Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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Folk singer LYNN GOLD, whose charming profile of Travis is something every admirer should go back and read again, shares some of her thoughts on his passing

“my thoughts are with Travis' family and all those who loved him and his beautiful spirit. Our red rock poet.

i think of him being free ...  singing … no more broken strings. And the Celtic phrase, anam cara, meaning soul friends. The relationship transcending time and space - non-tangible, but as vital and real - so that who he was/ is, what he manifested/manifests, is always with us.

i think Trav's legacy is stellar, in that he remained true to his gift through it all. He had the soul of a filli, a bard . It sang through all that adversity ... and his life, using a cliché, a testament to what comes through the human spirit if allowed, and the incandescence of his. God chose well.
ANDREAS SEDLMAIR in Hamburg and his wife, the popular entertainer TISH HINOJOSA (on tour) remember Travis with fondness

”Our hearts and our thoughts are with Travis' family at this very difficult time. Travis had such a wonderful, warm, and positive spirit. This is a great loss.”

MIKE MARKWITH in southern California looks back on a lifetime of enjoying Travis' recordings.

”I loved his music for nearly 50 years, and Travis was an inspiration in his later life as this website showed so positively. Please share my sympathy with his family and close friends.”

Travis Edmonson

CLINTON JARBOE in British Columbia cherishes the opportunity he got to meet Travis at his home in Arizona.

“Please pass on to the family my sympathy and such emotional support as may be obtained by someone they don't know. I should say that I appreciated being included in the impromptu song fest and gathering at the family home last year.  I enjoyed the photos and the general notions of it. Travis demonstrated there and in his life an indomitable spirit. The world is slightly worse off today because that spirit is not with us.”

The family of Beatrice Wilkins would like to send their deepest condolences to the family of Travis Edmonson.

“Many years ago, during the time when Travis was traveling around the country through Colorado, he stayed at the Wilkins' home and brought them much joy with his singing and treatment of our daughter, Jean Wilkins, who at that time, was a young "budding" musician.

Travis assisted our daughter with her aspirations to become a singer/songwriter. We loved Travis' beautiful singing voice which we listened to for hours.

He was also a friend of the Valdez family in Arvada, who send their great condolences.  Travis was a person who "lived large" as they say! However, he gave a great part of himself to the many people who knew and heard him, and for that, he has left his life a part of the many memories of those whose paths he crossed.  May he rest in Peace and find his journey to the light through his many songs and poetic words.”

CHARLES Dryden in Arizona expresses his admiration for Travis' fortitude.
“I was very sad to learn that Travis had passed away. As for many other people, his music meant a great deal to me over the years. His struggles over the past months were heroic. I hope and believe that Travis is at peace.”

Old pal BERT ROBERTS holds dear many memories of Travis performing.

“I'm sorry to hear about Travis. But one thing is certain, I will always be able to picture him, sitting on a chair singing and strumming his guitar. I remember many places he played in Tucson, and I was also fortunate to see him perform in Nogales. The last time we talked, and shortly thereafter, I think was on my way to Los Angeles with Bud. I know that Travis' talent and his sincere style will live forever.”

RHEA-FRANCES TETLEY became acquainted with Travis at Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp.

“So sorry about Travis. He was such a wonderful person, with whom I had the opportunity to spend an evening and talk with a few years ago at Fantasy Camp. One of my many favorite moments.

KIKI RODRIGUEZ in southern California shouts,

”Long live Bud and Travis!. My Dad was hard-core Bud and Travis (along with other Latin folk music..) and therefore Bud and Travis pretty much dominated our record player.  So we kids all developed a genuine liking for their music.”

Artist ANDREA CLEALL expresses her condolences.

“My deepest sympathy to Travis' family. I can imagine he might have been ready for a rest and an arena where he could play his guitar and sing again.”

Entertainer MARCUS DUSKIN and his sister Laura went to school with Travis' son Steve.

"My condolences to all who were close to Travis. I spent Sunday afternoon playing through some of my old Bud and Travis recordings. He was an inspiration to me and certainly an artist who influenced me. He will be missed.

Judge MICHAEL SOLNER made a pilgrimage to visit Travis, and is hoping to get a theatrical film about his life into production.

“This is very sad. I don't think the folk world, much less the world at large, knows what a talent we have lost. We can, however, be grateful that we  had him at all, and our CDs will keep his memory alive.”

RICHARD LAINE in Maine expresses his sympathy over Travis' passing.

“Travis was truly blessed with devoted love and faithfulness. My sincere condolences at his loss. He'll be happy to be making music again! Best regards to his family and other fans.”

RUSS WAPENSKY in southern California was a steadfast supporter of Travis' inte5rests.

””Bud & Travis and Buck Wheat are finally back together. The best way to celebrate Travis' life will be to play the Travis Edmonson Collection CDs at high volume.”

RAHLA LINDSEY in southern California bids Godspeed to Travis.

“Bless him. Travis has flown upward, out of our sight, but still traveling. Our love and prayers and support go with him on his journey.”

MAC MORGAN in Delaware was influenced as a musician by Travis.

”My deepest condolences to Travis' family. I will always remember Travis  as it was when he was with Bud, as well as Dave, Nick and John of the Kingston  Trio that got me interested in guitar and music. They will all be missed.”

VAUGHN RIPLEY in Maryland is glad he was able to communicate with Travis when he purchased the Spotlight CD.

“This is very sad news. I will always remember Travis as someone special.”

RON WISE in Montreal appreciated Travis as a songwriter.

“Please accept my deepest sympathy and most heart-felt condolences.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Travis Edmonson in person. I knew him by his songwriting, his music, and his singing duo of Bud & Travis.

I also read what has been written about Travis over the years. All good - and all wonderful. Obviously Travis Edmonson was loved and admired by everyone. And yes, me too

I am a big-time Kingston Trio fan who has each and every album and song The Kingston Trio ever recorded. And my favourite KT song of all time was - and still is "South Wind." From all the songs and all the music of the legendary Travis Edmonson, he will surely live forever. My family and I have been listening to "Bud & Travis" CDs the past few days and will continue to do so in his honour.”

KELLY BRAITHWAITE made a special gesture of support during Travis' last illness.

“I'm so sad about Travis' passing, even though we all knew of the inevitability. A charming, talented, classy gentleman I will always remember with the utmost respect and admiration, and with wonderful memories of our short time together. God bless you Travis and be with your loved ones.”

 BOB HOSTLER in northern California first heard Travis music in the north Pacific.

“How sad, the news about Travis. My best thoughts go out to those closest to him. I remember first hearing the music of Bud & Travis in 1963, a few years after they started singing together.  To me they were the best of the folk groups that were big at the time.

In 1964 after high school graduation I enlisted in the Coast Guard.  When I finished boot camp I was assigned to some rather remote duty. I found myself stationed in the Aleutian Islands on the island of Adak. Also on the island was a Navy base and, of course, a Navy PX, where we all shopped.  On my first trip to the PX I found and bought my first two Bud & Travis albums and in the next couple of years eventually purchased the rest of their wonderful LPs.

Bud & Travis had a magic about their music.  And now we lose Travis and an era closes.

Travis, thanks for the music and the memories.”
Travis Edmonson

ALMA GAONA in Michigan was always there for Travis when prayers were called for.

My condolences to Travis' family. His contribution to the music world cannot be forgotten.”

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