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"travis" by Ted Newman

Ted Newman wrote the following poem as a tribute to Travis Edmonson in November 2005, and read it during the singalong session that kicked off production of Bill McCune's documentary about the singer.

A Tribute to Travis

A boy on the border a great place to start.
He learned from mariachis songs from the heart.
He grew up loving songs and guitars
Sneaking out to listen at mariachi bars.

He furthred his learning at the U. of A..
And then in the Army he continued to play.
A beautiful voice , a wondrous guitar
All who heard him knew he'd go far.

His songs showed the humor, the genuine truth
That still makes us think of the days of our youth.
A true believer of the value of folk ,
He looked at beatniks as some kind of joke.

Sometimes life gets tough and sometimes folks suffer,
 But the mark of a man is when he gets tougher.
Through illness he kept his humor and pride,
 With sweet Rose Marie right by his side.

Today his friends gather to honor this man.
Travis will always have true friends and fans.
For him it was music right from the start.
Born with a song in his soul and his heart.

"The Eagle" by Travis Edmonson




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