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The Bud & Travis Latin Album

Watch Fernando Lamas singing a song from the Travis Edmonson songbook "Noche de Ronda"

Liberty   LRP 3398


If the listener is disappointed by our omission of a favorite Latin song, please understand that we share the disappointment, but had great difficulty in selecting the material on any basis other than variety, because there are so many canciones we love, and because there is room for only twelve songs on one album.

Bud & Travis

En De Que Te Vi
This South American tongue-twister is set in the intricacies of the typically Suramericano cueca rhythm, perhaps because of the agitated mood of its message: an almost stuttered proposal of a poor but sincere man to a beautiful girl!

Sin Ti
Always a favorite love song, this gentle but insistent Mexican bolero simply tells what life would be in an empty future "... without you.”

Asi Canta Mi Patria
“ My Country Sings Like This”
Brought to Bud & Travis' attention by the artistry of Paraguayan singer Luis Alberto de Parana, this song, with brilliant imagery, calls up visions of clear mountain streams and a deep love of the flower-perfumed air and the "dream of faith" which is Paraguay.

No collection of Latin music would be complete without at least one baeao (Portuguese), bayon (Spanish), or, in this case, Anna.

Very little more need be said than that this is Bud's and Travis' favorite song. In an age of growing complexity, this is still the love song.

El Abandonado
“You abandoned me, woman, because I am very poor and have this misfortune to be married. What am I to do if  I`m the Abandoned One? Abandoned I shall be, for the love of God; I have three vices which are my rights: to be drunk, playful, and in love -What am I to do?" A song which has brought many a cantina to tears.

As irresistible as the built-in "swing" of the Caribbean guajira itself, originally a paean of praise for a girl from Guantanamo Bay, tradition has infused this song with an obvious freedom of improvisation.

From the llanos or plains of South America, this standard proclaims the singers' kinship with the flowers, the sun, and the crystal soul of their beloved plains.

Noche De Ronda
Song of a man singing to the moon, asking if it, too, is like his lady, going to leave him in solitude with his unheard serenade and let the night end in tears. From the pen of one of the living poet-laureates of the Spanish-speaking world, Augusti Lara, this has long been a song no serenata could do without.

Bud & Travis Latin Album Australia edition
Australian edition of The Latin Album

No Me Quieras Tanto
Releasing the one who loves him to spare her further suffering, pleading with her to forget him, the singer cries, "Ay! my love, don't love me so much any longer.  My love has gone out like a spark which little by little is left without light!" As pure and as penetrating as only true folk poetry can be, this Latin enigma of love versus integrity is as haunting as its lyric.

Caminante Del Mayab
One of the greatest Latin American composers, Guty Cardenas, who died, ostensibly of a broken heart, at the untimely age of twenty-four, wrote this song for the jungle of Yucatan, its proud people, and their Mayan forebears, whose "white cloud of greatness" still casts its shadow on the hearts of the living - ".. .the sad song of the blue dove .… the cloud which still sings with the voice of woman, on the old highway of the Mayan world ..”

La Bamba
Often misinterpreted both in feel and meaning by today's folk and popular singers, this wedding song from Veracruz, Mexico has become a trademark of the Bud & Travis' flair for maintaining a song's original intent while adding their own originality.

We wish to dedicate this album to our good friend and accompanist for many years, Carlos Gonzales.

A nuestros amigos latinos: Creemos que el alma y el aire de la canción latina es uno de los más verdaderos y nobles sentimientos del mundo entero, de todas las expresiones humanas, y por eso queremos dedicar este álbum, de nuestra modesta labor al mundo latino donde nació, y especialmente a nuestro buen amigo y ayudante por muchos años, un guitarronista y músico sin par, el bien estimado caballero Don Carlos Gonzales de Guadalajara, México, con gracias y amor.

Bud y Travis



Travis Edmonson's favorite album of those done with Bud Dashiell, the last LP they made together presents a  retrospective look at some previously recorded material as well as some new gems, including one of the floatiest treats  imaginable, the Mayan  tribute "Caminante Del Mayab."

Travis' life-long friend, artist Norm Vance tells of a special moment duing the recording of the album in 1965.

“Bud and Travis were recording the Latin album at the old Liberty studio in Hollywood. The last song was to be the haunting "Asi canta mi Patria", originally sung by the Trio Paraguay. It was a long and grueling recording session, lasting all night, and when they finished the last of many takes of "Asi canta mi patria" the light from the sunrise broke through the window, somehow signifying a good omen. "Asi canta mi patria"  is a very emotional song, and the way they sang it became even more so.”



The Bud & Travis Latin Album


Side One

En De Que Te Vi
Sin Ti
Asi Canta Mi Patra
Malaguena Salerosa
El Abandonado

Side Two

Alma Llanera
Noche De Ronda
No Me Quieras Tanto
Camminante del Mahab
La Bamba

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