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"The Eagle"

Travis Edmonson's affinity with the fauna and flora populating the desert lands of his native Arizona has also brought him to probe the psyche of one of its most majestic creatures in the following poem.

That the eagle and the poet share keen insight and a free roaming spirit is something that anyone who has known Travis Edmonson at any stage of his life will  confirm.

To soar in flight, as the eagle does, is not merely a physical action, but a state of mind.  Always observing and experiencing. With the eagle, Travis Edmonson continues to soar today - ever unbound.

The Eagle

I see beyond the edges of this valley,
I feel beyond the edges of this light,
I think beyond the edges of this lifetime,
And know what's passed below,
When day is night.
I hear beyond the edges of my hearing,
The men who move across the land below.
What they would give to see the things I'm
And know inside the many things I know.
There is one thing that's far beyond my
I think you call it fear, but I'm not sure
For when I sail, I'm far above the trifling
Of things that you can see,
Or feel are pure.

-- Travis Edmonson




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