Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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The Mathis Family are five generations of Travis Edmonson admirers, and two from the third generation express their feelings here

RANDY MATHIS , one of the major supporters of the benefit for Travis,  says, “I'm so sorry to hear of Travis' passing. He and his family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.”

SANDY AIUPPA in Alaska adds, “my brother, Randy Mathis, just forwarded an email that brought tears to my eyes. We grew up on the music of Bud and Travis, and had nothing but the fondest memories.  My parents had bought a battery operated turntable so that we could take their records with us when we went camping in the Sierras. Oh the laughter and the fun we had listening to their music! I will be sharing it with my grandchildren as well.”

DAN FARLEY was a tremendous supporter of the CD benefit for Travis, and keeps his large collection of B&T and Travis albums playing constantly.

I cannot express myself enough on how devastated I was to hear about the passing of Travis ... I just returned from Las Vegas last night and I kept on remembering his wonderful personality and terrific singing and adroit instrumental abilities!

I have been playing them ALL the way from Oceanside, California to VEGAS and back. [He is one musician whom I will NEVER become bored or tired of listening!!!]

TOM BOLLINGER in Arizona expresses his heartfelt thoughts.

“Since reading the message of the death of Travis, I have felt a unique stillness in my spirit. Because his gift to us was immeasurable, so, too, is our loss.”

Bud & Travis

JERRY SCHOENBURG has a living memory of Travis

Bud and Travis were my favorite folk/latin singers in the 60's. I saw them perform at Doug Weston's Troubadour. I went to buy tickets at the Troub, and no one was in the box office. I pushed open the door and said "hello".  Doug was there talking to the boys about their performance that night.

He was telling them they were the first group to have the benefit of the new sound system.

They went into a hysterical routine thanking him from the bottom of their hearts and groveling at his feet. Doug was very tall. I'm watching them feigning mock gratitude and it was hilarious.  Doug I guess was a very sincere and serious venue operator and didn't crack a smile.

I introduced my wife to their music in the 70's ... She is not Hispanic either, but taught school in Guadalajara, so she appreciated their artistry.

I saw his passing today, and it made me very sad. Great entertainer.

SUZANNE NORMAN in Nevada played an active part in the spiritual vigil kept during Travis' last illness.

“I can't say how sorry I am. I was shocked when I saw the news about Travis. My deepest sympathy to Travis' family. Travis was such a wonderful man with such a joyous spirit who gave so much happiness to thousands of people. He will be remembered by all of us.”

Bob Eaton, who played such an instrumental role in getting your messages to Travis, especially those on the last day of his life, writes,

“Of course we grieve Travis' passing, but we celebrate his life and career.

 Reverend  and Mrs. ERIC SHEFFER in Florida also kept a prayerful vigil for Travis.

 After reading your previous e-mail, there was no doubt in my mind that this one would follow shortly.

Although he is no longer physically with us, leaving a hole in the hearts of all who loved him, Travis' spirit will never die, for his music will outlive us all. Perhaps it would help if we looked at it as his being on extended tour with the Angels and the Heavenly Host, making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Please pass along to Rose Marie and all those others who cared about him, our deepest sympathies.

Unto God's gracious mercy and protection we commit him, The Lord bless him and keep him. The Lord make His face shim upon him and ge gracious unto him. The Lord lift up His countenance uppon him and give him peace, now and forever, Amen

Dennis Gilbert in southern California offers his condolences

“Travis, his family and all his fans are in my prayers.”

CHRIS MORALES learned of Travis' death while evacuated from the Santa Barbara fires

“ I'm so saddened to read of Travis's passing. Yet, I am also experiencing a sense of peace for this powerful soul whom I never met, but knew through his music.
His talent was unending and his spirit was too. Now, he can rest and play into eternity in the celestial jam session we will all one day get to hear. He can again play with Bud and with the mariachis whom he loved so well,that he carried their spirit into his music.
I'm at peace that he is freed from the burdens of illness; I've never known of a person with a stronger spirit who so wanted to keep living.

Travis was on the minds and hearts of my family as we gathered for Memorial Day.  I only wish that I would be able to attend his memorial services. As with so many living too far away, I'm sure my heart will be there.
And he will. Through his music, through the world full of friends he kept making until the end of his life.
Blessings to his family.

Bud & Travis with Dinah Shore

Photo:  Bud & Travis with Dinah Shore when they appeared on "The Chevy Show" referred to at right by Paul Surratt.
PAUL SURRATT regrets not being able to participate in the benefit project for Travis.

"”The world has lost a great talent but heaven is getting ready for the long awaited Bud and Travis reunion.

Travis was so talented. I remember when I was very young, and my mother let me stay up so I could see BUD AND TRAVIS on the Chevy Show. I like the Kingston Trio's "Raspberries, Strawberries" but Bud and Travis is the version I LOVE.

Travis, thank you for being in folk music, for all the great albums. I have said my prayers that you have a safe journey to Heaven, please say hello to Nick,David , John, Lou and all the other  we have lost from our wonderful days of Banjo's and Guitars."

Travis' dear friend of long-standing, entertainer BARBARA KING McKINNEY (“Pat and Barbara”) in Georgia, shares some light on him as a mentor.

“I feel like I have been praying for Travis all my life, and hang on to my confidence that we WILL see him again ... singing again ... laughing again...young again.

When Travis was only 35, he commanded so much respect in the business that he was regarded as one of its “elder statesmen,” so greatly did everyone value his guidance  and judgments, especially the up-and-coming performers who sought out his pearls of wisdom.

One particular piece of professional advice Travis gave to Pat and me that I always cherished was `to be successful, you've got to do it every time.'  And we understood by that, he meant to the very best of your ability and energy, with an air of spontaneity...every single time.”

Musician FRANK HAMILTON offers his appreciation of Travis Edmonson.

Travis was a great folksinger.  He did his homework and really contributed to the level of Hispanic music in the popularization of folk music.

He was generous in the sharing of his knowledge.  He taught me how to play the Cuban Guajira beat on guitar.  I use it today to sing Guantanmera.

It's amazing that Bud and Travis were so together in their performance and such different people.  They were always musical and it was my privilege to be able to jam with them at the Gate of Horn on their beautiful renditions of boleros.  Two memorable tunes for me were "Amor De La Calle" and the Paraguayan "Florecita de me Cielo". They brought to the popularization of folk music a high level of musicianship and entertainment.

I've followed Trav's talent from the time he was in the Gateway Singers in San Francisco with Jerry Walter, Lou Gottlieb and Elmerlee Thomas.  His knowledge of anthropology served him well in faithfully performing Latino music, and his voice and talent will be sorely missed.  Adios Amigo.”

Travis Edmonson

DON GOLD in southern California treasures the days he got to know Travis when working at Cosmo Alley.

“My heart goes out to Travis' family. Although my last encounter with Travis was in 1959, it seems as if it were yesterday. I will carry the "boys" version of
”Malagueña Salerosa" to my grave.”

CORAL CAUDLE expresses her condolences.

“I was so sorry to hear of Travis' passing ... even sorrier to hear of his suffering over the past several years. He'll be missed.”

PEGGY BAYLESS GUSTAVE in Arizona remembersespecially happy occasions involving Travis and his family.

”The few times I spent with Travis were round-the-clock fun. I especially recall being at his grandmother's home in Nogales over the Memorial Day weekend in 1960.  It was non-stop jam session with Bud and him; and a few other musicians as well.

Heaven's choir will be learning Malagueña Salerosa for sure!

His departure leaves a big hole in our hearts!”

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