.

Incidentally, Fred and Dick joined with Tom Wells (a fantastic banjo player) to form the Belvideres and played folk music around the Bay Area, while the Kingston Trio became big. I sat in for Dick in the Belvideres a few times when Dick was off weekends to play citizen soldier.

I had heard that Tom Wells passed away some years back, and of course I read of Bud's death some years ago. Last I heard Fred Bush was living in Hawaii selling insurance. I'm not sure where Fred or Dick are.

It's wonderful recalling the gifted talent of the Gateway Singers,
Bud & Travis, Kingston Trio and the Belviders.”

Bob Angus
January 2009

LOUISE CURTIN is one of the many `second generation' fans of Travis Edmonson.  Her memories of him in live performance are as sharp today as they were in the 1960s when she was only a child.

"My parents were dyed-in-the-wool Bud & Travis fans who attended every performance they could.  While I was too young to go to B&T shows in the beginning, when they got together for a second time, I was considered old enough to go along.  I had always enjoyed hearing their music, but when I saw Travis for the first time, I fell instantly in love.

My parents always put their LPs on tape as soon as they bought them, so I've been able to listen to Travis' beautiful voice all these years.  While the preteen crush may have melted away, the love of his voice and susceptibility to his charm could never disappear, only grow greater with time.  It's magic that never dims."

Louise Curtin
May 2004

TINA BAKER recalls Travis Edmonson from tours he made to the Midwest.

Through  a guy I was dating at the time, I had the chance to become an occasional  member of Travis Edmonson's `entourage' when he was appearing in Chicago.  My boyfriend was a musician, and I met a lot of  performers, well-known and unknown during our time together.  Without hesitation, I can say that Travis was the nicest, warmest, and most genuine of them all - bar none.  ….. And certainly one of the funniest too! He always put on a terrific show, and it's wonderful to now have these new CDs available to replace the well-worn LPs!"

Tina Baker
May 2004

Drummer BRIAN CHIDESTER is presently writing a wonderful exploration of the coffee house scene in southern California, "The Beat It Generation in Los Angeles." chronicles the literary coffeehouses, cool jazz nightclubs, protest music venus and experimental art galleries of the 1950s and early '60s, and naturally, Travis Edmonson will be a part of it.

“I have every album by Bud and Travis, as a group and their solo albums. They are the absolute best!”

Brian Chidester
February 2008

Special favorite of NICK WINSLOW in Pasadena is the Bud & Travis in Concert album.

“I remember seeing Bud & Travis in southern California  many years ago, and still have several of their old LPs. I did not know of Travis's illnesses, and am sad to learn about them.”

Nick Winslow
August 2007


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