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DAVID HORWITZ, who saw The Gateway Singers perform at the hungry I, obtained the group's albums on CD through The Travis Edmonson Collection, but turned his thoughts to the singer in particular when he received a complimentary sampler of his music as a result of the purchase.

”It got me to thinking while listening to the compilation. Obviously, the last quarter century has not been an easy time for Travis or his loved ones. But there is something very special about an artist's life, because their talent lives on through recordings, paintings, movies, etc.

Travis has left his mark in so many ways. Not only through the music of The Gateway Singers, Bud & Travis and his solo albums, but also through introducing so many of us to the wonderful music and culture of the Mexican people and Hispanic Americans. Through his music he has helped us become a richer, more culturally diverse society.

While I enjoyed listening to Bud & Travis when they were performing, I probably didn't fully appreciate what they did until I started listening to the Reflections disc you sent. What a wonderfully, tight, understated sound they had.

It has to be thirty years since hearing their version of Raspberries, Strawberries. That and Sin Ti are absolute gems with intimate arrangements and intricate harmonies that suited their voices so well.  Abilene has a wonderful warmness to it as though we are sitting around late at night in the mellowness of good company and a little too much wine while two skilled singer/musicians are quietly sharing some of their precious musical memories.”

David Horwitz
September 2006

Captain BILL RAMSEY , who flies for Northwest Airlines, purchased cherish albums of The Gateway Singers on CD through The Travis Edmonson Collection, and has been known to dip a wing of his 747 in Travis' honor.

“I am a fan of the Gateway Singers. I especially enjoy listening to the CD of the Gateway Singers at the Hungry I. I have really enjoyed listening to those old songs over the years.  Often times I fly across the Atlantic Ocean and recall the words to "The Reuben James". Whenever I fly over upper New York I always look for the Erie Canal and then find myself humming your song.

I'm sure that your music has touched many, many lives. I know that it sure has touched my life in a very positive way.”

Bill Ramsey
November 2006

ART YOW in northern California, a fan for four-and-ahalf decades,  names The Latin Album as his favorite Bud & Travis recording.

” Bud and Travis have endured for me and my cousins these many years beyond their last album. (I have them all, including Travis Edmonson's solos!) I still listen to the CD's and vinyls almost every week!

Bud and Travis have always been my favorite "folk" group! ( … I never heard a horse sing, either.)  They are solely responsible for my appreciation of Latin Music ( … Quo Vadis"?)

I have attempted to "break down" Travis Edmonson's guitar work for years, and continue doing so!

Not having been in Santa Monica for Bud & Travis' historic concert is truly my big musical disappointment!!!

Best of luck to Travis, and thanks.

Viva Bud y Travis!”

 Art Yow
January 2007

FRANK STOLL has the distinction of being one of Travis Edmonson's longest-standing fans, having first heard him play with The Gateway Singers in January 1956.  After half a century, his enthusiasm remains as fresh as when he was a college student.

“I only recently stumbled upon the Gateway Singers website at That awakened some of my most cherished memories of my many visits to San Francisco's Hungry i where I heard Travis as a member of the Gateway Singers.

As an added bonus of this reawakening, I was then interested in reliving the pleasures of hearing the wonderful sounds of some of the recordings of Travis as a solo artist and the Bud & Travis albums.

Now, I am waiting, anxiously, for the CD versions of the old unreleased records. What a pleasure it is to know that this music will be passed on to new listeners as well as old fans.”

Frank Stoll
January 2005

GEORGE JOHNSON mourns Travis Edmonson's passing, but treasures a conversation he had with our hero.

I was deeply saddend to learn of the passing of Travis. So much of my childhood and young adulthood was helped and blessed by his music and presence.

Like many, i was fortunate to have seen Bud and Travis perform many times in northern California, and even spoke briefly to Travis once back stage in Stockton after he and bud had played the "palatial" Pacific Bowl.

He was amazed that the small but dedicated audience new all the lyrics. He commented that it was like playing in a living room more than the slightly seedy bar and bowling alley that it was.

He will be missed so much. But i know that heaven is richer and livelier with his music and his grace.  

George Johnson
September 2009

The noted dancer and  Choreologist RICHARD HOLDEN, who once served as Igor Moiseyev's assistant, recalls working with Travis Edmonson on a production of “Brooms of Mexico” in Tucson.

“My memories of Travis go back to 1969. I was in Tucson, Arizona on leave from The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center, to choreograph a ballet for the Tucson Ballet Company. The ballet was called "Brooms Of Mexico" from a book illustrated by Ted DeGrazia and performed with the Tucson Symphony.

I was delighted when Travis agreed to appear as part of it, not as a dancer of course but to perform as a special guest artist. It was a ballet that I revived many years later with New Age music, massive scenery and authentic Mexican dancing, but in that first production of 1969 I was surprised that Travis agreed to perform in it at all.

Richard Holden dancing with Travis Edmonson's Guitar

The fact that he was a close friend of Ted DeGrazia who designed our scenery and costumes may have had something to do with it. At the end of his song, Malaguena Salerosa, I went out on stage, took his guitar from his hands and danced with it while he watched.  There was cheering and standing ovations for Travis.”

Richard Holden
December 2007

A native of India now living in California, MALABIKA SENGUPTA has been a Travis Edmonson fan for 25 years.

“I love the entire album of Best of Bud and Travis. However, I find “Malaguena salerosa" to be the most haunting. I do not think I have heard anything like that in my entire life.  I heard  it from an LP in '82 at a friend's house, and the tune haunted me all my life. It has a very different and wonderful meaning in my life. So, the song itself and the singers (of course unbeknownst to them) have been kept in a very special place in my life.

Bud & Travis had so much to offer to the world of American music and to the music lovers all over the world.

My best wishes to Mr. Edmonson. I wish he would perform again and bring his very unique and wonderful renditions of the classic popular Latin music to the hearts of music lovers in America.”

Malabika Sengupta
July 2004

GEORGIA ALLEN, who now lives in Washington is another native of Nogales, Arizona, and votes for the `debut album' as her favorite Travis Edmonson recording.

“I remember Travis from the time I was a little girl in Nogales - I doubt that he would remember me, but I remember getting so excited when I saw his name on the original Bud & Travis album. I was living in Hawaii at the time.   I think his mastery of the guitar was brilliant, the music romantic and easy to listen to.  I wish I could have seen him in live performance. His Spanish songs are my favorites, but they're all wonderful. Travis was blessed with a beautiful voice.  Thank you for sharing the gift of your talent with all of us, Travis."

Georgia Bowman Allen
April 2005

Being a retired teacher of Spanish, it's no surprise that SANFORD GORDON in Illinois particularly appreciates Travis Edmonson's Latin repertoire.

“I once played a Bud & Travis record for an uncle from Colombia. He thought it was one he brought me from Colombia. That's how good the Spanish on their albums is!

As a retired Spanish teacher I always appreciated the authenticity of their arrangements and tried to sound (accent-wise) as good as they sounded. And I think their Spanish helped me improve my accent while enjoying the music at the same time.”

Sanford Gordon
March 2008

Bud & Travis music lives on all over the world, and CHARLES GORDON is playing his CDs on the edge of the rain forest.

"I met Bud & Travis at a bar on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. It was during one of my three periods of residence in Hawaii.

Travis would have no reason to remember me. I was just a guy about their age (my big Seven Five comes up in a couple of months) who came up between sets and told them he liked their music.

Over the years, I bought every one of their albums - and played them often. When I left gringolandia several years ago, a young couple who knew of my fondness for B & T insisted on keeping the oft-played 33 rpms - which they might still have. I have often thought of asking them to send me the vinyls and trying to copy them onto CDs - but recording and editing facilities are not abundant here on the edge of the rain forest, and the sound program in my laptop is pretty basic.

Finding Travis' site with all the albums was sort of a dream come true."

Chuck “Carlos” Gordon
October 2008


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 Heartwarming and charming Comments about and Recollections of Travis Edmonson sent in to the website during the last six years of his life

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Travis Edmonson in Memoriam - the touching tributes which poured in after his passing on May 9, 2009

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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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