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VALERIE DE LA TORRE admits that she's been a Bud & Travis fan since she  was a little girl!

”Tonight I found after making an inquiry to for the "Bud and Travis Latin Album" just on happenstance! My mother bought that album when I was a little girl. I listened to them hundreds of times I think.

The album is not playable anymore, but I always wanted to hear that incredible music again!  I would look at the faces of Travis and Bud on the cover as I listened to every song, every harmony, imagining them singing and playing, and have searched in music stores on different occasions just to see if there might be a good old copy.

Now I have more recently discovered treasures by searching for things on the 'net.'  After reading about Travis Edmonson's history, I am even more delighted to hear about his Arizona background! I too, am California born, but Arizona bred, having been raised in the mining towns of Globe-Miami, not far from Tucson, and not far from Mesa where Travis currently lives.

I am a Mexican- American, professional musician, who was once a music teacher outside of Phoenix in the towns of El Mirage and Surprise. I currently live in California working as a full time pastor and counselor, but also keep leading the musicians everywhere I go!

Because of my grandmother and mother, I have been blessed with singing and music all my life, to be sure it began with the 'old' Mexican music that was so foundational for me. That is one reason I have always remembered Travis Edmonson's Latin

It truly was a marker in my musical formation and I want to thank Travis for using the gift that God gave him to bring the quality of those songs via his arrangements and passion for it.

As a child, I couldn't figure out if he was Mexican or not,so I just figured he was, or at least was from South America! Why else could he play or speak Spanish? I remember playing the album from beginning to end, over and over, but truly, the Malagueña Salerosa is the one my memory recollects immediately. I remember that long hold - I would try to mimick it!

I send many heartfelt prayers of healing and hope as Travis faces the hard challenges of life at this time. I thank him once again for the influence his music made on my entire life. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing all those great songs once again.”

Valerie De La Torre
August 2007

GENE KELLY in Georgia was the individual who worked with Travis Edmonson on the wonderful “Best of Bud & Travis” CD. Having just purchase the Travis Edmonson Collection versions of the full albums, Gene gives some of the background behind his part in the compilation project, and indicates the coincidental reason why “Raspberries, Strawberries” was not included.

“I'm the person who picked the songs for the "Best of Bud & Travis" CD from Collectors Choice,  and helped write the liner notes. It was a fluke, actually. Tom Straw's website had names of various people as a variety of CD producers, with Gordon Anderson at Collector's Choice Music being one of them. I contacted Gordon by email, with nothing more than a "please put out a CD of Bud and Travis" etc, and received an immediate response that he was "officially looking to license a package" of B&T songs.

He asked me if I might suggest 24 songs for the CD. I did, and "volunteered" to do the liner notes. He said that would be great and he'd pay me.  I would have been HAPPY to do it for nothing, but CC Music offered so why not accept!!!???

Now, in all fairness to Tom Straw, who had, in fact, devoted so much effort to getting B&T on CD, I contacted him and offered him half of the payment to work with me on the liner notes. I just didn't feel right taking that money after having been essentially led to it through Tom.

So together we did the liner notes, with Tom doing most of the work. As it turned out, there was at least one error, but I missed it when I scanned Tom's notes. Should have read his liner notes more carefully.

I also caught a lot of flack for the choices I made for the CD. I didn't approach it lightly. I went through every single one of their LPs and picked what I liked (and had my wife's help in the process).

As for Raspberries, Strawberries, I just didn't pick that one. First you need to understand that I'm a HUGE Kingston Trio fan, and I prefer their version of the song.”

Gene Kelly
September 2006

DAN FARLEY is reveling in his “mega eight” collection of Bud & Travis CDs.

“Travis is such a "Class Act"!

The CD's I purchased have really enabled me to revisit so many of the excellent songs I used to watch him perform at the Santa Rita Hotel in Tucson, Arizona in 1976. [My roommate, Roger Neff, use to work on Travis' automobile at that time and he is the one who introduced me to Travis.”

C. Dan Farley
December 2008

FRANK OGAZ Senior, whose son has previously contributed to this section of the website, tells about his experiences meeting Bud & Travis.

“ While in the Army stationed in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, it was my pleasure to meet Bud Dashiell, Travis Edmonson and Charlie Gonzalez, as well as attend many of their performances and rehearsals at Don the Beachcombers Restaurant in Waikiki. We established a good friendship and thoroughly enjoyed their talent and presentation of such wonderful songs.

Especially since I am hispanic, I was amazed how they so easily performed the latin songs with such feeling and lack of accent.

I'm happy to have found this wedsite through my son, since my whole family are fans.”

Frank Ogaz Sr.
January 2008

STEVE WEISNER in Las Vegas has encouraged the development of since it first began.

Thank You for Putting all these Bud & Travis Archive Recordings of The best Folk Group ever on CD now.  A Very Good Job On Saving The Bud & Travis Music. What An Undertaking. An Outstanding Audio Restoration Project!!!!!!!! S

Steve Weisner

I was seven years old I'm now 45 years old and I still enjoy  every Bud & Travis Album ever Made, and I own all of them!! Once Again Thank You for re-releasing All of Travis Edmonson's music. And his years With Bud Dashiell, And the years with Gateway singer's, And most of all his solo years."

Steven Weisner
August 2006

Musician DENNIS SEIBEL wants to replace his missing B&T albums via the Travis Edmonson CD Collection, and recalls their influence on his own performing.

”I first heard the Bud & Travis LP of their Concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium while growing up in Bozeman, Montana. Bozeman carried their albums, and they sold well there!

My best friend's older sister had the “In Concert” album, and that's when I became an immediate fan. I turned 13 that year (1960), and I don't know if I was still 12 or had turned 13 when I heard them. But I was hooked.

Many great memories listening to them, and attempting to copy their style, harmonies, and improvised humor on stage. My friend and I began performing as a folk duo just a few years later, and tried to mimic B and T humor and style.

I bought every album they put out.  I sang many of their songs as a soloist too, in the Boston area in the early 1970s, and their arrangement of Mariah was the best.

Thanks for your response and for your efforts for Mr. Edmonson. I wish him the very best--he was a huge inspiration to me.”

Dennis Seibel
January 2006

PETE RONSTADT salutes Travis Edmonson for spreading local Arizona heritage through his songs, as well as the influence his wider repertoire has had on American tastes.

“I went to the U of A a few years after Travis, and heard great stories about the serenades he and Roger Smith  took to dorms and  sorority houses. With a couple of friends, I tried the same thing and had a  great time doing it.

I remember Travis' family, and some of the people he used to hang out with back in the good old days--Katie Lee, Elliot Arnold, Bill Fuller, Burl Ives, Edie Dixon, Lalo Guerrerro and others.

I liked the fact that a lot of Travis Edmonson's music was from right around here, but  that he could also take songs from other places and make them his own. I  especially liked the stuff he wrote himself   - both the songs that he got credit  for (like “Cloudy  Summer Afternoon" and "Guess  I'll go home") and the ones that someone else glommed onto. I got a lot of mileage out of those songs.  My sisters Suzy and  Linda did too, when we were singing together, and now my brother Mike and his  singing partner Ted Ramirez are doing the same.

There are not too many people who can honestly say that what they have done in  their life has touched others across generations. Travis Edmonson is one of them, and I  honor him for that.”

Pete Ronstadt
April 2005

From Singapore to the Middle East, the international range that Travis Edmonson's music had is clearly demonstrated by GEOFF CLAYTON in the United Kingdom.

“I was a young airman serving with the Royal Air Force in Singapore from 1959 to 1962. It was there that my wife and I first heard some of Bud and Travis's music played on British Forces Radio. We thought their voices, harmony and guitar playing were sensational and so we searched Singapore City record stores for their music. The album we managed to find, the only one, was “Spotlight on Bud and Travis.”

Our son, Kris, was born in Singapore in August 1960. He grew up listening to a variety of music, of course, but when he was old enough to sit up unaided he used to do a sort of shuffle on his bottom and wave his arms about in time to the music whenever Bud and Travis sang "Jenny on a horse", it was so obviously his favourite track!

Years later we contributed most of our record collection, including Spotlight, to a service field hospital in the Aden Protectorate. Volunteers there had just set up a DJ service on headphones for the patients but it had been done on a very tight budget and they were desperate to build up a library of recordings. In this way the music that had given us such pleasure had a new lease of life entertaining people who were recovering from illness or injury, making Bud and Travis a part of their lives, too.

Over the years, Travis's music and incredible talent has touched many lives.

Bud & Travis' much-loved singing revives wonderful memories for me of a earlier  time in my life. In my experience, music is uniquely able to do that. A  single musical phrase is sometimes all that is needed to trigger the recall  of people, places and events, bringing them clearly to mind. Memories are  very personal possessions and I find the longer I live the more I treasure and need them.”

Geoff Clayton
April 2007

Entertainer JOE BROWN, now resident in Colorado, is just now discovering the full Bud & Travis repertoire.

“I only have one song, of Bud & Travis, "Sloop John B."  Have no idea where I got it, but kept it for--what I considered--their very tight, beautiful harmony on the song.   

I was a nickel-dime country western star, of no account, during early '70's, Reno/Tahoe/Virginia City area.

Am delighted that the wonderful world of MP3 has arrived, can carry ALL my favorites around on a very tiny device. (Also can TOTALLY ignore the crap the kids call music these days!  As you may have guessed, I'm a REALLY old--78--music lover.) “

Joseph Brown
September 2009

WELDON GORDON in Louisiana applauds the remastering of the Bud & Travis albums to CD.

”All the thanks go to you guys for keeping Travis and B&D with us today.  I have searched for "Naturally" for years before finding your website. Bud & Travis D and I spent many a night studying throughout the college years.”

Weldon Gordon
April 2008

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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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