Travis Edmonson of Bud & Travis
September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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Daughter of the great folk singer Stan Wilson, FAUNA SIMON expresses her sadness over Travis' passing.

“I am heartbroken that I did not get to say "goodbye" while Travis was still here. There will be a huge void for all of us left "here" without him, but we are so grateful to still hear his blissful voice keeping him close to our hearts.

 I have never known such strength, love for others & such a cheery outlook as Travis had, no matter what he had to deal with ... Travis could very easily be a saint.

I truly miss saying goodbye! He was so kind to me in San Francisco. I have always loved him from when I first met him as a child, and I will continue to love him always!”

PAULA OLCH in Arizona tells of her personal experience of Travis' personal touch.

“In the 50's and 60's I'd been a huge fan of folk music, including that of Bud & Travis, so
when I was offered a chance to hear Travis live here in Tucson, I jumped at it. It was
sometime in the late 70's, I think, and he was playing at Natani Nez, a restaurant on Oracle that has since had numerous incarnations. It turned out to be a very intimate performance in the lounge and I was able to hand him a (pretty long) request list of my favorite songs from B&T records.  Bless the man, I think he played almost all
of them.   {:-)

Shortly after that I caught his performance at Don Quixote, a small restaurant on Limberlost, just west of Campbell, which no longer exists. I especially recall his singing of “Malagueña Salerosa” that night as he strolled slowly through the audience, surrounding us with his beautiful sound. Wow!

Somehow I missed being in attendance when Travis received a TAMI award in 1995, so I wrote a note of congratulations.  Not only did he respond, which I never expected, but it was a very personal message, speaking volumes about the humanity of the man who was such a
fabulous musician.

The last time I saw Travis face to face was at a benefit concert that he and Earl and others gave at the Valley of the Moon. By that time he was in a wheelchair and not singing much, if at all, on his own.

So today, prompted by a tribute on KXCI, I've been playing his CD's and enjoying
his/Bud & Travis wonderful music all over again. Thanks again for the impetus for this “trip down memory lane” and a place to share it.

BETTY MANN of The Gateway Trio reconnected with Travis via his website.

“Travis was a consummate entertainer.  Few could match him in any aspect of his range of talents.”

DARBY COSTELLO in Illinois saw Travis perform with The Gateway Singers.

“I will pass the sad word to some others who will also be distressed to learn of Travis' passing.”

Travis Edmonson

ROGER HULLBUSH was distressed to learn the news of Travis' passing.

I will light a candle for the repose of the soul of Travis Edmonson this Sunday at my Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Bellingham, Washington.

WANDA RICHARDS in Georgia remembers seeing Travis perform at her college.

“Travis mixed with the students after his performance, and I couldn't believe that I got to speak to him personally.  I knew immediately that I had met not just a great entertainer but a thoughtful and caring human being.”

TONI DRAGON in southern California stresses Travis' inspirational qualities.

“Travis was a special part of my life in the sixties. I will never forget how his music uplifted me. He will be missed so much.”

RODNEY LOW in northern California recalls playing for Travis at his 75th birthday party.

In writing about the loss of Travis, there is no way that I can be as eloquent as his legion of fans and close friends, many of them professional musicians. I did have the honor of meeting Travis at this 75th birthday party and I knew instantly that, even though his health was failing, a sweeter heart and more generous spirit never existed, unless it is his partner in love, Rose Marie.
When I think about the giants of American music, from Bob Dylan to Woody Guthrie to Robert Johnson, I think we must include Travis Edmonson, an American Troubador with talent, authenticity, and a wicked sense of humor who loved entertaining people. We can only lament and wonder that he didn't enjoy greater fame and recognition, because the depth of his many talents would put all the "American Idols" to shame. Travis, thanks for the joy.

GREG DEBONNE in southern California pays his respects to Travis Edmonson.

”As a little boy, folk music permeated the environment of our home; and Bud & Travis were a cornerstone of my parents' folk collection. It
was through them that I was introduced to the sounds of Bud & Travis.  Their music created a lasting impact on my childhood.

It's my belief that every aspiring singer-songwriter and/or Country/ Folk based musicians coming up now would do well to study the Bud & Travis records. The only way to make great music is to absorb and understand the greatness that came before you in the past. Travis is an integral part of that great past, and a pivot for musical discovery
today and in the future.”

HUGH LAFFERTY in Connecticut kept a faithful prayer vigil for Travis throughout his hospitalization.

“The world lost a very talented musician with an uncannily clear tenor voice, Travis Edmonson. I never met Travis, but knew Bud Dashieill. Bud and I served together in Korea.  My wife, Barbara, and I still have a Bud and Travis 33 1/3 platter which we purchased in Los Angeles in the early sixties. We still play it, and several in the neighborhood, especially the youngsters, are in awe of the sounds and the fact that we have a record player still A OK. We also have several compact discs of Bud and Travis, and play them often.

This beautiful music is part of our life. The pictures we see of Travis with his joyous smile are inspiring indeed, and tell us this man lived life to the fullest. He ran the good race and fought the good fight. Rest In Peace, Travis ... Requiescat In Pace

PETE FELDMAN in Arizona cherishes his chance to meet Travis.

“I am truly sorry that Travis has passed away.  However, I must say that I was fortunate in that I got to talk to Travis briefly several years ago at the Arizona Folklore Preserve in Sierra Vista as he signed one of his albums.   Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy of great  music shall certainly be played and heard by folks for years and years to come.  This in itself will be the greatest of tribute that all of us and future generations can pay to someone of such superb musical talent and ability to entertain.”

MARGARET SOHN in New Jersey envisions a wonderful reunion in heaven.

My late husband was a fanatic bud and travis fan. He turned me on to their great music.  I have corresponded on Travis' web site, which had very special meaning to me. I hope Travis, Bud and my husband, Rick get together for a fabulous jam session.”

WELDON GORDON  in Louisiana writes,

“Travis will be missed but always with us. Wishing only the best for all his friends/family!”

Travis Edmonson

recently on how Travis' song got a whole hospital community singing, stresses the breadth of Travis' influence.

“My thoughts are with all of Travis' family and friends, and the many people he touched without ever meeting in person. There are more of us out here than anyone will ever know. Quoting Celia O'Neill...'I will sing a song for you, upon the road again.'”

RICHARD HOLDEN, who once had the opportunity of performing on stage with Travis' guitar ….. not to play it, but as a dancing partner, remarks on the depth of feeling for Travis.

“I attended the memorial service for Travis, and can only stand in awe of the way he touched lives so profoundly.”

DON STEMMLER in Maryland stresses Travis generosity and how he will live on.

“I envy Travis because he will live forever in his art. He was gifted and shared his gift beautifully and generously."

Pastor VALERIE DE LA TORRE always kept Travis in her prayers.

“To hear of Travis' passing and to know how valiantly he lived and endured was yet another loss. His voice in the CD's I recently ordered will forever live on. Blessings on all of you who have been good friends to such a wonderful musician.”

KENNETH GRIFFIN in Texas felt the friendship that Travis radiated out.

”Travis was a friend of mine - although we never met. I knew him to be a gentleman, a good soul with a wonderful talent and spirit. I knew this from his music and his life. He met the highest of goals: to leave this earth a little better than he found it.”

GUY DEUEL in Texas expresses his sorrow over Travis' passing.

”Like So many others, I was saddened by the great loss the world of music has suffered with Travis Edmonson's passing. I first heard about Bud and Travis by a folk singer in Dallas. So I went out and bought the live album. I still have it and the Latin Album among my ancient vinyl. Still some of my favorite music!”

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