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Legendary blues singer and activist BARBARA DANE offers an appreciation of the duo Bud & Travis.

"It was a privilege and a pleasure to share so many evenings working opposite the folk duo known as Bud & Travis. Their consummate musicianship and gorgeous voices still move me, and it was such a surprise to find the intimacy and affection they felt for other cultures. It was the decade after WWII with its attendant celebration of (and insistence on) Americanism as a philosophy and a way of life. It was a time when the American identity, having been forged out of so many cultural streams, was almost in denial of its origins, even approaching xenophobia.

But with their enthusiasm, respect and expertise, both musical and linguistic, Bud and Travis managed to open hearts and expand thinking about these things.  Spanish and French love poetry, Irish pain and the suffering of war, beautifully conveyed by two nice-looking young musicians who could be the guys next door, how could this be alien? A wonderful way to open new roads for other young Americans locked inside the insular pop culture of the day. Thank you, Travis, thank you Bud!"

With admiration,
Barbara Dane
September 2004

FRANCES LEMONIAS, who particularly cherishes the Bud and Travis “debut album,”  has a special recollection from attending one of their live performances.

“Love the CD I bought. Travis Edmonson's music will last forever.”

“I was thrilled to see Bud & Travis at the Ashgrove when I was a student at UCLA fifty-some years ago. Adding to the thrill was Bud's comment to me as I was walking in, "Hello, Young Lady!"  I was not a folk music fan, but I fell in love with both of them and their music.”

Frances Lemonias
May 2008

BILL MOORE, now stationed in Travis Edmonson's native state of Arizona, recalls first seeing him at the famed Cellar Door in Washington, D.C.

“The first time I ever heard Travis Edmonson was on a folk music oriented radio station in northern Virginia - about 1962. That was how I and my buddies spent much of our time in those days.  Listening to Travis Edmonson was the key that led to my love for the Spanish language and its application in music.

Upon hearing his version of  Malaguena Salerosa for the first time in almost 40 years, my wife wanted to know what was wrong because I was weeping so much.

 Then, the Cellar Door in 1964 when I managed to bluff my way in and was, no doubt, the only 16 year old in that fabled night club.  It was an awesome experience for me. I can still recall the ease with which Bud and Travis won over the audience, almost like being in someone's living room listening to a couple of musical uncles.

That evening, as much as anything, launched my own folk group (which never amounted to a hill of beans, by the way). We had fun though and never stopped trying to imitate Bud and Travis (never could quite get that slap strum, but some day...).

I can only hold up the legacy Travis has left behind. His music has become classic. In a time when music in general is rudderless, Travis Edmonson's continues to set a standard for excellence that has been met far too infrequently since he stopped playing.

 So, now my sons wander around with their own families humming tunes and playing songs on their own instruments. They probably don't have a clue about the musical origins. I'm going to correct that.

Without ever knowing me he has blessed my life in so many ways and I need to say;  Gracias Amigo.“

Bill Moore
April 2005

DUANE VINCENT in Vancouver, Washington  singles out the `debut' album “Bud and Travis” as his favorite.

“I am looking forward to receiving the “Bud and Travis” CD. Somehow, the live performances on an album that I have don't thrill me as much as simply listening to the debut album of so long ago.

We were on a cruise in September, 2002, and   the featured performer was Glenn Yarbrough of the Limelighters. During a question and answer session, I asked about Bud and Travis, and Glenn commented warmly and most favorably on their music.”

Duane Vincent
June 2006

Many fans in southern California will remember NORM SILVERS from his broadcasting days.

“I was a staff announcer at KCBH-FM 98.7 (Beverly Hills transmitter and studio) from the late 50's thru the early 60's .... and we (the announcers who did the folk music programs and segments) often played Bud & Travis on the programs.

And before the two musicians started playing as a duo...I.e. we played a lot of the Limelighters.

I have an original LP of Bud & Travis in Concert in Santa Monica. Still in good shape.”

Norm Silvers
July 2008

Popular folk singer and co-owner of the legendary Garret Coffee House in West Hollywood , TERREA LEA, says she can still vividly remember the first time she heard Travis Edmonson sing. She also talks about one of his songs which is very special to her.

“I first met Travis the morning he and Bud Dashiell came into our coffee house. It was way back at the end of 1958, and The Garret had only been open a short time.

We were sitting around the fireplace at two in the morning and here came two guys and joined us. We learned they were folk singers and were just finishing their gig and needed some coffee.

I wasn't familiar with this duo but they were real friendly. They mentioned they had their axe's in the car and could they bring them in and sing a while around the open hearth fireplace  ..... Well, I said yes ... so they did and started to sing.

And we were treated to some of the best music we had heard all during the surge of this "new" music called folk. They knocked me out. I had never heard them before, but they didn't sound like any folk singers I had ever heard.

Needless to say we couldn't get enough of them so the coffee kept coming for as long as they wanted to sing, and they kept singing. It was you know doubt can imagine.  They were so exciting...great guitar work, voices and material.

The Garret was open till four so we had a good long time to enjoy. I felt like we were in on the beginning of the best duo to come along and I still feel that way.

I need to thank Travis most of all for writing "The Time of Man".  He sang it that night, and I thought it was amazing. I sang it for years and don't think I ever did a set when I didn't get requests for it. I also recorded it on the last album I did.

Once I was opening for Bud and Travis at a club in the valley...doing my set with Travis in the audience ... doing his song ... “Time of Man” ... when all of a sudden I went blank.

Dummy here did recover the lyrics at once but never recovered from  the embarrassment. Sorry Trav.  But thanks for the song and thanks for the pleasure I have received from your wonderful music."

Terrea Lea
March 2004

The Garret Coffee House website

ROBERT KELLY of Pacific Palisades enjoyed Travis Edmonson`s performances in two groups he was with.

“I absolutely loved Bud and Travis and the Gateway Singers, and am excited to be able to get their music on CD.  The duo was my favorite. Saw them at the Ashgrove more than once and in concert at college. Gateway Singers were up there too in my pantheon of all-time great singers.
am sorry to hear of Travis being ill. My memories of the Ashgrove and  concerts at the University of Oregon are all good, and hearing that music again brings a big smile to my face.”

Robert Kelly
June 2006

DORA HAYDEN  of Houston is one of the constantly growing throng of fans who are just discovering the music of Travis Edmonson for the first time.

“A few months ago I was browsing the net, looking for a song I heard when I was a little girl. I found it on this site. I also found it on other sites but none can compare to the voice I heard on this album.  It's like a romantic voice from my past calling me.

Since searching high and low for a version of "Malaguena Salerosa" that would even come close to Travis Edmonson's style of singing, none were encountered.  The sweet passion in his vocals makes the song vibrate into my utter being, with memories of my youth.

My favorite albums are "In Concert," "Bud and Travis" (Liberty) and  "The Latin Album."

Dora Hayden
July 2004

RODNEY LOW offers an interesting proposal that many musician fans will applaud.

“Art Yow taught my brother and I to try and figure out some of the Bud & Travis arrangements, but their musicianship is way over my head. For example, it's somewhat possible to figure out the chords of some of their songs, but the chord positions are unique and sound more complex and sophisticated than the basic ones. I think it would be very popular worldwide if Travis' authentic tablature on their arrangements could be made available.

When I listen carefully to their songs, I hear new things all the time and I wonder how they could execute all those different elements on their instruments, while singing harmony! For instance, I notice in Amor de la Calle, Bud will sing the high harmony while Travis sings the melody, then they (effortlessly) switch back.

It's exciting to think about those great arrangements - that they still exist and can be archived and shared! I think they would be of tremendous interest not just to B&T fans but also music aficionados everywhere.  I hope that someday soon, we can enjoy these musical arrangements that are so rich in musicianship and complexity. It really should be taught to new generations of performers.”

Rodney Low
July 2008

TOM BOLLINGER in Arizona adds to his earlier remarks about Travis Edmonson.

”Over the past year, I've purchased several of the Bud &Travis CD's offered from

 My very first purchase included Bud & Travis in Concert Volume 2. And although I have commented a few times on some of my favorite songs on the various CD's, I have never shared my thoughts about the song I find to be the most sensitive and heart-touching.

I refer to Mo Mary from the Vol. 2 album. There is no finer love song for me. The simple but mood-invoking melody and wealth of love so beautifully expressed in the lyrics puts this song at the top of my B&T list.

Nor can I imagine a better arrangement of the song. The wonderful background vocal by Travis - angelic sounds floating high and above- as Bud sings the verses is both moving and unforgettable to this listener. How wonderful it would be, I often say to myself, to love a woman with such depth and life-long commitment, that the only way to convey that love would be to serenade her with Mary, My Mary.”

Tom Bollinger
May 2007

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Travis saluted in May 2008 on the occasion of a concert held in his honor

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