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JIM MILLER in Connecticut is one of those who's only recently discovered the music of Bud & Travis, but ever since, it's constantly playing in the young Miller household.

"About 5 years ago I first heard Sloop John B on the Time Life  "Hootenanny" (Folk) CD.  After listening to the extended version of "Sleep John Boo [Sloop John B]", I was hooked. Sloop was the only track from Bud & Travis on the double disc set. And it included the hilarious long spoken intro... "I'll 'spont' a little for you..."

Eventually I came across "The Best of Bud and Travis.". It's a good thing CD's don't wear out the way Vinyl did. This CD would have worn out in the first month! My wife and I play it all the time! We love Travis Edmonson's music!

I'm listening to Bud &Travis as I write this! I think my 3 favorite tracks are Sloop John B (with the extended intro), Sin Ti, and Bonsoir Dame (which I've learned a basic rendition of on guitar). But then, I also love Cloudy Summer  Afternoon, Haiti, Malaguena Salerosa, Guess I'll Go Home. Oh... I like 'em all.  And I love playing along on my chromatic harmonica with them.

Thank you so much for all your efforts making this music available again! It really brightens our lives! And please pass on my best wishes and gratitude to Travis for how his music has blessed our lives! It has inspired me to finally take up playing acoustic guitar, something I've wanted to do for most of my life.”

Jim Miller
September 2006

JERI RODGERS in Texas achieved a dream come true when she put her Bud & Travis Latin Album in the CD player.

“As a young girl in the late 1960s-early 1970s my mother had the Bud and Travis Latin LP, and I would listen to it frequently. In the last decade I have been trying to find a CD version of the album, and have been very sad not to. It was as though I'd lost a favorite part of my past. Their version of Malaguena Salerosa is my favorite song in the world. I'm listening to the album right now, and am remembering many happy times.

Now I have it and a number more!! I am sending he second set to my mother in Coronado, California and she won't believe what I've found!”

Jeri Rodgers
July 2009

KELLY BRAITHWAITE tells about encounters with Travis Edmonson during the B&T years.

”I met Travis and Bud through Dolan Ellis. I had been a regular at the Boboquivari in Scottsdale, enjoying Dolan's music, and he started inviting friends over from the coast for small concerts. Travis and Bud came over and I was introduced to them. They stayed at the old Caravan Inn in Phoenix and would perform sitting around the pool on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

I was, like 20 or so and thrilled to death! I loved folk music and especially Mexican music since I grew up with it in Texas.

They were kind enough to invite me to play the bongos at a couple of their poolside "concerts." I was just in heaven! I took Bud to pick up their cleaning - he thought my car was cool.

. I just wanted to tell Travis how much his music has meant to me my whole life. I have most of the albums and have handled them like the priceless pieces of art that they are, playing them a lot over the years. Having these new CD's available is fantastic, especially with the translations.

I learned from Travis about Trio Los Panchos and the Huapango, and "discovered" the great Maria De Lourdes in the process, and I have all that music in my collection. It is remarkable that Travis' versions are better in most cases!

I have many Mexican friends and they are just incredulous that these guys are not Mexican! It has been a real privilege to have known and experienced in person Travis, Bud and Dolan and their music."

Kelly Braithwaite
May 2006

Artist NORM VANCE's friendship  with Travis Edmonson goes back to college days, and he was even on hand for the famed national contest winning show that Roger Smith and Travis Edmonson put on at the University of Arizona.  In such a history, there are many stories to tell, but here are just a few memories.

”In addition to Travis Edmonson's many accomplishments, musician, writer, father to many children, (He named his daughter after my oldest daughter, born in 1957, about the same time his own daughter was born.), he told me he was compiling a Yaqui Indian dictionary. I don't know whether or not he finished it, but it must have been a most interesting project. The Yaquis live in North-west Mexico, and are purported to be the fiercest tribe there ever was. Not even the Apaches would venture into their country, so great was their fear of the Yaquis.

"Dahlias and Windows at Giverny" Watercolor on Arches by Norman K. Vance

In 1956, Trav dropped by our house in Tucson, and presented us with a demo recording he had made of the song "Raspberries, Strawberries". It was a bit scratchy, but I could tell it would be a real winner, and so it was. My wife, who is an excellent cook with Mexican food, cooked Travis a surprise dinner. He complimented her on the food, told me she was the best Mexican cook in the state of Arizona. This is surprising, because Anne is pure Gringa, not a hint of Mexican blood in her! Trav and I both speak a Sonora dialect of Spanish, and we used to converse for hours. I had a one-man painting show at the Player's Ring Gallery and Theatre and Travis did all the music for the play .  Jean Arthur, the actress, bought one of my paintings the first night, which thrilled me no end. I could go on for hours with Travis anecdotes."

Norman Kingsford Vance
December 2005

KEN EVANS in California epitomizes the enthusiasm expressed by Bud & Travis admirers as we approach the fourth anniversary of their albums being available on CD via this website.

"Thank you! What a joy it is to have all of the Bud & Travis albums on CD.

I was pulled into the Golden Bear coffee house (Huntington Beach, California) sometime during the early '60s. That is when I first heard of, and lucky for me, saw Bud & Travis.  Instantly, I became a fan.  My leave was soon over (military), and it was back to Viet Nam. Sometime later I bought the "Latin Album", which I proceeded to wear out.

After the military, I went on to finish my education (college and law school). While in college I took a Spanish class, sharing the "Latin Album" with the professor. She had never heard of Bud & Travis; but, she immediately fell in love with this record. In fact, she required everyone in the class to go to the language lab and listen to the "Latin Album."

Now retired and age 65, I busy myself playing catch-up on many of the things that I neglected and/or missed while I had my head down tending to career and family. Getting these eight (8!) CDs ranks as a major victory in that regard.

Thank you once again; and, I can assure you that there will soon be more Bud & Travis fans in my neck of the woods. My sincere best wishes to Travis and his family.

Ken Evans
February 2009

SUZANNE NORMAN in Nevada experienced the same thrill as many other Bud & Travis fans when she discovered that all their albums are now on CD.

” I'm so excited to find this Web site because I used to listen to Bud and Travis' music back in the 1960's when I was a teenager, and still have their LP's with nothing to play them on. Now I am having so much fun listening to my Travis Edmonson Collection CDs and have downloaded them onto my iPod.

I let one of my Mexican friends listen to Malagueña Salerosa on my iPod one day, and he said, `oh, that gives me goose bumps down my spine. These are white guys singing? They sound just like they are Mexican.'

I was fortunate to see Bud & Travis on a couple of occasions back then, and I will always treasure my memories of their performance and hearing their music live. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Travis, for getting your music on CD's! May God bless you.”

Suzanne Norman
July 2007

DR. CASEY BLITT remembers Travis Edmonson's visits to his fraternity house at the University of Arizona.

“I knew Travis when he was in Tucson in the early 60's (1961-63). I only recently was made aware he was still alive. I performed his anesthetic at UMC when he had his intracranial aneurysm clipped.”

Casey Blitt
September 2005

DR. CLIFTON MOBERG, who's been a fan for four and a half decades,  captures the essence of Travis Edmonson's gift in a recollection from a totally different genre of music.

“The most enchanting songs of my life were, in this order, Bud and Travis' Golden Apples of the Sun, Joan Baez' It's all over now, Baby Blue, and Harry Belefonte's Missouri Birds. How people could sing so beautifully was inspiring to me.

It was when I was in Iowa City teaching dentistry that I attended a senior recital of a fellow named Tom "somebody". The expertise that I saw in his hands and his ability on the violin made me recommit myself to being the best dentist I possibly could. It MUST be for others that hearing Travis' singing and playing inspired them to do well in their, other, occupations.  So to him, goes my thanks for the enchanting, more-real-than-my-little-life-ever-contained awareness of beauty in the sound of his singing voice.”

Clif Moberg
October 2005

HUGH LAFFERTY in Connecticut , whose favorite Bud & Travis recording is the debut album,  was a singing partner of Bud Dashiell before he teamed up with Travis Edmonson.

 “ I knew Oliver H.P.Dashiell  in Korea .…we served in the same artillery battalion ...92nd AFA ... Bud was in Hdqts Battery and I was CO of "Charlie" Battery ...

We sang many a song together ... One of our "basics" was "Down In The Valley" ... Bud on guitar and yours truly, tenor, or bari or bass as the evening would progress ...

God bless all there and around you, near and far."

Hugh R. Lafferty
May 2007

BERYL BROWNSTEIN, a Travis Edmonson fan of 56 years, shares some memories of Travis from his college days.

”In spring of 1951 Travis Edmonson and Roger Smith, the actor, also born in Nogales ,Arizona, used to serenade the girls' dorms at night at the University of Arizona in Tucson, sitting atop the rear wall outside the dorm building. It was such a treat; we all gathered at the back of the building to watch them.

With George (Nick) Nicholai (sp), also from Nogales and then in Tucson, I babysat with Travis' first born. I remember the living room, the low couch and coffee table. Although he married young, Travis had a real passion for the work and was bound to succeed.

An article in Vanity Fair (December, 2007) about Michelle Phillips mentions Travis and Bud and brought back instant memories.”

Beryl Brownstein
January 2008

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