September 23, 1932 - May 9, 2009


Travis Edmonson in Memoriam

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BILL FLYNN in North Carolina perceived Travis' warmth and humanity from the recordings that so clearly projected the man.

“I am among the legion of people who only knew Travis Edmonson through his music and his humor. He and Bud were terrific individually and had special magic as a duo. How fortunate that Travis lived when he did and his art, and all that is carried in  his singing, playing and writing, could be recorded for posterity. His gifts survive for us and for all who have not yet, but will, receive them. I don't know who said it, but it brings to mind this quote: `Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.'”

ROB SCHUCK in southern California is reconnecting with Travis music.

“My connection to Travis Edmonson is that of a fan who was greatly influenced by the music of Bud & Travis as a boy growing up in Buffalo, NY in the 60's. I will always be in awe of their singing, guitar playing and arrangements. It is what inspired me to learn guitar and provided me with countless hours of enjoyment in the privacy of my own home with friends who shared my love for folk music. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have met many fans here who also share my feelings. I will always remember Travis Edmonson as one of America's great folk artists and all round entertainers.”

Travis Edmonson

RONALD SNIDOW, the father of disc jockey JIM SNIDOW passed away shortly after Travis, and the music of Bud & Travis will be playing at his memorial service.

“my parents were big fans of Bud and Travis, and being fans meant passing the music down to my generation to me and my brother on trips to Baja California. Last year my parents came on the air, and I thanked them for introducing me to such a diverse group of musical influence and my mom brought up Bud and Travis as some one we really enjoyed listening to in the car on many family vacations “

Prof. PAT MCCASKEY, the musician whose father, Stagg McMann was the hungry i emcee when Travis performed there nightly with The Gateway Singers, simply quotes a very famous line to express the tears which are falling all around the world.

“On a cloudy afternoon we sat and waited for the raindrops.”

MARK WILSON in Texas was always concerned about Travis' well-being.

“It is very sad to learn the news about Travis

DAVID HOLLAND in Texas always showed great concern for Travis, and states,

“I want to express my gratitude that, unlike the great musicians before 1900 who will never be heard again, and those before 1950 who will never be heard at their best, we must give thanks that the great gift of Travis' music will live forever not just through legend, but for all to hear.”

DAN ROGERS concentrates on Travis' spiritual gifts.

“I'm sorry to hear about Travis. Its like losing a spiritual friend because I and (I'm sure others) have received so much from his life and art. There's a great song I heard on a Leonard Cohen album called "Passing Through".   It kind of put life and death in perspective for me. It's about how all of us - add something to the big picture of life while we are passing through..."sometimes happy, sometimes blue, glad that I ran into you.  Tell the people that you saw me passing through". I have in the past and will continue to tell people about Travis and his importance in my life and music.”

BOB BARTER in Maine is playing Travis' music as a soloist as well as part of B&T and The Gateway Singers in tribute.

”I was saddened indeed to learn of Travis's passing. I have been able to enjoy Travis's music anew after many years through his re-released solo, Bud and Travis, and Gateway Singers CD's. His music continues to mean so much to us around the world.”
TONY OOSTENBRINK in Canada paid a special internet tribute to Travis.

“Please accept my condolences and convey them to Travis' family and friends.  Last night I uploaded to YouTube a video tribute to Travis [ you can hear it by going to the “Appreciation of Travis Edmonson” - see below ]. I'd been saving that song for a future year when I rode thru or close to Mexico. But when Travis died, it seemed appropriate to use it for a tribute.”

HUCK ESSIGS in Arizona recalls happy times being entertained by Travis Edmonson.

“ We used to go see and hear Travis play in Tucson in the early 70's. Every evening that we spent hearing Travis sing and play stayed in our memories.

He played with a young guitar player who could play by ear. We took this guitar player to a classic guitar concert at the University of Arizona, and the next night he was performing songs from the concert with Travis.

The songs and the friendship will always be with us. It still brings tears to my eyes when I hear Travis sing Malagueña Salerosa. He was a treasure that will be missed, but his memory and music will live on into future.”

JIM MORALES  in Texas expresses the condolences of generations of his family who admired Travis Edmonson.

“So sorry to hear about Travis ... a great loss. Please relate my condolences to his wife and family. His music is a wonderful legacy.”

SHAUN NIEL in Tucson expressed constant concern for Travis during the last difficult months, and says,

“Please convey my sympathy to Rose Marie.”

TOM JACKSON  in southern California was a loyal supporter of the benefit for Travis.

Though I am very saddened to learn of Travis' passing, I know he is in a better place and singing with the angels. Travis' music has inspired me for fifty years, and will continue to do so.

I send my very best wishes, and pray for God's comfort for Travis' family.  We'll all keep him alive through the wonderful musical gifts he left to us. I have the "In Concert" CD playing as I write this.”

LARRY COLYER of Vermont adds,

”Travis will be missed.”

Dr. DIA VICKERY is taking consolation from her eight Bud & Travis CDs.

”I was so sorry to read about Travis, but am certain that whatever afterlife there is now has the BEST music ever!  We who are left behind will have to soldier on with our memories and the recordings they left us.

Dr. JIM HAYNES in Washington is a fan of Travis through The Gateway Singers.

“So sorry too learn the news about Travis. I loved his music, He was a major part of the soundtrack of my life in College & Medical School.

BILL TANKSLEY in southern California envelopes himself in Travis' Latin repertoire.

“Travis has been, and still is, an inspiration for all folk and Latin music fans. We will miss him, but he left us a legacy through his music and now also through his perseverance and courage during his final years. His was a life well spent as witnessed by the many people who have been touched by Travis and his indomitable spirit. We honor his memory when we listen to his music; he will be missed.”

JERRY GREEN sends his sympathy, and writes,

“My deepest condolences. I have only fond memories of Travis' wonderful sound.”

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