Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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Always an admirer, RONALD FITZ in Colorado learned what giants of folk music thought of Travis at Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp.

“Personal admiration and reverence laced every word John Stewart and Nick Reynolds spoke about Travis. Not only was the man's contribution to Folk Music
phenomenal, he was a survivor, projecting an awesome, unstoppable spirit.

Travis Edmonson left a legacy of music, courage, and inspiration. He left me personally with memories that touched my heart and made my life all the richer.”

DAVID RODRIGUEZ is a second-generation fan of Travis Edmonson.

” My earliest memories of music being played in our house when I was growing up (I am 46 years old) was the "Bud & Travis In Concert" album. I loved that album and even memorized the between-song dialog, even though at the time (when I was maybe 5 or 6) I didn't "get" most of the jokes.

May Travis rest in peace.”

GEORGE F. TAYLOR liked to entertain Travis with stories of his native Alberta.

“Travis has fought a horrendous battle. Now he can rest and become new again in his future.”

JESS GUY in northern California was a caring fan.

“Sorry to hear about Travis' passing.  There are few left from that era - and Travis' contributions leave a legacy for all of us.”

GRAEME LIVINGSTONE in the United Kingdom treasures his recent meeting with Travis.

“So sorry to hear this news. Travis was a brave man till the end. His (and Bud's) music will still live on. Please pass my sympathy onto Rose Marie and  all Travis' friends.”

BRUCE MELZER in Minnesota adds his condolences.

“"My sympathy to Travis' family, friends and fans.
He and Bud brought joy and tears to all of us
through their music.”

JUDE ASHLEY in Washington State kept Travis constantly in her prayers, and says now,

“Fly free, Travis.”
LEONE KEMPER in northern California writes

I am so very sorry. There is nothing natural about death, and the loss of a talent like that of Travis Edmonson only emphasizes that!  Not much of a scholar, but I know that the Bible in the last book states that the LAST ENEMY, DEATH, is to be done away with. . .   That is something that we--or future generations may look forward to, when the mess man has made of our beautiful planet is reversed and voices like that of Travis Edmonson are restored.

Travis Edmonson

DAN RODGERS in southern California voices what many people feel, and adds his a poem.

“I'm sorry to hear about Travis. Its like losing a spiritual friend because I and (I'm sure others) have received so much from his life and art. There's a great song I heard on a Leonard Cohen album called "Passing Through".   It kind of put life and death in perspective for me. It's about how all of us - add something to the big picture of life while we are passing through..."sometimes happy, sometimes blue, glad that I ran into you. Tell the people that you saw me passing through". I have in the past and will continue to tell people about Travis and his importance in my life and music.”

Travis Edmonson is gone
But his memory will go on
He sang those Spanish words so hi and true
We will miss his cool clear voice
But like everyone he had no choice
He was our brother and was only passin' through

Passin' through, passin' through
Sometimes happy sometimes blue,
Glad that I ran into you,
Tell the people that you saw me passing through

MIKE IRBY in Oklahoma was a particularly generous supporter of the benefit for Travis.

“I am very saddened to hear that Travis has passed away. He brought so much  joy to so many of us. My thoughts are with Travis' family.”continue to do so in

BARBARA AND HUGH LAFFERTY in Connecticut were among the most faithful in the vigil for Travis during the last months.

“Travis Edmonson ... Rest In Peace. God knows, Travis gave it his best shots, and always with a smile.”

Singer AVA VICTORIA sends her condolences to Travis' family.

“I wish that I could've met Travis. I have precious memories of my days with Bud Dashiell and all that he taught me. God bless them both and I imagine them reunited doing their best work ever.”

DAVID GREGORIE in New Zealand offers his sympathy.

“My sincere condolences. Bud and Travis gave me a huge amount of pleasure in their heyday.”

CHUCK BOLL in Arizona followed Travis' situation in the last months with great concern.

“All our prayers go out for Travis, He is now at peace with the Lord. I will bet He and Bud are making music for all the heavenly Hosts and Angels.”

JIM BOISSERANC in Arizona was acquainted with Travis through The Gateway Singers.

“I appreciated the talent of Travis and all The Gateway Singers, and I thank you again for finding my lost record for me so I can enjoy them forever. My memories associated with the Gateway Singers and their music will go on to the end for me.”

SANDY DAVIS lived the coffee house era first-hand, and one of her most special memories is of Travis Edmonson.

“I will always cherish my 1960 or '61 walk down Sunset Boulevard with Travis. He and Bud were reunited at the "Unicorn" and playing together ... I served a drink to Randy Sparks that night along with his wife...they were there listening.  After the show, Travis said, "let's take a walk"...and we did.  We stopped for coffee and Travis had a piece of pie....we talked about the show, the unicorn, where he was currently living (on the corner of Crescent Heights & Fountain Avenue), Bud & Travis and things in his life.
All these years later I wrote him a letter....reminding him of our walk down Sunset...I told him I had ordered some of his cds and signed off by saying, "I'll be listening"....he replied by signing off, "Yours in the Music"....He is in the music, he is the music and people will always be listening.”

Loyal fan STEVE MONTAGUE in Virginia has always been supportive.

“I was very sorry  about the sad news. I hope that Travis' passing was as comfortable as possible. Over many years he has done a lot for us, and the little we could do for him seems small in return.”

Doug Greenberg in northern California celebrated Travis' life by seeking out the music.

“I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Travis Edmonson. He made an amazing contribution to the world during his lifetime. Today I shall listen to his music and remember him. Travis, the Gateway Singers and the music keep the memory alive at my house.

RICK WRIGHT in northern California went for his Travis Edmonson CDs as soon as he heard the sad news.

”I am sorrowed to hear about Travis' passing, but am pleased that I and many others have heard his voice (and will continue to do so).”

Travis Edmonson

CHRISTINE FAIRBANKS in New Mexico adds her condolences.

”I'm writing this through tears.  All my good thoughts are going out to Rose Marie, Elizabeth, Erin, and all the family. Travis will live on in his music. I'm sure he and Bud are having quite a time now singing for the angels.”

Travis was loved by a lot of people. So disappointed that I won't be able to make it to the memorial service. I will be thinking about him at 4pm my time, and may even take in a CD or two to work. I have eight of Travis' CDs  in the car and have been listening all week as I drive.

NANCY BUSHNELL in southern California added her contribution to the benefit project for Travis shortly before his passing.

“it was fitting that I found your site and bought the two albums. I loved his music and am thankful he was alive and touched my life. Thank you for bringing his back to me.”

WARREN CEREGHINO in southern California has a treasury of Travis memories.

“How sad. May Travis rest in peace. I still remember .... as a young deejay at KBUZ, right there in Mesa on the old Mesa-Tempe Highway, playing his Bud & Travis tunes, and so clearly seeing him in person at the hungry i with the Gateway Singers.  the world has lost a good one.”

Tim Shannon in northern California shares his sympathy.
“I was saddened to hear of Travis's passing. I know he fought well, and was able to sustain his fight with the prayers of his family, friends and many admirers throughout the world. I will hear him as his voice and musicianship live on in his recordings.”

FRAN CRESSMAN recalls Travis from the days when she saw him perform live with The Gateway Singers.

“I am very sorry to hear about Travis Edmonson's passing.”

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