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DEBORAH DURKEE has been a Bud & Travis fan since childhood. As she prepares to leave the US, she has ordered the CD format of Bud & Travis in Concert to take with her.

" My family lived overseas from 1955 through 1969, and the Bud & Travis in Concert album, I can safely say, was one of our favorite LPs.  We carried that album with us from the US to Turkey to Australia and back to the US and enjoyed it throughout the years. I even made a tape of it when I left home for college, and later shared it with my daughter who is now a performing artist/vocalist living in Santa Fe."

Deborah Durkee
August 2007

We received these heart-warming words from BRUCE MELZER after arrival of the `debut' CD “Bud and Travis” from The Travis Edmonson Collection.

“I received the”Bud and Travis” CD!!!!!!!!!

I felt like I'd gone to heaven when I heard the "debut album" on CD instead of LP! LP's have their own unique sound but I love the clean CD's like being there instead of listening on a record player.

Travis's music takes me away from reality each time I listen. What beautiful talent they had! I will treasure their music for the rest of my days!”

Bruce Melzer
August 2006

LOU GARDINER is an active environmental campaigner in Oregon, in addition to being a long-time fan of Travis Edmonson.

“I was so pleased to see the entire recording of `The Time of Man' included on this website in December.  That song was the thing which launched my interest in politics, conservation and the environment when I was just in my teens.  I was familiar with Travis Edmonson from the duo Bud & Travis, but had never realized that he had written the music which had such an impact on my life until coming across the credits on a record label.  It was a long way from Sloop John B which I always loved, and one I respect so much.”

Lou Gardiner
December 2005

Judge JONATHAN KARESH discovered the music of Travis Edmonson in 2005 as a result of his lifelong enjoyment of the Gateway Singers' recordings.  The complimentary compilation received as a gift for his purchase of Gateway CDs from the Travis Edmonson Collection has meant that now B&T shares a prominent spot amongst his albums, alongside the great folk quartet.

“After just a couple of weeks of listening to the Bud and Travis CDs that I got, I have become a huge fan. I had never heard their music before, and am so pleased with  my new discovery. What a fortuitous thing. If I hadn't ordered the Gateway Singers CDs, I might never have heard the music of Bud and Travis, as well as Travis' solo work.

I so much  enjoy Bud and Travis' interaction with the live audience and each other. The performance of "Sloop John B" is a masterpiece. It shows such a phenomenal amount of talent the way they talk/"argue" and interact with each other during the song, while still keeping the song going.

Travis is such a huge talent and deserves all the accolades and recognition he gets.”

Jon Karesh
June 2005

SUSAN STREETER in Sydney, Australia ordered the entire Travis Edmonson Collection when she discovered this website.

“I remember the delight when I stumbled across the Santa  Monica album many years ago in a second hand record store. I had never heard of Bud & Travis, bought it just to try out and loved it ever since.“

Susan Streeter
January 2007

On stage as well as off, Travis Edmonson always had a two-way rapport going with his fans.  CAROL GARR (then Carol Koffman) thinks back on his days at the Ramada Inn in the 70s.

“Travis played at the Ramada Inn at St. Mary's/Granada in Tucson during my college years at the UofA in the late 60's. Many evenings, I'd walk from my dorm to Ramada to meet my friends in the lounge (no, I wasn't legal drinking age, but passed) to listen to Travis play. After the shows, he would sometimes come into the adjacent coffee shop to have breakfast with us, and  occasionally even playing a few more songs at the table. We'd talk long into the night, with Travis telling stories of an older Tucson and of his earlier life in Nogales.

I celebrated my 21st birthday sitting at the Ramada bar. I declined to answer when Travis asked (on the mic) which birthday I was celebrating, but he still sang my favorite songs. Those long evenings of beautiful music and camaraderie are among my favorite memories of my college years.”

Carol Garr
November 2003

Jerry Long in Virginia tells about the Bud & Travis Waterfall in the Philippines and a classic meeting with Travis Edmonson.

Thank you, whatever gods may be, for Travis Edmonson. I was introduced to his music and joy of living by a friend at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines in 1960 and have been a devoted fan ever since.  Out of Bud and Travis came my lifelong love of "Latin" music and exquisite guitar.

When I returned to Washington, D.C. to go to college I soon discovered the Cellar Door, and sometime in 1965 read that B&T were coming.  I was one of the first in line. That evening was one of the most magnificent moments in my music loving life. my sisters  and I were blown away by their banter and beautifully crafted music.

I still get chills from hearing " Malagueña Salerosa"

During the intermission I chance to meet the dynamic duo outside smoking a cigarette, and told them of their many Air Force brat fans from Clark, and how some of us, on a jungle expedition, had found a cylinder of rock into which plunged the waters of two waterfalls. And how we had named it "Bud and Travis Falls". Travis lit up like a kid on Christmas, and said that was the best fan tribute he had ever heard of!  I later drew him a map to find the falls, should his travels on the yellow brick road take him to the Zambales Mountains of Luzon.

Over the years I have shared my collection of albums with hundreds of people, and when Thomas Straw put up his web site honoring Bud and Travis, I signed on immediately. I was one of the thousands of fans who followed Straws lead to pressure Liberty to reissue B&T albums and the result has been wonderful.

Last year I sent Travis my "In Concert" album which he graciously signed along with some pictures and sent back to me. I have it framed on my wall as a treasured memento to that time in my youth when all things suave and debonair came from the music of Bud and Travis.  Sophistication, jovial bantering, fine guitar, soulful romantic ballads, music of the Latins, which I did not understand, but could FEEL, and satire of other folk artists...."a trio ...escapes me, who was a Trio...snap, crackle and pop...."  Ahh yes...such memories

Jerry Long
May 2009

TOM BLUMENTHAL of Pennsylvania has been a fan since childhood, and he shares the story of his exploration into Travis Edmonson's music with the website.

“Wow! Thanks for making the `debut' album available on CD. It is my favorite, especially for Malaguena Salerosa, Truly Do, and Bonsoir Dame. It has Travis' best and indispensable version of Malaguena.

My late mother was a fan of Travis Edmonson, and may have seen him in person when our family was living in New York. She brought home Travis' first album and Spotlight and played them for herself until I was fascinated too, and neither of us knew Spanish.

I also LOVE the Bud & Travis studio version of "Golden Apples Of The Sun" from Naturally. I am really so sorry life has handed Travis some tough breaks, especially the loss of his  ability to play guitar, and I thank him for sharing his music with fans through this website.  I have played the records of Bud & Travis for people who'd never heard  their music before, and these individuals are  always impressed.

Tom Blumenthal
August 2005

Travis Edmonson's pal OSCAR  CISNEROS offers an appreciation of the great man.

“Travis Edmonson is one of Folk Music's living icons. To write all about Travis and his contribution to Folk Music would take hours. His talents abound, not only a wonderful entertainer, guitarist, vocalist but also an artist and writer. Most important of all the man is just a wonderful human being. All of us who've known him have been tremendously influenced & blessed, not only by his gift of music, but by his humility and generosity.

Oscar  & Ruthie Cisneros

Thank You Travis Edmonson! For everything. We Love you Travis and I'm speaking for all those who have always given you a standing ovation wherever you have appeared.”

Oscar R. Cisneros
January 2008

Oscar's wife, Ruthy Cisneros, has taken many wonderful photos of Travis Edmonson and other folk artists, and you won't want to miss them, or Oscar's introduction to them about Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp 2007 at

Entertainer TOD BRENDLEN  on the San Francisco Peninsula has been a Travis Edmonson fan since the mid-fifties.

”I saw Travis Edmonson with the Gateway Singers many times at the hungry I, and Have all the Bud & Travis and Gateway LPs. Have always loved his work.

I know Bob Shane from many years ago,and used to jam a bit when he was in town. I met Travis at the Kingston Fantasy Camp about 5 years ago when I came out as a camper. Been collecting music for over 45 years.

Also have a Kingston Trio cover group in the San Francisco area which has been performing together for 38 years now. We've opened for Glenn Yarbrough, Pat Paulsen and John Stewart, and had the pleasure of meeting and performing with Stan Wilson about 10 years ago.”

Tod Brendlen
April 2007

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 Heartwarming and charming Comments about and Recollections of Travis Edmonson sent in to the website during the last six years of his life

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Travis Edmonson in Memoriam - the touching tributes which poured in after his passing on May 9, 2009

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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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