Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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JOAN MCDONALD in Kentucky expresses some of what Travis and his music have meant to her.

It is with much sadness I read that Travis had passed last evening -I have been thinking and praying for him.

“I simply cannot begin to say how much and how deeply Travis' music--especially the Latin songs have meant to me--from the first moment I heard the heartbreaking exquisite Malagueña Salerosa as a teenager--it literally ignited something deep in my soul that no other music has done.

It has been incredible and amazing to me--scrolling down the tributes - that so many other people have been SO affected in the same in-explicable way - and that they too have developed great love for the southwest, and Mexican/Latin ballads , language and culture, as a result of Bud and Travis's music.

No doubt Travis has had a special mission to give to the world through his music, to inspire such joy and passion for the southwest - and God is now saying - Well done, good and faithful servant!
I will be in Arizona for a brief few days in early June - am so looking foreword to it.  I will stop at a special perpetual adoration chapel in Scottsdale, and pray especially for Travis, and thank God for all the special joy and extra dimension his music has added to my life.”

I think Travis had a very beautiful gift, one which he shared so completely with the world--that we, whose lives his music touched can only feel great thanks and joy for him, despite the loss.

I hope Travis realized that his life's gift and song made such an impact at the soul level for so many people, and that through his music he left such a joyous legacy for future generations. Surely there was a mission in his work.

Travis--not very many people can say that!!!"


”So sad to hear the news. The music of Travis and Bud represents an important time in my life. With tears,”

Travis Edmonson

ARTHUR. SORDYLL expresses feelings that many share.

“Please accept my condolences for this tremendous loss. I never knew Travis, but, was instantly bonded to him after hearing just a handful of his songs.  Travis and Bud were so unique for their time, and really stood out from the rest of the pack in terms of their talent and musicianship.This admiration is a feeling that is hard to put in words for myself, so I will just be very thankful for having discovered his music and will be listening to it a lot for the next few days

.BILL MOORE in southern Arizona expresses a closeness to Travis that many will relate strongly with.

“On the one hand I feel presumptuous writing about a man I never met, but then again I feel like I knew him well. That was a result of Travis' character which all his fans know shone through every aspect of his life and touched us all. After years of praying for him to be with us a bit longer, I now can give thanks to the Lord for him as he plays and sings with the angels, finally free of the Parkinson's and strokes that frustrated him all these years.
Travis, may God bless your family and friends and give all of us comfort.

EDWARD CARNEY in Connecticut expresses his condolences.

”I am so very sorry to hear this. I trust that now he is at peace and
in a better place.

I never got to see Travis live/in person but I became connected with his  spirit and presence (and came to appreciate his enormous talent) through recordings and TV all those years ago. That unique spirit and presence and talent will remain with me for as long as I remain on  this Earth. In that way he will live with me and so many of us.”

BOB RAKICH in Arizona has many memories of Travis.

“Like everyone, upon hearing the sad news, I am feeling like a good friend is gone. I have been listening to and captivated by Travis' music since sometime in the '50's. Growing up in Tucson I went to his performances at the University of Arizona auditorium and around town -- Gus and Andy's Crystal Palace and others.”
M COLEMAN  in Illinois writes,

“Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers are with all of his family and friends. God bless you all for keeping his gifts alive all these “years.”

MARY NORBY, who became acquainted with Travis recently, says,

”I don't know what to say. We can take some solace in the thought that Travis' quality of life was becoming a concern, so maybe this is for the best. My thoughts and prayers are all who knew Travis well.”

MAGGIE TYSON  in southern California adds,

“I am so sorry that Travis is gone. His music was a wonderful part of my life.”

HUGH KERR  in Florida compares Travis to the greatest voices of the past century

“I salute Travis Edmonson. As clear to me as his voice I see that before leaving this place he was able to find in himself the precious gift he thought he had lost, the albums in all their clarity.

Trav had a natural, unwavering musical taste for things that are true, and a voice to make a nightingale sigh, to have at last found a friend. In Trav's music there is no contrivance, no artifice, no posing--just pure music. About whom else can this be said? Only a few, like Jussi Bjoerling, Gerard Souzay, Eugene Ysaye, and Dinu Lipatti. How difficult it is to let the music speak for itself!

WARREN SERKIN, whose generosity to Travis Edmonson included topping the list of supporters of the CD benefit project, made sure that he was on hand to help Travis celebrate his last birthday.

I first met Travis in 1967 in Tucson, and spent many wonderful hours at various venues around town listening to him play and sing. As soon as
he hit the stage the audience was in the palm of his hand and stayed there the entire evening. It's hard for me to believe that this wonderful entertainer and human being is no longer with us, but his spirit and artistry will stay with me forever. Vaya Con Dios Amigo.

JERRY CHILSONE in Washington State writes

I'm truly saddened to hear of Travis's death, wont forget him.

NICHOLAS RODRIGUEZ, grand-nephew of Charlie Gonzales, Bud and Travis' outstanding accompanist, reconnected with his cousin through, and recalls,

”I can close my eyes, and Bud and Travis take me back to my abuelita's house in Watts, in the late 60's, and it is full of people who I love, most of whom are gone.  His music was central to my life and to those times.   It has remained a thread running through all of my life.
Now Travis is with them, and he is back with Bud. The strife is over.  Rejoice, as he is at peace.”

FRANCES LEMONIAS in southern California writes,

"I saw the obituary in today's L. A. Times; it brought back some wonderful memories. God bless those who helped Travis through his illness. Musicians are one of God's gifts to us.     
May Travis rest in peace. I hope that he will entertain in heaven. While I am sad, I am glad he is free from his pain and trouble.”

LEWIS WOOD in Kansas Travis' great talent, saying,

“I always regret the loss of someone who entertained me so well near onto 45 years ago. I still miss the music. There don't seem to be any groups who can go from “raucs("Jenny On A Horse") to smooth("Cloudy Summer Afternoon"). Delightful.

With sorrow,

Travis Edmonson

MIKE CRABTREE is playing all his eight Bud & Travis CDs too.

“I am greatly saddened by the news of Travis' passing. I feel like I've lost a friend, and the world has lost a great treasure. He can rest easy knowing that his music will continue to bring such joy and wonderful memories.

I believe that Travis is in a place where there is no sickness, no pain or suffering, only great happiness.  I believe he was greeted by many friends and loved ones who had preceded him on the great adventure we all must take one day.

God bless you Travis, you will be missed and never forgotten. Please pass along my condolences to his family.”

JIM KINKEAD has been a strong support and good friend to Travis and Rose Marie.

”I still picture Travis as a young man in the 60's at concerts and album covers. He'll always be that way to me.”

RICH LOMAX shared many a journey and many a show with Travis as roadie for the duo of Shane and Travis.

“I have known Bud and Travis since the early 60s. When Bob Shane and Travis got together, they were a remarkable duo.”

FRANK OGAZ passed on a love of Travis' music to his son.

”Certainly we feel a great loss for a wonderful friend with such great
talent. But, God is good in leaving us with numerous wonderful memories of Travis. Now God has deemed it that Travis need not suffer any more but must now rest from pain, suffering and stress.

It is now for us to honor his memory and give thanks to God for allowing all of us to have experienced such a wonderful person, friend, family member and of course his talent.

My prayers are for all that we recieve comfort and courage at this time.”.”

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