Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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TOM SHEAHAN remembers enjoying Travis Edmonson live and being affected by him and his Mexican music for life.

"I had the pleasure of seeing Bud and Travis perform at a Tucson coffeehouse sometime about 1961. I had recently moved to Tucson from the Midwest (Kansas City) and was working on the Titan II Missile Site project for the Corps of Engineers.

I previously had only a passing familiarity with music from the Mexican culture, mostly from other folk music that I listened to. When I saw and heard Bud & Travis perform their renditions of Malagueña Salarosa, Rayito de Luna, and others, and heard the Stradivarius voice of Travis and magical guitar work that Travis performed so effortlessly, I was transformed for life.  From that evening on, I became a great fan of mariachi music and other music of the Mexican culture.

I bought the Debut album and immersed myself in their music. I bought a Goya G10 guitar in 1962, which I still have and still play today, and learned many of the guitar parts just by listening to the album.  Since then, and throughout my life, I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy Mexican music, from Travis and from others (e.g., Linda Ronstadt's "Canciones" albums).

I am truly grateful to Travis for bringing me a love of Mexican music that has continued for the last 48 years.  I am sorry to hear that he has passed on, but his beautiful tenor voice and his enchanting guitar music will live on forever.”

BOB BYRD in Maryland has fond memories of his meeting with Travis.

“I am very saddened and wish Travis' family all the best, and my deepest sympathy. I met Travis at the Kingston Trio camp in 2007. He has been an inspiration to many including myself.”

MARY ELLEN KOKOSZKA was a schoolmate of Travis', and they had a wonderful reunion via this website.

”I am so sorry to hear dear Travis lost his hard fought battle. He was truly courageous. He will missed by a great many fans, friends and family.”

GEORGIA ALLEN, who knew Travis from the years when they both grew up in Nogales, was always first to answer a call for prayers during Travis' many medical crises.

“Our admiration for Travis, his music and his courage is unending.”

PAT REED in Maryland was one of the first to send her condolences.

“It is so sad for us to lose such a wonderful and brave man as Travis. But may he now rest in peace. He leaves us a legacy of beautiful music, and he will not be forgotten.”

CONRAD WATSON, Travis' accompanist on the “Travis on Cue” album remembers a man of kindness and generosity.

“I will never forget Travis, and all he did for me.”

FORD BURKHART of The New York Times played an important role in the acknowledgements given to Travis Edmonson by the press following his passing.

“I'm going to put on some of Travis' music.”

Travis Edmonson

DEBORAH DURKEE, writing from the Middle East, also kept a vigil for Travis.

“I hope Travis' passing was indeed peaceful, and that his family finds comfort in knowing that.”

NANCY D ALLEY in Pennsylvania writes,

“The world has lost a great talent and a good man. I am sorry. He brought joy to me and many others through his music.”

East Coast Entertainer Harris Goodman became acquainted with Travis' music through a friend who was part of  a duo who sang B&T music.

“What a loss, not only for Travis' family, but for the world. The wonderful thing about recording artists, though, is that their words, music, and voice live on forever. I am so grateful to have been able to explore the seed of interest in Travis' music which my late friend Rick planted some years back.”

KIM HEDDEN  was introduced to Travis' music by her father.

“So sorry to hear the news about Travis. He sure had an interesting life.”

JOHN SUCH in Massachusetts has obtained the entire Travis Edmonson Collection on CD.

”I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Travis Edmonson. His legacy will be long remembered, and his impact in the world of folk music will always be treasured from the recordings that he left behind. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be close to him through his friends and family.”

GARY ALLEN, who understood what Travis was going through, never failed to answer a call for prayers, and always feels Travis' inspiration when he goes on stage with The Three Jolly Coachmen.

“His music will live on and on.”

MARTI McKOWN in Arkansas is determined to do all she can to keep Travis' legacy alive.

“Travis was always in my prayers. I pray for comfort for his family, and know without a doubt that his soul and wonderful spirit continues to soar on the wings of a song. The beauty of that which is Travis will never leave us.”

MARY HAGER in Virginia always kept Travis in her prayers.

“Travis' passing is a terrible loss to music and humanity.”

Dr. RON COTTEREL in northern California was always ready to help Travis in his medical trials.

“I feel very fortunate to have connected with Travis.”

Writer DAN BESSIE, whose father was the famous hungry i announcer, kept Travis in his prayers.

“I was terribly sorry to hear the sad news about Travis. The world has lost a courageous human being and an immense talent. He will be long remembered. My sincere condolences to his friends and family.”

RON POSTREL in northern California was remembering Travis in his prayers.

I am very saddened to learn of the death of Travis Edmonson.”

DON PUCKETT sends sympathy from Florida.

“God is listening to a great music man about now, and I am going to do the same."

RICK FRIEDEN in Virginia still cherishes meeting Travis when he toured in the environs of Washington.

“My prayers go to Travis' family at this very sad time. Travis (and for that matter, Bud and Travis) was an important part of my life. He brought much wonderful music and laughter to many, many people. I am very appreciative to have found Travis again these past few years.”

Sisters ROSYLYN NEEL and SERENA DU BOIS in Washington State both kept a prayer vigil during Travis' last illness.

“The passing of Travis Edmonson was a terrible loss.”

JAY HATHAWAY in southern California was steadfastly loyal to Travis.

“Travis added so much joy to our lives.”
Prof. ROBIN McCONNELL in New Zealand writes,

“I was just playing a lot of Bud and Travis on my drive home to Kerikeri from Auckland yesterday. Travis has given us one of the most special legacies of music and personality.”

NANCY WRIGHT in northern California kept a close watch on Travis' condition over the last traumatic months.

“This is a very sad time.  Travis was so valiant.  His music will live forever in our hearts.”

KATIE WINCHELL in southern California always had prayers at the ready for Travis.

" I'm so sorry Travis had to struggle so much with his illnesses. His music touched my soul from childhood on, and will continue to mean so much, as it does for hundreds of others. When he was passing, as my way of honoring his life and creativity from afar, I listened to the Latin Album and sent prayers of peace and light to him and his family. I'm thinking of his family during this time."

SUSAN STREETER was a tremendous supporter of Travis since she discovered the Bud & Travis in Concert album in Australia.

“I am saddened to hear about Travis' passing, and send my very best wishes to his family. The legacy of pleasure that Travis has created will always remain in my mind.”

Travis Edmonson

JUDY DRAKE in Phoenix broke into a busy schedule to deliver messages of goodwill and prayers to Travis' hospital in Mesa.

““It is with great sadness that we now must say good-bye to Travis Edmonson. What a great talent he was.  We are all so fortunate that he chose to share his music with us. I was greatly impressed with the spirit and  determination he showed during his last crisis.  He was truly a remarkable person. Though we have lost Travis,  his music will live on for generations. My deepest sympathy to his family in this time of sorrow.”

It's just heartbreaking to think of all Travis went through. I'm so glad that he and Rose Marie had so many wonderful friends to support her now.”

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