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Entertainer JAY GREER performed as a second act TO Bud & Travis at the Ash Grove in Hollywood  in the sixties. Although he went on to spend most of his career as a big band singer, Jay is now returning to his beginnings in folk.  Travis Edmonson was not only a role model for him four decades ago, but all over again today.

“I have always been a great fan of Travis Edmonson. He has always been my model of the best of all singers.

I have never before or since met two performers with more heart, soul and talent than Travis Edmonson and Bud Dashiell.

I first heard Travis Sing “Malaguena Salerosa” in 1959 or '60, and was so moved by his performance that I vowed to learn the song. I must have followed his lead well because, I found that I could bring tears to the eyes of native-speaking Mexicans.

I laid my guitar a way for many years and became a "Saloon Singer," working with jazz combos and big bands. Big mistake!

Now after so many years, I am again singing “Malaguena Salerosa.” I found myself to be a little rusty both playing and singing it. I had forgotten a few verses and the single string runs. For the first three days in rehearsal, I couldn't make it through the entire song with out breaking out in tears!

 Travis may not be able to play the guitar any longer but, to me, he is still the greatest stand up performer I have ever known. He will be singing and playing along with me in my mind next week when I again sing “Malaguena Salerosa” in front of a live audience.”

Jay Greer
July 2004

DUNCAN KUNZ, a fan of four decades,  relates how Travis Edmonson and  Malagueña Salerosa have touched his life.

”The first time I heard Malagueña Salerosa was while wearing the grooves out of B&T's 1960 concert album. This was in 1962, when I was a high school senior in a folk group in Maryland, and I had never heard any Mexican music.  I thought it was absolutely stunning.

In 1978, when I moved to the Phoenix area, I went to a Mexican restaurant where the house trio sang that song. I did not have a clue what the words were, but I KNEW they were singing it to me alone, and it was all about me.

It was that very song which was a catalyst in learning how to speak Spanish, and beginning to learn canciones tradicionales de Mexico.

One of my best-beloved moments took place a year ago in Guaymas on a scuba trip where, in a local restaurant, I took a raquinto from the wall and serenaded my wife with Malagueña Salerosa.

Mr. Edmonson, if you read this, know that your music and our song may not have CHANGED my life, but it certainly ENRICHED it.

With profound respect and admiration,"

Duncan Kunz
May 2006

Commander “MOOSE” BRUCE recalls happy days in Hawaii catching Bud & Travis live, and passing their great music on to the next generation.

” I was a young naval aviator at the Naval Air Station, Barbers Point HI deploying to the Western Pacific from 1960-1962. Each time Bud and Travis came to Honolulu I would take my girlfriend and we would get front row seats in the bars and cafes and watch these amazing and talented musicians!

What a wonderful time we had, and I have 4 of their CDs as I lost the 5 original 33 1/3 record albums I had in one of my 12 government moves.

I am still working, and listen to the Bud & Travis CDs all the time. my daughter, a senior at George mason University in Fairfax Virginia, loves their music too! Would you believe that from a 22 year old accounting major??”

"Moose" Bruce,
Commander, USN (Naval Aviator) Retired
March 2008

Travis Edmonson is rightly credited for his  enormous importance in bringing Hispanic music to the attention of Anglophone audiences.  But what about works of literature?  That too, but in a more subtle manner.  

Distinguished translator of Latin American drama and fiction, PROF. CHARLES P. THOMAS, credits the spark which set him on his chosen career path directly to a Travis Edmonson performance in Maine during the early 60s.

As he recently sat in the audience where his own musical play, “Daylight Spirits,” was being staged in London's West End, he contemplated on the direct line which had brought him there, the wonderful boleros, La Vaquilla Colorado, and especially one particular moment when Travis Edmonson held the audience in the palm of his hand.

“I will never forget Travis smiling to the crowd, looking up to the balcony, saying "Let's all room together next semester!" And then receiving a thunderous ovation from the crowd. I was on the floor, and I couldn't stop smiling... I thought that was so cool!”

Charlie Thomas
September 2003

From March 2007 - May 2009, Charlie Thomas served as the Treasurer of The Travis Edmonson Collection, to the eternal gratitude of all who appreciate having Bud & Travis albums available on CD.

The depth of a Travis Edmonson performance of Malagueña Salerosa is something all his admirers know about.  For DALE FINFROCK, it went so far as to represent a life's turning point.

”One late evening, shortly after my arrival in Tucson in 1973, my flight instructor and I stopped at a Hotel lobby on I10 for a soft drink.

A fantastic rendition of MALAGUENA SALEROSA was being sung by a singer in the back on the stage in the lounge.

It basically introduced me to my life in the southwest. The singer was Travis Edmonson, and I was so impressed I never forgot the moment. After we went into the bar he sang the song again and I had beautiful visions of a romantic mysterious place, that somehow, I felt, I was invited to find.

 I will always remember that night when I was contemplating returning to Illinois to live and after hearing his song I have never left the desert.
Thank you Travis.”

Dale Finfrock
April 2006

RON WILBURNE of the musical group HORIZON  is also known to most folk fans as part of The New Christy Minstrels. He  recalls for visitors of the website his meeting with Travis Edmonson last year.

”How big a thrill it was for me to finely meet Travis Edmonson in person. I had that pleasure on 04/03/05 in Queen Creek, Arizona when I was appearing with Randy Sparks & The New Christy Minstrels for their Reunion Concerts.

Randy asked me if I knew who Travis Edmonson was,  and I turn towards Travis and said to Randy,” of course I do Randy, he is Travis Edmonson! or as I refer too him, "Mr. Malaguena Salerosa".  (I remember telling Travis how I had nearly worn out my LP playing the song over and over again!)

It was so nice of Travis to come to our concert, and it was a once in a life time chance for me to meet him. I would have loved too spend more time talking with Travis, but Randy was really enjoying visiting with him also. I will always remember those few minutes and Travis' kind words.

I still work with Randy from time to time, and my own folk group, "Horizon" here in Sacramento. We just signed with Robert Zucker and AMAZ Records.”

Ron Wilburne
February 2007

SERGEY GRIGORCHUK in Perm, Russia particularly likes the Travis Edmonson song that was a hit for The Fleetwoods.

“I'm really amazed by the  beautiful song "Truly do" from Travis Edmonson's 1st album. First time I heard it I thought that it was Elvis. But it was Travis!

I heard it on the "Northern Exposure" TV series. (Season 2 Episode 2).  It was so perfect and beautiful, so suitable for this moment to me,"

Sergey Grigorchuk
September 2007

JUDITH C. ASHLEY, now living on the Olympic Peninsula of  Washington State, has had her memories of Travis Edmonson's Malagueña Salerosa revived recently.

 “I heard the Latin Album repeatedly in a friend's household in Arizona for about one month in 1973 ... I was in thrall to the voices of Bud and Travis, and then I traveled for a few years out of the States as was the way then, and lost all but the sound of the Malagueña. Years later when I tried to find them again, they were confused with numerous boy duos' names... There were a bunch.

Yesterday I was reading a Vanity Fair article about Michele  Phillips and the Mamas and Papas, and mentioned were "Bud and Travis". It's been a long forty years to wait to hear my favorite version of " Malagueña Salerosa," but it's on my horizon now.

My Best to Travis. I'm very happy to find his music again.”

Jude Ashley
December 2007

HARRY JOHNSON in Minnesota treasures his CD of Bud & Travis in Concert purchased from The Travis Edmonson Collection.

“Please thank Travis for the very nice message at Christmas on the website. I'm sure that I speak for all of his fans when I say that we are very pleased to have his gift of music after all these many years.

I remember seeing Bud and Travis in Southern California in the very early 60's, and still enjoy their music just as much as then.
I wish Travis the best of health in 2009, and we will keep him in our prayers.
All the best,”
Harry Johnson
January 2009

ANNE SULLIVAN describes some of the attributes of Travis Edmonson's music, which have moved her and so many of his admirers.

“The memories that are revived every time I listen to Bud and Travis are of a time that reminds me of something romantic  - being Spiritual rather than just physical. A time when music made you feel good rather than depressed. Politically they were true, and used humor to ease some of the sting of the times.  They opened the pathway for the Smothers Brothers and Bob Dylan.

When I listen to Malaguena Salerosa, I want to be sitting under an umbrella, absorbing the pureness of Travis' voice and wishing I could speak Spanish.

I was young when B&T were on the "scene." My brother was in college and theirs was the music that helped me relate to him, for just a little while.

During Vietnam I was living in Monterey, and was able to collect myself with their music.  It intertwines with the sea and the glory of the freedom that could only be felt when I played it. The songs brought joy to my heart and made me happy, even in the midst of very sad times.

At 56, I got on Ebay and looked for Bud & Travis. I purchased a record player and all the albums I could find with their music. Happily, I play these songs now, and the joy returns with them.

Travis' voice and talent touched many hearts. I am just a little housewife who can come alive when his plays. I want to thank him so much for sharing it with the world.

May God Bless and Keep Travis Edmonson always.  With his help, he  has enabled me to stay forever young.”

Anne Sullivan
June 2005

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