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BEN MIDLETON  had the opportunity to hear Travis Edmonson perform both as a soloist and with Bud Dashiell in Los Angeles.

“What great memories I have from attending performances of this brilliant singer and musician.  Travis, you are the TOPS!”

Ben Midleton
August 2006

GEORGE REED's special Bud & Travis favorites are the  Perspective and Spotlight albums.

”Great news to know these are available on CD!”

George Reed
January 2007

RICHARD STRECKER in Montana  particularly likes the Bud and Travis debut album.

“I have enjoyed the Bud & Travis music for years. I have some on vinyl so I don't play them much. I am glad to find their music on CD.”

Richard Strecker
December 2007

JIM KOOP in Kentucky is one more individual inspired by the music of Travis Edmonson and Bud Dashiell.

“It was because of Bud and Travis that I first picked up a guitar in 1964.”

James Koop
January 2009

MICHAEL FOUNTAIN is one of Travis Edmonson's many, many fans in Virginia.

”I attended  High School/College in southern California in the late 60's, Saw Bud & Travis live,and thought they always had a great harmony, sound and act.”

Mike Fountain
August 2007

GUS BROCKSEN in Hawaii is reconnecting with the great Bud & Travis in Concert album via The Travis Edmonson CD Collection.

”My old vinyls bit the dust long ago. Glad to see i can get the CDs here!  Best of everything to Travis. I love his music!”

Gus Brocksen
December 2007

RANDY WRIGHT in  southern California  has also had Bud & Travis on his mind lately, in particular the In Person album.

” I remember as a boy hearing one of the live concerts the year of the recording at the Cellar Door in D.C.  A great live act...with Buckwheat on bass.”

Randy Wright
December 2008

DAVID ANDERSON in Nebraska particularly likes the  early Bud & Travis albums.

“I enjoyed the beautiful music of Bud&Travis back in the early sixties when I lived in England.”

David B. Anderson
December 2007

The favorite Bud & Travis album of BILL LYNCH in  Sonoma, California is B&T in Concert.

”I saw Bud and Travis in concert at UC Santa Barbara in the early 1960s and had their in concert album for years until I wore it out.”

Bill Lynch
August 2007

BARBARA ROEBEN in Washington State loves all the Bud & Travis albums.

” I enjoyed going to the Bud & Travis concerts in the Los Angeles area in the 60's. I have all their albums.”

Barbara Roeben
August 2007

TOM COLEMAN in Illinois is particularly enjoying his Perspective on Bud & Travis CD

“You brought great happiness to me with the Bud and Travis CD. My old LP was worn badly.

Thank you so much

Thomas Coleman
May 2009


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Travis Edmonson


 Heartwarming and charming Comments about and Recollections of Travis Edmonson sent in to the website during the last six years of his life

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Travis Edmonson in Memoriam - the touching tributes which poured in after his passing on May 9, 2009

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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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