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The World Wide Web has important biographical material about Travis Edmonson, including a contemporary magazine article as well as an  in depth interview by Bud & Travis expert Tom Straw.  Additionally, there is a comprehensive autobiographical sketch from 1989 full of interesting reminiscences.
An appreciation of Travis Edmonson on Gateway Singers site
The life of Travis Edmonson - in his own words

See and hear Travis Edmonson and The Kingston Trio sing Everybody Loves Saturday Night
Photos of Travis at the hungry i reunion on The Dedicated hungry i Website
A range of exciting full-length clips of Bud & Travis performing as well as being interviewed plus excerpts from Travis' 1982 musical documentary, Border Crossings  
The new Home Page of Tom Straw's superlative Bud & Travis salute
All about Tim Wiedenkeller's CD featuring Travis Edmonson
The website of Travis Edmonson protege Tim Wiedenkeller
Hear Travis Edmonson and B&T recordings on the best Internet station for folk music, SHADY GROVE RADIO
The website devoted to STEVE EDMONSON's great band.  Check it out, and hear the great music Travis Edmonson's son is making with Jackie Payne!
Mudcat discussion on Bud & Travis

The new website devoted to Travis Edmonson pal and collaborator Gerry Glombecki
Read about the music career of Travis Edmonson protégée , Brad Brooks, and about his new CD!
website of Travis' singing partner Frank Ross
Travis Edmonson on The official Kingston Trio website
A tribute to "Malagueña Salerosa"
A page about Travis Edmonson by his good friend, Bonnie B5rock, on the Dolan Ellis website.
An album of recent photos of Travis Edmonson
A University of Arizona alumni page featuring an article by Ana Luisa Terrazas
Transcript of a 1997 interview with  Tom Straw
Interesting biographical article from the TUCSON WEEKLY from May 2001
Read a review of the "Santa Monica Concert" CD from John Thomas' Magic Music website, where you will find lots more material about Travis Edmonson
Bio from the Tucson Area Music Awards Hall of Fame
Review of TUCSON TAPES in folk magazine SING OUT

Enrico Banducci's hungry i lives again at
Travis Edmonson made his breakthrough with The Gateway Singers, resident group at the hungry i

Be sure and check out the website
celebrating the great San Francisco club at

And don't miss Rediscover Music's tribute to Travis!
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