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DON GOLD, now a Field Representative with the Directors Guild of America,  is also a part of the vibrant history of folk music in Los Angeles, having worked at one of the many coffee houses which made up the southern California scene during the 1950s and 60s.  As such, he had the opportunity to experience repeated performances by Travis Edmonson.

“In 1958 I was fortunate enough to be employed as ticket taker, bouncer, lighting man , etc. at Cosmo Alley in Los Angeles. That was when I first experienced B&T.   (I also remember Travis from San Francisco and the Gateway Singers at the Hungry i and Purple Onion in the mid 50's.)

Cosmo Alley was a folk music coffee house type of venue, and  seated about 75-100. My appreciation of Bud & Travis' music was turned on then, and is still large in my life.  I just received the Santa Monica concert CD. it brought back such great memories.  I'm thrilled to know about this website.

Whether Travis was with Bud or as a solo performer, he still puts me back in that era of great musical performances.

Long live Travis!"

Don Gold
June 2004

Arizonan JUDY DRAKE traces her admiration of Travis Edmonson back at least 45 years, and sends him her best wishes.

“We were huge fans of Bud and Travis. I also have a couple of Travis' albums. I even chose the name Travis for one of my sons. I still enjoy listening to Bud and Travis frequently, and look forward to some new CDs.”

Judy Drake
December 2004

The world-wide appeal of Travis Edmonson's music is further demonstrated by the experience of GERT FLORIS IN the Netherlands.

“In the early seventies (I was around 17 then ) I bought the lp "Bud & Travis in Concert" at a garage sale. I had never heard of Bud and Travis before, but for a few guilders it was worth to try. And my God  -- it was great!!!!!

Not just the music, but also the talking in-between; in a kind of way they where the  firsth stand up comedians i heard. And it was something totaly different from the music i normally listened to. (Velvet Underground, Stones, Pink Floyd, etc.)

However, over the years the lp disappear - you know how it goes  … you get married; get divorced, and find out that you have lost more than love in those years.........
A few months back i heard the song Malagueña Salerosa  - not by B&T, but an other performer -and it brought back my memories to the " But & Travis in Concert" LP. I wondered if it was available on CD, and  went to the shop, but .... shame, shame nothing of Bud and Travis was available -not even from  the so called "import" shops.

So i looked at the internet and that's how I came to

I'm just listing now to the Travis Edmonson Collection edition of Bud & Travis in Concert and Volume 2, and   it's better then I remembered!!!!”

Gert Floris
May 2007

JIM KINKEAD, who was one of the first contributors to the Portraits Section of, elaborates on some special memories.

“I first heard Bud & Travis perform "Bonsoir Dame" on the radio (KHJ AM)in the summer of 1959. In a moment I knew that there must be life after Buddy Holly.

At the time I worked part time at Royce Hall Central Stage Management at UCLA. Bud & Travis were slated to perform there one Saturday evening in the late Fall. Jimmy Klain, the stage manager and neighbor, arranged for me to have two complementary tickets. Alas! I had to work another job the night of the concert.  So my parents decided (if you can believe this) to go in my place.

Without telling me my folks took my two B & T album covers with them. After the show they were invited backstage for a brief reception. When I came home from my other (retail) job I found the two covers autographed by the duo.  I still have them today. My mother particularly liked the show and favored B & T's raucous version of "Sloop John B."

I did get to no less than four Bud & Travis Concerts in the next two years. They played frequently in the Las Angeles area. I "caught" them first at San  Fernando Valley State College (now Cal State Northridge) followed by two  daytime concerts at Los Angeles Valley College and then in a return  engagement at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

Late in 1999 I learned that  Travis lived in the Phoenix area & I began to conspire with another local fan,  Rick Godwin, to bring Travis to one of John Stewart's concerts in Scottsdale.   John acknowledges Travis as one of his mentors who influenced him greatly just  before John was asked to join the Kingston Trio.

"I don't know how many of  you remember the folk duo of Bud & Travis" ... began John as the whole audience erupted into a strong round of applause when John introduced Travis to his fans  in June of 2000.  Subsequent to that we've enjoyed Travis' attendance at each of John's and Nick Reynolds' "very Kingstonish" Trio Fantasy Camps each August at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

Travis has actually done some brief performances with John, Nick Reynolds and current Kingston Trio member (and former Limeliter) Bill Zorn at the Camp's shows.

After each show most of the Campers  and many of John Stewart's Bloodliners file off to two adjoining suites to sing  deep into the night -- John & Kingston Trio Songs in one room and Travis and  his fans in the next room doing Bud & Travis songs.  It's really a kick to  sing Bonsoir Dame or Cloudy Summer Afternoon along with Travis after all these  years."

Jim Kinkead
April 2006

STEVE CROWN reports on use of Bud & Travis songs as lullabies, and then added a post script after receiving his Travis Edmonson Collection CDs.

“I'm sure I'll be ordering more CDs from the Travis Edmonson Collection, but I've just got to have the ones now that have South Coast and Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.

Those were among my two daughter's favorites of the songs that I played and sang to them as part of their "bedtime" regimen. I have a hard time explaining to people who haven't heard B&T do "Johnny" how they simulated the snares of a drum with a guitar. I did see them do it live at East Los Angeles Junior College.”

Post Script

I put on a headset and listened to both CDs. I have a "curse" shared by some performers, especially drummers. If I've heard an arrangement 5 times, I have a tendency to remember every note and beat. Listening to these was no exception. All of the tunes which were on my treasured but long ago worn out B & T LPs came back to visit me in joyous remembrance. I'm so glad I stumbled on your web site and I'll be ordering more in the months to come.

 Last Friday (St Patty's Day), in anticipation of receiving the CDs, I even sang 'Johnny' a capella from lyrics I had pulled off the net. It was at the VFW Post I belong to where we have karaoke every other Friday. The usually noisy place fell stone quiet by the 3rd verse and it was much appreciated.  I hope I did the lads justice. I'm going to be bringing the CDs down there to see if any of the other old timers remembers the duo and if the younger set appreciates them as I do. Maybe I can sell a few more for Travis."

Steve Crown
March 2006

Like Dave Muggleworth, who writes about his adventures with Bud & Travis in the PORTRAITS SECTION, RICK FRIEDEN also got to know Travis Edmonson when he performed in Washington, D.C. and environs.

“I followed Bud & Travis' work and attended their shows repeatedly at the Cellar Door in Washington and the Shadows at Virginia Beach. The neat thing about seeing Bud & Travis night after night was that their song list was so extensive, I always heard something I hadn't heard before or hadn't heard for a while.  (The Gateway Trio also came through the same clubs.)

I was 16 at the time. Even hung out with Bud & Travis, Bob Shane and an astronaut at the Cellar Door after hours one evening.  B&T were every bit as witty and fast off stage as they were on stage.”

 Rick Frieden
April 2007

LINDA FLEISCHMAN in Oregon  was excited to be able to purchase Bud & Travis albums on CD.

“What a sadness to learn about Travis Edmonson's health!

Undoubtedly, Bud and Travis were the best of the folk singers. The  musicianship and harmonies were virtuoso, close to classic and flamenco - and their  patter was a gas. I will forever be puzzled as to why they never made it bigger  than they did. They were masters.

I have played the albums so many times over the past (what) 40 years (yikes) that they are unlistenable. Please tell Mr. Edmonson that fans remain just as  avid as ever. "Cloudy Summer Afternoon," what a gem.

I look forward to listening to Bud and Travis in pure,  delicious harmony once more.”

Linda Fleischman
February 2007

ROGER KOVACH has been a Travis Edmonson fan since the mid-fifties.

 I started going to the Hungry I  in San Francisco around 1956.  There was a new folk music quartet, The Gateway Singers,  performing between sets of the featured artist, and Travis Edmonson was part of that group. He could play elegant Spanish guitar as well as the less intricate styles required for most of the Gateway pieces.

In the fall of 1976 I did a week in Washington D.C., and was put up in a small hotel on M Street. In the elevator with me was a young man with a guitar case. None other than Travis Edmonson. I exchanged pleasantries with him, , and told him how much I had liked his work at the Hungry i."

Roger Kovach
January 2007

LARRY WEINBERG in San Francisco has been a Travis Edmonson fan for three and a half decades.

“Thank you all for sending my “Bud & Travis In Person at The Cellar Door” CD. To Travis for personalizing it and Rose Marie for making it happen. I will cherish this!”

Larry Weinberg
August 2006

DEE CHANDLER, who is a student at Northwestern University, is one of the newest additions to the Travis Edmonson fan base.

“When doing research for a course project on the Mayan civilization, I came across the page about “Caminante Del Mayab” on this website.  The beauty of the singing stirred me intensely, and gave me a feeling for the Mayan people which no previous amount of reading had done before.

I also had a look around the site, and was so overwhelmed by the beautiful voice of Travis Edmonson, that I went out and bought several of his CDs.  The Latin Album is my favorite, of course, because it has the full version of “Caminante Del Mayab,” one of the most powerful and touching performances I've ever heard.”

Elizabeth "Dee" Chandler
December 2004

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