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Travis Honored

As a tribute to his genius and influence on music and musicians, a tribute concert was staged for Travis Edmonson at the Fiddlers Dream Coffee House in Phoenix on May 9, 2008.

The program included an Introduction by  Oscar Cisneros and a special appearance by Arizona State Balladeer Dolan Ellis. The Santa Cruz River Band  spiced the occasion with Vamos Al Baile, Vaquilla Colorada and They Call the Wind Mariah.  Sue Harris treated the audience to  Rayito de Luna and the Travis composition   Lavinia's Parlor.

A surprise appearance was made by Limeliter Gaylan Taylor whose "When Cowboys Fly" is one of Travis' favorite fun songs, and everyone delighted in hearing it.

Old friend Joe Bethancourt, who was reconnected with Travis last year through the  website performed  South Coast, Seasons In The Sun and  One Girl In A Million

Travis' signature song, Malagueña Salerosa was sung by Don and Victoria Armstrong (profiled by Frank Ross for ) who also did  Alma Llanera and  Cielito Lindo Son Huasteco.

Also on hand to pay tribute to Travis was his nephew Earl Edmonson.  He was followed by Ron Iverson who sang two of Travis' own compositions, Guess I'll go Home and South Wind in addition to Bonsoir Dame.

Oscar Cisneros had the pleasure of wooing the crowd with Scotch and Soda and Travis' Truly Do, and then changed the tempo with a snappy Greenback Dollar.

Chris Burton Jacome concentrated on the Latin repertoire with  Esperanza and  Motivaci¢n.

The evening was brilliantly put together by the Manager of Fiddler's Dream, Nia Maxwell, and if you weren't able to attend, do take the first opportunity to check out the wonderful music which is constantly on offer at Phoenix's FIDDLER'S DREAM COFFEE HOUSE!

Highlights from the evening can be found at

Travis' wife, Rose Marie Heidrick, couldn't praise Nia Maxwell and the Fiddler's Dream team enough, saying
“May 9th was a special treat for Travis. The entertainers were all terrific. I think a good time was had by all.  Nia Maxwell, manager for the Fiddlers Dream, out did herself and Oscar and Ruthie Cisneros were also very instrumental in making the evening a success. And of course no event would be complete without Bonnie Brock's fine hand.”

Rose Marie Heidrick
Rose Marie on tribute night

Mary Norby of Phoenix who attended wrote: “Thank you sooooooooooo much for inviting me to this. My husband and I went, bought another CD, and had a wonderful time. It was so exciting to see Travis in person!”

Claudia Yow who attended with her husband Art said “the concert was absolutely amazing! All the professional  musicians dedicated their songs to Travis and commented on how much he has influenced their lives and their musical careers. It was  all extremely touching and Travis, I believe, truly enjoyed being honored ... as well he should be.”  Claudia and Art flew to Phoenix from the San Francisco area to join in the tribute to Travis, hot on the heels of participating in a cruise with The New Christy Minstrels where Art joined them on stage to perform!

Art and Claudia Yow  with Travis Edmonson
Art and Claudia Yow flew in to join in the tributes.

We also want to thank Claudia Yow for all the photos on these four pages devoted to the tribute concert as well as the one on the News Page.

If you'd like to include your own voice to the tributes, just type the following address as recipient in a blank message to

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Frank Ross, Travis Edmonson friend and accompanist, has sent us his own tribute, included in the accolades of the evening.

May 9, 2008

Hi Travis ,

Sure wish I could be there with you -and Rose Marie- celebrating your place in 20th Century American Folk History . I'd love to share back with you some of the songs you graciously shared with America 50 years ago. You have touched so many lives . i was just listening to the Tucson Tapes Cd - Vol 1 where you sing "Jalisco ",and for the first ever i heard you sing your lovely "I'm a drifter " . You also shared the story behind the song which was so touching and personal . The song was simply beautiful and I now understand why you were urging me to learn and play it in times past . I will learn it, and hope one day- God willing- to share it with you.

Of course your stage presence and charm also came through so very well . Mind you , I am not one to freely give accolades or kudos to different artists ; but in your case Travis , you have left an indelible mark in my life by making such wonderful choices in Latin and American music back then ,and turning around to share them all with us . These songs are timeless : gorgeous melodies , sweet harmonies , seductive rhythms and unforgettable memories so full of life and passion . I think that was your mission in life.

I want to share just a few people who have also been touched by you and your gift of music:

Pat Jenks ,your friend and travelling companion to Mexico many years ago who is now 96-years-old , shared with me this week that he has happy memories of his trips to Mexico and your part in those journeys , one of which saved his very life . Pat misses you and would like to see you again sometime . (by the way , Pat is about to finish his memoirs in another book he is writing ).

Ruben Morales- a former Tucson fireman now in his 70's, is my friend and neighbor . He shares that he used to go see you around town about once a month , and that he loved hearing you play those Latin tunes- especially "Malagueña Salerosa". He plays guitar and we get together to play . Some of your songs often pop up in our jams (Te seguire and Rayito de Luna )

Humberto Escobar is someone I have met in musical circles who says he knows you , and still sings with a local trio called Los Duendes de Tucson . He used to play with Seferino Flores (recently passed away). Humberto tells me that back in 1963 , when he was in the Marines ,AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio Station ) often played your version of "malagueña salerosa ". He said it lifted the troops' spirits.

we love you Travis. Be well , and enjoy the evening with all those who love you and your music .

Tu Amigo de Siempre,


Frank Ross is leader of the fabulous STREET MINSTRELS, and you can visit their website at

The Fiddler's Dream audience was  enthralled with the music of Don and Victoria Armstrong, and Frank Ross  tells more about these outstanding performers, and how Travis Edmonson had a strong influence on their music. Read Franks lively notes on a Don and Victoria Armstrong performance just after the Travis concert.

Dolan Ellis
Arizona State balladeer Dolan Ellis stole time from his busy schedule to sing some of his favorite Travis songs


Travis, Your music has meant so much to me and your many fans over the years, if we could give only a little bit of that sunshine back to you, it would illuminate the universe beyond imagination. You are a special energy in our world which many of us have been blessed to come to know you if only through your music. God bless you for your presence. You have given us more than you

Lin Holland, Medford, Oregon

I have enjoyed the pleasure of your music, your wit and your company for many, many years. You inspired my own musical aspirations as a young man, and gave me the will to perform as you demonstrated your ease and charm with an audience.  You have imbued us with smiles, enriched our lives with your warmth and made us forever grateful that we were born with ears.

I thank you from my heart for all the memories, music and fun you have brought us all.    Your legacy is the eternal gift of your music to your fans and supporters, a legacy that will never cease or diminish with time.

Michael Gallagher, Pomona, California

Travis, You know all the musical joy you brought to oh so many people over the years.  I'll be celebrating with you in spirit!

Paul Gajdos, Highland, New York

Words cannot explain how much you have influenced me in life. For more than 20 years I have continued to play the guitar and the majority of my inspiration came from you! I do not remember what the first song was, or  when I heard it, but your songs have always been special to me. I strive to play at even a small percentage of the guitar master you were.

Vaughn Ripley, Brunswick, Maryland

I have a mental picture of today's events. A huge venue, filled to the brim with family, friends, associates and many, many fans. In other words, a night surrounded by those you love and those who love you.

 Isn't it marvelous when the "experts" get it all wrong - they weren't even close!  You obviously have climbed insurmountable obstacles and left them all with egg on their faces.  It took powerfully strong will and determination, coupled with  a huge dose of loving support, particularly from Rose Marie, and ,I'm sure, a myriad of others. Well done!

I am so sorry not to be able to share today with you, but rest assured, I am there in spirit.

I wonder if you have any real idea just how much your gift for music and singing has touched the lives of others.    For myself, the first time I saw one of your recordings in a music store in Honolulu (even though we've never met) and spotted your name on the cover, my heart jumped with excitement.  I thought "I know who he is - he's from Nogales!" - that wonderful little town that will forever be in my heart.  I bought the album of course, took it home, played it once and voilá- another fan was added to what is clearly a very long, long list.  It was sheer enjoyment and continues to be so.

I look at the tributes and accolades on your great website and I think how humbling and yet thrilling it must be to read such moving and heartfelt comments that friends and fans have shared, not just with and for you, but with all the rest of us who visit the site. Beautiful moving tributes - each and every one - so deserved ...

I wish for you the most wonderful tribute bash you could have ever imagined, filled with the love and admiration that all can bestow upon you.   God bless you, Travis, and thank you so very much for the hours of pleasure that your huge talent has given to all of us.

Georgiaa (Bowman) Allen, Bellingham, Washington

Sue Harris
Sue Harris was on hand at the tribute concert to perform Rayito de Luna and  Lavinia's Parlor.

You gave ears and years of musical enjoyment for my late husband, Rick, and continuing playing and loving of the anthology of Bud and Travis recordings for myself. Everlasting treasures!

Margaret Sohn, Matawan, New Jersey

I still retain many fond memories of your performance at the "hungry i" in 1957, and I play your records often.

Graeme Balcom, West Vancouver, British Columbia

Much Joy And Celebrations To You!!! Many Blessings and a Trillion Angels watching Over You!!!

Sara Izod, ex New Orleans

You are very special and you deserve the best.  I wish you a wonderful life filled with love and happiness. I hope others bring you joy, just as you've brought joy to so many.  Your wonderful music filled both my parent's and grandparent's homes as I was growing up. As a 3rd generation fan, your music is very special to me, and continues to be an integral part of my musical enjoyment.
 Randy Mathis, Cypress, Texas

Many Healthy Years to you Travis, and congratulations on your tribute concert.  How beautiful you make my life with the debut CD.

Atakan Onol, Istanbul, Turkey

Travis, I will be thinking of you, and with you in spirit as you are always there in my life through your wonderful music and the CDs that bring back the albums to their best.

Tom Blumenthal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Travis Edmonson, Here's to you.  Wishing you a great tribute concert and thanking you again for the beautiful music that has remained at the top of my list since I first heard my sister's Bud and Travis albums when I was a kid in Whittier, CA. You can't know how glad I am to have the treasures on CD. Your courage in face of the trials that would come in later years is equally as astonishing as your music.

Linda Fleischman, Eugene, Oregon

Some friends of mine sang with you years ago in Lake Tahoe I believe the summer of 67 or 68.  They were known as the Christiana's. Have a great day. We all are grateful for your music

Leilani Babcock, Belleville, Michigan

Earl Edmonson
Travis' nephew Earl Edmonson was on hand at the tribute concert to serenade his uncle.

For all of us who love Travis's music, Travis' light continues to shine everyday throughout the whole world.

Captain Bill Ramsey, Eagan, Minnesota

I can't tell you how much your music has enhanced my life since I started buying the CDs.  You reached the summit as an entertainer, andI hope that your tribute concert will confirm how much you are appreciated.

Harris Goodman, Popewell, New Jersey

I saw so many acts and got to know most of the artists when I worked on the coffee house scene, but no one matched your show or could touch you as a person.

Sandy Davis, Studio City, California

I've so many fond memories of experiences directly tied to your music. For instance, back in the late 60's I taped all of B&T's latin material for some Hispanic co-workers. I still recall their comments as to the beauty and integrity of the music - coming from "gabachos" no less! They, in turn, gave me tapes of mariachi and the like, which exposed me to a world of music I would never have learned to appreciate had it not been for your devotion to the genre.  All my best to you, Travis, and may your song always be sung!

George Zaninovich, Delano, California

My brother is a folk singer who used to listen to Bud and Travis' albums.  I stole them from him and loved them when I was a teenager!) Best wishes on your tribute day. Your courage and talent are an inspiration.

Travis, you are a truly wonderful artist and, after all these years, I am so happy to have your music again. Your rendition of Malaguena Salerosa thrilled me, and whenever I encountered Mexican musicians, I would request that they sing it.  But it was never as good - just a poor imitation. Thank you for all the beautiful songs.

Pat Reed, Germantown, Maryland

For years through the army, through college, and most of my teaching career your live performance from Santa Monica Civic Auditorium lifted my spirits and made me feel alive. I bought some CD's from your Web site and shared them with friends. Everyone who has listened loves your work. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Don Stemmler, Glen Burnie, Maryland

Congratulations on the tribute, Travis!  Your songs have always been, and will always be an important part of my life.

Peter Hinds, North Bergen, New Jersey

For years, I have coveted your Spotlight album, and now it is part of my life each and every day.  I hope you realize how many thousands of people consider your music a part of their heartbeats. Now I wish you the joy that you have brought me.

Elaine Stacey, Hollywood, California

We are fortunate to have you among us, Travis, and the world has been a better place, for your talent, your inspiration and all the laughter which crowned your songs.

Bill Lynch,  Sonoma, California

Joe Bethancourt, Gaylan Taylor and  Sue Harris
(From far left) Joe Bethancourt, Gaylan Taylor and  Sue Harris paid tribute to Travis Edmonson for his influence on their music.

It isn't possible for me to be in Phoenix on May 9, but I would absolutely love to be with Travis. I just love him, and the memories and joy be brings into my life when I hear him sing.   

Suzanne Norman, Carson City, Nevada

You did more than anybody else to bring some of the very beautiful Mexican and other Latin American songs to the US audience. For this, you will always be remembered. Together with the various CD's of other old LP records and concerts that your website has issued , I'll now be able to enjoy your music as long as I live. Thanks for the musical memories that have enriched my adult life!

George W. Cox, New Mexico

I play the In Concert CD often and still have my collection of I think eight vinyl albums from the 60s. I wish Travis a very great tribute night. He's given me so much enjoyment over the decades, it's hard to quantify. It's really the music of my life. Travis had a big following in Montana when I was a kid.

Dennis Seibel, Branson, Missouri

It is so wonderful to have your music back in my life.  I play your CDs all the time, and have ordered more.  I will be thinking of you on your tribute night, and playing your albums all day.

Barbara Roeben, Bonney Lake, Washington

Your music stands the test of time and is as  fresh today as the first time I heard it. Please know that for every one of us who've written, there are hundreds and thousands more who would have if they knew about the tribute concert, or intended to but didn't git 'er done.  On their behalf and especially on my own, thanks, Travis; congratulations and may God preserve and continue to richly bless you.

Gary W. Allen, Williamsburg, Virginia

Rose Marie and Travis Edmonson with grandson Jacob
Rose Marie and Travis Edmonson enjoy the tribute concert with grandson Jacob.

Travis, I wish you and your family the VERY BEST. Keep the music alive.

Bob Byrd, Silver Spring, Maryland

Your recordings with The Gateway Singers and as Bud & Travis set a high standard that will long endure. Thank you for all you've done to make the lives of so many people so wonderfully rewarding musically!

  Bruce Mayall,  Mission Viejo, California

You have brought us so much enjoyment over the years.  It's our pleasure now to wish you a great tribute night.  Health and happiness to you always!

Irma Jean Carlson, Petaluma, California

I've enjoyed Travis' special music for 47 years! Not a week ever went by when I didn't dig out and play at least one of his songs. Very best wishes to a very special person--Travis Edmonson!

Jack Loeb, Manhatten Beach, California

All my best to the best! travis edmonson!  Good health and happiness always.

- Ron Wise, Montreal, Quebec

You graced my living room with your songs and LP covers during my childhood in Sebastopol California, and now your voice booms out of my cd player as I travel the back roads of Australia.  I don't play the Beatles anymore, and Idon't play the Beach Boys, but I still play the Gateway Singers. Well done Travis.

Four generations of our family listen to and love your music.  And we all send you our very best wishes for your 75th birthday.  You may even hear my grandson clapping out his greeting.  He loves your music, as does his dad, and my mother, with whom I shared the CDs you sent.

David Horwwitz, New York City

May this day bring you much joy and happiness.........  Through your love of music,  you gave to us................. joy and happiness! God bless you and keep you in his care.

Alma Gaona , Jackson, Michigan

I became a fan at the tender age of seven, listening to Bud and Travis at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, and every album since.
Thank you for all the music that you created. It is and will always be my favorite.

Steven Weisner, Las Vegas, Nevada

Travis, you are a national treasure!!  I hope that you're feeling well and will take full enjoyment from the tribute concert.  Be sure that we are with you in spirit to join in the adulation.

Mary Hager, Falls Church, Virginia

My family and I continue to enjoy your music and appreciate all you've given over the years.  I am so pleased to be able to thank and congratulate you.

Al Salley, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I send Travis the very best wishes and thank him for the joy of his music as well as the inspiration he has provided for others who are dealing with difficulties in life.

Jay Greer, Port Townsend, Washington

Santa Cruz River Band
The Santa Cruz River Band was on hand for the May 9 concert to pay homage to Travis Edmonson.

I frequently listen to the debut album while flying over your area ... see the con trails over your head polluting the atmosphere ... maybe one of them is me listening to you... Again, thanks and God bless you .. Congratulations on the Tribute Night!

jay Hathaway, Sherman Oaks, California

Your music has been such a delight ... we thank the Lord for you ... All our best to you,

The Jim Morales Family, San Antonio, Texas

Hi Travis! Congratulations on your Tribute Concert! Music soothes the soul and is a great tool not only for inspiration but for healing. God bless you richly and deeply on this special day.

Valerie De La Torre, Santa Maria, California

Please tell Travis I will hold him in my heart. I have such fond memories of sitting in a coffee house and listening to the music.

  Maggie Tyson, Sun City, California

Ruth and I wish you the very best of nights. And we hope  that you can reflect upon your so many accomplishments in the world of music.  We play your CDs often and we are glad that we found a source for  them . Our warmest regards to you and your immediate family and to your thousands  of good friends and colleagues.

 George Hermach, Eugene, oregon

Please know how much joy your music gave---and continues to give---to so many ,plus beautiful memories of your performances. Thank you for all that ! Music is  indeed a rare gift.  It is a pleasure to hear that you are carrying on with great spirit and that you are being saluted with the concert.

Nancy Wright, Mill Valley, California

The music of Bud & Travis was simply the best folk music to come out of the 60's. I continue to enjoy listening to the music you made back then.  It's as wonderful to listen to now as when it was new.

Robert Hostler, Auburn, California

Joe Bethancourt
The audience loved hearing Joe Bethancourt  sing the song that Travis had popularized, "South Coast."

My congratulations to Travis. I've been a fan since 1962.  My father was an ardent fan and passed on his love of their music to me. I have purchased their CD's from the Travis Edmonson collection and given them as gifts to my children. And my grandchildren, when they visit, are treated to their music.
 Richard Rodriguez, San Lorenzo, California

Travis has been an important influence to me as an amateur folk singer, and I've had the pleasure of singing his songs for many years. I wish Travis the best of everything on tribute night and all the rest as well.

Bill From, Vancouver, Washington

Congratulations on the tribute, Travis.  My wife and I enjoyed so many great evenings at the hungry i  being treated to your music, your style and your wit.  We continue to play the Puttin' on the Style CD on a regular basis, and have come to consider it an indispensable part of our lives.  Thank you so much for 50 years of memories and musical enrichment!

John Larson, Alamo, California

Congratulations, Travis! I always take your indispensable  music with me whenever I'm in the Greek Islands and  Turkey.

Barry Rothrock, Tucson, Arizona

My father listened to your music with The Gateway Singers, and both my sister and I did too.  Best wishes for a great concert!

Bill Amadio, Antioch, California

You must be an angel!  I've been a fan of Bud and Travis since the early 60s. while living in Sausalito. They brought us much pleasure then and I'm delighted with the new CD  that brings back so many fond memories of such a wonderful time in folk music history.

Brian Downey, New Bern, North Carolina

Travis, your music has been, and still is, my favorite listening.

Bill Tanksley, Oceanside, California

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