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PAUL CARROLL in Maryland , whose favorite Bud & Travis song is San Fernando, has been a fan for 25 years.

” My Dad has the Debut Album of Bud And Travis and I discovered it some 25 years ago.  I fell in love with the sound and enjoyed it for years as an audio tape (remember those?). That tape has unfortunately passed away and the LP is mysteriously lost, so I have been sadly missing this music for years.  I would love to get a replacement CD of this music as well as others! “

Paul Carroll
December 2006

BARBARA SMALL holds the distinction of being the first buyer of the new “Spotlight on Bud and Travis” CD.

“I'm a long time Bud and Travis Fan from Santa Monica 1958 - 9 and I'd love to buy a CD of the "Bud and Travis" LP which I have worn out. Finding your site brought back good memories.

You are doing a great service to those of us who loved the music of these two wonderful musicians. My two daughters really knew the music since Mom played the record so often and sang the songs, too. They were both happy at my news.”

Barbara Small
June 2006

TOM BOLLINGER, who is presently delighting in his new CDs from the Travis Edmonson Collection agrees with that one of the greatest folk singers' ranking of Bud & Travis.

”I agree with the comments made by Erik Darling: Bud & Travis were the best. Their work, in my opinion was truly artistry. Please pass along my kindest regards to Mr. Edmonson.”

Tom Bollinger
March 2006

KAREN GLAZER in Florida was a student during the folk boom, but only became an avid admirer  of Travis Edmonson in the 21st century.

“While all my friends were into pop and folk in the 60s, my own fare was strictly limited to playing and listening to classical music.  Decades passed. Children and grandchildren were born, and the internet arrived.  One of my grandsons started buying and collecting vinyl records from the Ebay auction site, and sending me scratchy CDs of the albums he liked best.

Apparently he came across Bud & Travis in a miscellaneous lot, and then started obtaining everything of theirs he could get his hands on.  Of course, I was the beneficiary of a copy of each on compact disc. And yes, I have to admit now, I didn't know what I was missing when I turned up my nose at whatever chart music my college friends had been listening to.

Travis Edmonson is a musical marvel.  I am so impressed by his incredible voice and that ability to bring out so many shades of meaning in his interpretations.  I have become a devoted fan. Better late than never!”

Karen Glazer
January 2006

PETER  M POWERS in Napa, California is a long-time Bud & Travis fan.

” I had an old LP of B&T Naturally, and many of the other LP's from Bud and Travis. I am really interested in this particular CD because of the unique arrangements of Down in the Valley and also In the hills of Shiloh. I was very happy to find this site!”

Peter M Powers
March 2007

CICELY NEWSOME owns all the albums Travis Edmonson made, and has preserved them with great care, and tells the reason why.

"Travis Edmonson's music has expanded my horizons, and began to do so since the first time I heard him.  There were many great folk groups in the sixties, but B&T were head and shoulders above the rest.  And that was even before taking their wonderful humor into consideration.  How I would have loved to have seen them live.  Travis, you are beyond compare!"

Cicely Newsome
July 2007

TIMOTHY P. BENNETT is a teacher in Arkansas, and the latest recruit to the legion of Travis Edmonson fans.

“Found this website by accident, doing a search on "Malagueña." Wow, this is an awesome website. The lyrics, translations, alternate renderings, etc. are fantastic. I would like to use these in my high school Spanish classes. What started me on this was a band student asked me if I was familiar with "Malagueña." I had never heard the whole song, so I did the internet search and wound up here. What a rich, beautiful career Mr. Edmondson has had and what a fantastic resource. I vaguely remember hearing of Bud and Travis when I was a very small child, only because my older brother was such a music fan. So when I made the connection it really made my day.

I will be checking back again. Again, what a satisfying website. There is so much information and I have enjoyed learning so much about Mr. Edmonson's music. I am looking forward to ordering albums in the future."

Timothy P. Bennett
November 2005

Respectful fan JAMES OTERREAU pays his personal salute to the Bud and Travis Naturally album.

“Bud and Travis Naturally  is the most precious of B&T LPs;  It is criminally undervalued in its musical wealth -- and I can think of no other pop LP from that era that showcases timelessly beautiful duet balladeering.

B&T's contrasting voices (rustic, Smokey-blue vs. polished, shimmering-angelic) and unique guitar interplay were years ahead of their contemporaries.

Like the debut offerings of the Beatles and Bob Dylan, Naturally exhibited an emerging neo-contemporary approach to singing pop songs that keeps much of the LP fresh and ageless 45 years later.  Such sounds are not evident on prior B&T LPs which, like Kingston Trio music, are more representative of that era.”

James Oterreau
September 2008

OM McGUIGAN  in Florida says he's “been waiting for years” for release of the great Bud & Travis albums on CD.

“I'd like to purchase the Perspective on Bud & Travis CD, with an eye to acquiring the entire collection as the titles become available.

My best to Travis, a great artist and  inspiration!”

T. A. McGuigan
September 2006

FOREST DORAN in Oregon  has special memories of Malagueña Salerosa.

” I'd like for Travis to know how much his music has meant to my family.”

Forest Doran
December 2007


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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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