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Watch Bud & Travis joke about their recording career with Hugh Hefner before singing The Merry Minuet (Rioting in Africa)

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1960 concert at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

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In a generation noted for its lack of musical taste -  from the same area that produced the cult of the "beat generation," two young performers have appeared with a fresh approach to the field of entertainment, excellent taste and a very healthy respect for their material, their growing audience and good music. What is therefore surprising is the overwhelming approval that Bud and Travis have received from the same public which is constantly condemned for its inability to recognize real talent. In the chic supper clubs of our large cities and in public concerts, these young men have startled and pleased all comers by displaying a refreshingly open and direct approach not only to their varied material,   but to modern life in general, on which they keep a running commentary between songs.

The key to the team's rapid success is sincerity and integrity coupled with humor. In Bud's words: "We sing what we believe in!' And this is obvious even to the most casual observer. Travis adds: "If we like it!"

It is not surprising then, to learn that Bud and Travis number among their fans many top entertainers, as well as the public at large, nor that the entertainment industry has become so aware of this unique duo.

The enthusiastic audience has filled the auditorium. It is exactly 8:30 PM., March 24, 1960 ...  Bud Dashiell and Travis Edinonson have just started their first major concert. All the magic of a truly inspired performance is casting its spell ..,  Now the audience is not just enthusiastic but completely entranced. '

Outside is a mobile recording unit capturing forever the humor and harmonies of Bud and Travis-the applause and appreciation of the admiring audience and all the excitement of a live, in-person performance. Almost nothing has been deleted from that spectacular homecoming concert.

Ardent Bud and Travis fans will immediately notice several innovations: additional instrumentation furnished by percussionist Alberto Calderon and Mexican-bassist Charles Gonzales... a resultant strong Latin flavor on some numbers... and new and interesting arrangements of a few selections from their earlier albums.

Here is one of the most exciting albums ever recorded. You who were not able to attend can now be present with orchestra seats, as it were, to share the excitement and color of...



Bud was born in Paris, France. His father was an American foreign correspondent and his English mother, a member of the Folies Bergere. His formative years, however, were spent on the East Coast of the United States. Military service called, and Bud spent seven years in the Field Artillery. He served with distinction during the Korean conflict and was awarded a commission, rising to the rank of First Lieutenant and a Battery Commander.

But the service did not bring fulfilment to Bud and he resigned his commission to pursue an education and a career in art and illustration. To support himself while in school Bud played and sang in small clubs in and around Los Angeles. It was during one of these appearances that he and Travis renewed their friendship and the duo was formed.

Six-foot, blue-eyed Bud is a sports enthusiast. He trains actively at a gym whenever his schedule permits and prizes his good health. In his own words he is a "tomato freak" having a peculiar passion for . tomato soup. He is happiest when dressed in levis and a sweatshirt.


Travis was born in Long Beach, California, raised in Nogales, Arizona, a small border town, and educated at the University of Arizona. His father is a welfare worker and his mother a teacher and a "Mother Of The Year" in the State of Arizona.

Majoring in anthropology while at the University, Travis gained the unique distinction of having written the only existing dictionary of the Yaqui Indian (Mexico)  language and is one of the few white men ever accepted as a member of that tribe. Travis' career saw its start when he "rode the rails"--travelling across the country and gathering songs and stories. A member of a special services troupe during his military service, he appeared in over 500 camp shows. After his discharge he soloed for a while and then joined' the Gateway Singers, touring many states and appearing at some of the outstanding night clubs in the country. It was while a member of this singing group that Travis renewed his friendship with Bud and they decided to form a team.

Taco-loving Travis is tall, hazel-eyed and easily recognized as the “thin one.” He is a prolific song writer ...  likes well-tailored Continental-cut clothes ... orders his meat "incinerated" ..  loves laughter, pretty girls, serenades and mountains. He enjoys reading, particularly the Bible, and urges young people to "dare to be different!'

Producer  Joe Allison
Engineer  Ted Keep
Cover Design  Pete/Francis & Associates
Color Photograph  Gartrett Howard Inc.
Black & white photos  Robert O'Neil


The most bought, the most treasured, the most memorized, and literally played to dust  Bud and Travis album is the first of their LPs to be brought out on CD.




Side One

They Call The Wind Mariah
Delia's Gone
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
Cloudy Summer Afternoon  

Side Two

Malaguena Salerosa  
Rioting In Africa (Merry Minuet)
Guess I'll Go Home
Come To The Dance  

Side Three

Raspberries, Strawberries
Bonsoir Dame
Carmen Carmella  

Side Four

La Bamba
Sloop John B  
Everybody Loves Saturday

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