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Harrison Tyner Remembers Bud & Travis

Sharing Feelings about  Working with Travis Edmonson and Bud Dashiell

Harrison Tyner has been a successful Nashville producer for over three decades, but still regards one of his greatest show business highs being associated with Bud & Travis.

Such wonderful memories flow through my mind and heart as I remember those marvelous times when my little group opened for Bud & Travis at various coffee houses on the West Coast.

It wasn't easy, because no one paid attention to us on stage. There was talking in the audience ... lots of noise ... they were waiting for Bud and Travis and just putting up with us ... :)

... but frankly, so were we.

Those backstage times together with Travis Edmonson and Bud Dashiell are golden memories for me ... how giving they were ... always ready to share.

While attending Pepperdine College in southern California, I was in a folk-group ... we were The Landsmen ... and put out an LP in 1961, and  sold it to the students following our performances at Pepperdine. Listening to it recently brought back memories of how much time I spent trying to play like Bud and Travis.

I remember giving a copy to each of them some time after it was released, and graciously they thanked me and a few months later I was in their presence and one of them (can't remember now which one) said they had listened to the LP and both had some nice comments about my playing -- I'm sure they were just being nice, because it was nowhere near their level of musicianship -- not even close. Every time I was privileged to be around Bud and Travis, they were always gracious ... always so willing to help and offer
encouraging words.

Those were wonderful days ... coffee houses were going great ... folk music was blooming ... and Bud and Travis stood at the top of the ladder.

You should have seen me working away every day trying to make my guitar sound like theirs. While I was able to cut away one very little chip from their huge iceberg of talent, still, there was never a time that I could say, "boy, now my guitar sounds like Bud and Travis." No, that time never came.

I remember being with them backstage or in some Greenroom, waiting to go on stage, listening to them talk and observing them demonstrate some guitar lick that would consume me for the rest of that month or for years to come as I tried so hard to make my guitar sound like theirs.

"The Landsmen in Concert at Pepperdine College" LP featuring (left to right): Ed  Parrish, Glen Scott, Harrison Tyner (me), and Brian "Tigar" Bradberry

I've been a record producer in Nashville for over 30 years, yet, as I look back I can truthfully say, "What a time that was and what a marvelous
opportunity was mine to actually have been in the presence of two of the nicest and most talented men I've ever known."

They are still my "heroes."

I particularly remember once The Landsmen performed at the Troubadour Coffee House in Los Angeles. Bud and Travis attended (Bud said later) to "catch our show." However, on the way up to the little stage, "Tiger" our bass player was in front of me and as he began going up the steep steps onto the stage, I noticed Bud and Travis seated in the audience applauding.

It caught me completely off guard and shook me up so much that I didn't notice the head of "Tiger's" bass as he threw his upright up to clear the stairs. Last thing I remember was seeing Bud and Travis in the audience. The head of the bass had hit me on top of my own head knocking me out cold.

I woke up in the Greenroom with Bud and Travis standing close by. Later I found out that they immediately left their table and actually rushed backstage. They gave me a glass of water, talked a few minutes and then helped me get back on stage.

And at the end of the show they graciously came backstage again with words of encouragement. While that night was very embarrassing, still, I've always cherished the private time backstage with my heros -- the legendary duo.

-- HT, May 2010

Harrison Tyner is about to
launch his own website,
where there'll be a special
page paying homage to B&T

And when HT heard the Sinner Man download on the Music For You page, it brought back another B&T memory How they even wowed supporting technicians

I was standing around in the shadows of one or two of their television performances and listened to Bud & Travis warming up prior to going on live TV ... Sinner Man was one they played a bit of on one occasion, and the TV crew gathered around and listened to them ... they only played a portion of the introduction, but it was so good that it just about stopped everything.



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