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Travis Edmonson Featured on Tim Wiedenkeller's Latest CD

In May 2007 Tim Wiedenkeller issued a wonderful CD single of his  wistful song “New Old Pueblo,” and the exciting news for Travis Edmonson fans is the innovative inclusion of moving and thoughtful commentary by him on old Tucson, intermingled into a dialogue by the addition of reflections from the late Lalo Guerrero as well. Not only an appealing and unique complement to Tim's lead vocals, the discourse adds flavor and an element of genuine history to the recording.

The nostalgic yet amusing song bemoans the loss of traditions and culture  in Tucson, Arizona, an issue about which Travis Edmonson feels strongly. In this case, Tim sings of the exclusion of nopal (prickly pear cactus) and tunas (prickly pear cactus fruits) from the local diet. (“we no peel nopal no mo.”)

One of the most thrilling aspects of “New Old Pueblo” for Travis Edmonson fans is the fact that in addition to the stirring lines about old Arizona, Travis actually plays guitar on the CD!

While paralysis has prevented him from performing on the instrument since the stroke in 1982, with Tim  doing fret duty as Travis strums, together they recreate the huapango style rhythm for which Travis became so renowned (a technique they demonstrated when Tim was Travis' guest on the TV show “Valley Views”).

Travis also contributes harmony vocals on the CD, but this first instrumental performance on record for three and a half decades makes “New Old Pueblo” a Must Have for Travis Edmonson fans.

When a documentary about Lalo Guerrero was premiered at the Puro Mexicano Film Festival in November 2006, as a part of the accompanying musical salute, Tim Wiedenkeller performed “New Old Pueblo” at the request of Lalo's sons, and the audience reaction was a great indication that a CD release would be well received.

Now, in conjunction with Larry Kraus, president of the Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association (TKMA), of which Travis Edmonson is a founder member, Tim Wiedenkeller has made a  limited-edition single CD  available, and it can be purchased through

and do check out Tim Wiedenkeller's personal site at



Tim Wiedenkeller
Tim Wiedenkeller

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