Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

Travis EdmonsonTravis EdmonsonTravis EdmonsonTravis Edmonson

If one phrase could encapsulate the life of Travis Edmonson, it would be Generosity of Spirit. Though his fame was centered around that  exquisite voice and consummate wit, Travis' greatest power was to vividly inspire those who heard and met him - in that moment and ever afterwards.  He reached out to all with an abundance of giving - in song, deed and thought.  What a precious  gift it was to have this man in our midst. Whenever you feel the warmth of the sun, remember him and feel his presence.

Here are a few pages of memories, music, tributes and photos of the irrepressible, irreplaceable and inspirational Travis Edmonson

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JANE ROOSEN in Arizona encompasses our wonderment, our appreciation and our wishes for Travis best of all.

"So sad that such a courageous and beautiful song has been ended. So wonderful the visions that Travis sang to us during his sojourn here.

Our singer can never be stilled for his music will always be in our hearts.

Fly free now, dear Travis, and once more play your guitar with joyous abandon--God and the angels are happily welcoming you home."

ATAKAN ONOL in Istanbul offers thanks to the website

"So sorry to hear we lost Travis. But he will live in our hearts."


“Rest in peace, Travis.”

Capt. BILL RAMSEY sent supportive messages to Travis from around the world, and frequently “dipped a wing” of his 747 in Travis' honor. After conveying  his great sorrow over Travis' passing, Capt. Ramsey then expressed his appreciation of the fact that Travis walked amongst us, and shared his extraordinary talent with the world.

After I learned about Travis's passing, I took up my little acrobatic airplane and did an aerial ballet in the sky in his honor. I hope he was watching and approved.”
LINDA HOLLAND expresses the sentiments of many.

“I feel like I've just lost my best friend. Travis brought so much life and love and inspiration to everyone who ever heard his music. It all had such grace and style. He raised the bar for talent that came after him and he will be honored forever in the music and style he left behind. I am so sorry he is gone. But I am eternally grateful that he was here to share with us his universal talent for music and song.”...."


Travis Edmonson

BARBARA SMALL 's contribution to the benefit for Travis was a very special one

“I know I'm supposed to say, `he is at peace,' at last. That he is in a wonderful place full of music and love, but I am saying it with tears. How lucky we are to have had Travis in all our lives and how lucky we are to have his music with us forever. It brings back to us different memories according to our place in life. Thanks to all who made that possible and who were there to care for him - you made all of it a positive thing. My thanks, sincere sympathy,...."

MICHAEL O'LEARY in Ireland, sponsor of the CD benefit for Travis, stresses what a lot of people feel.

“Whether one had met him or not, was a close friend or just someone heard on a recording, Travis' inclusive manner pulled us all in, and made us reach out to him just as much. I think a lot of us feel his loss as if one of the family is gone.  Like many, I always thought of Travis as my brother.”

MAURIZIO ANGELO in Italy writes

“This is sad news indeed. But Travis' music will always be with us and that doesn't mean little at all.  His gift to us all is beyond compare. Today his voice & his guitar will fill my house.”

One of Travis' strongest supporters, Paul Gajdos in New York writes

Terrible, what a loss! When Bud & Travis were performing I was a bit young and always one step behind, attempting to go to one of their concerts. If the group at that time didn't come to my hometown I couldn't really get to see them, having no means of getting there. I missed seeing them and Travis in person but we have these wonderful recordings and several live ones. Thanks to the reissues on CD's we can enjoy Travis in the foreseeable future, God speed"

FRANK STOLL in northern California was one of the strongest supporters of the CD benefit for Travis.

“I am so sorry to learn this sad news, having seen Travis perform in San Francisco so many, many times.  He lit up the stage as he lit up the lives of everyone he met.”

Your outpouring of prayers and Good Thoughts, which arrived instantly when doctors advised that Travis' passing was imminent,  reached him only hours before the end with the kind help of BOB EATON (who printed them out) and BOB ROSENBERG who picked them up and drove from Phoenix to Mesa to read your messages directly to Travis, and remembers

”When I arrived at his bedside, Travis was surrounded by family. I was the only other person there. I read aloud to Travis all twenty pages of the tributes you sent. We all tore up during that, but it was very heart- warming.”

JAY GREER , who appeared with Bud & Travis at venues around Los Angeles, still pays tribute to Travis Edmonson in his shows today.

Travis was indeed a remarkable man; a man whom I greatly admired and feel very privileged to have known! He had the voice of the gods of Olympus!"

AL SALLEY in North Carolina, who was one of those who got the benefit project started for Travis four years ago, writes

““I am comforted by the thought that Travis DID fight so hard for so long and is now at peace.  I also find it a relief that he was aware of and able to enjoy the affection and appreciation of his fans.

I genuinely appreciated the opportunity to connect to Travis in a small way (but very meaningful to me).   His music lives on.”

KAREN MOSS in Arizona writes

“I am so sorry. Please express my deepest condolences to Rose Marie and let  her know that we are praying for her at this time of her loss. We have all  lost a part of our youth with Travis' passing. I can only pray that we will  be reunited someday -- and I believe that he is now serenading those in  heaven with that lovely (and now-restored) voice.”

Musician CRAIG MATTHEWS regards Travis Edmonson as one of his first musical mentors.

“My Mom was Travis' friend and personal manager in the early 1960's. I first became enamored with wanting to play music largely because of Travis' influence. He made creating music seem like such a joyous experience, that I knew as a kid that I wanted to do that too.

I am honored to have been Travis' friend as a child, and to have re-connected with him as an adult. His encouragement and kindness was always in abundance.”

Travis' friend DENIS LIEBL at Lake Tahoe writes

"What a huge loss to the world of music and to the world in general. Though I was never able to make the trip to Mesa myself, I was there in spirit and communicated with Travis and Rose Marie often.  He was a huge influence in my life and his music is so often playing in my home and my car."

Entertainer HARRIS GOODMAN became acquainted with Travis' music through a friend who was part of  a duo who sang B&T music.

“What a loss, not only for Travis' family, but for the world. The wonderful thing about recording artists, though, is that their words, music, and voice live on forever. I am so grateful to have been able to explore the seed of interest in Travis' music which my late friend Rick planted some years back.”

Prof. CHARLES PHILIP THOMAS, the distinguished translator of Latin American drama, who has generously served as Treasurer of The Travis Edmonson Collection benefit project the last two years, gives his own tribute on the day of Travis' memorial service.

“Travis is in our thoughts and prayers today. I wish I could join all of his many friends at the memorial service and celebration of life on this day.

Seeing Travis in concert in 1962 changed my life. He was my hero ... His music was an inspiration and led me to pursue a career in teaching Spanish.

And throughout the years my students have enjoyed Travis' music too ... More people know La Vaquilla Colorada than you can ever imagine!! :-)

I was fortunate to be able to meet Travis and visit with him some two years ago. Then, I was able to see him in the hospital in January of this year to deliver well wishes from many fans.

I "let the cat out of the bag" during the hospital visit as told the nurses what a famous singer and musician they had in their presence! I will never forget Travis' sly smile as the nurses asked him if this was all true.

We are all very blessed to have been touched by his life. Thank you, Travis.”

Travis Edmonson

ART AND CLAUDIA YOW became close friends with Travis and Rose Marie in recent years, and were deeply moved by their warmth.
“Travis: Thank you so much for touching our lives with your beautiful music and wonderful friendship. We are extremely grateful for your many life-long gifts to us
and we will continue to miss you daily.”

KEN GREEN , who cherishes his recent encounter with Travis as much as the one during college years, writes of the man's influence on his life,

“When I met Travis at the University of Arizona many years ago, he became the first one in my life to affirm that I could be a musician and took my aspirations seriously. Without even knowing it, he set me on a path that would forever be centered with music.

I really only sat with him a few times as he tutored me in chording mainly. But the experience was so positive for me ... a young 18 year old .... that it affected my life forever more. Then, when we met again in Mesa over 40 years later, he greeted me as if I was a long lost friend and once again validated my view of myself as a musician. He was truly a special man. I hope that he is given proper accolades for the impact he had on the music of his time and beyond. "

CAROL GARR was part of Travis' entourage of friends who would join him after his shows at The Ramada inn in Tucson.

”I was so sad to hear that an era has passed away with our old friend.
However we all know that Travis, always so full of life and vitality, would  not want to linger in the deepening twilight while a new adventure awaited.  Whatever our beliefs, most of us feel that the essence of life continues  after we leave this plane of existence. May Travis be blessed with love and  music as he travels beyond the veil. Those of us whose hearts he touched  may be comforted with bright and beautiful memories, and knowledge that he  is now beyond pain.”

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