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Travis Edmonson News 2006

IN 2006

Though confronted with some serious health setbacks in the weeks following hip surgery, Travis Edmonson remained busy with The CD Collection and visiting with fans and friends.  One very special event was a reunion with his classmate from Tucson High, Mary Ellen Boughton Kokoszka, (see picture below.

Travis Edmonson & Mary Ellen Kokoszka Thanksgiving 2006

All those who have become attracted to Latin music via  the songs of Travis Edmonson will approve of the exciting project beginning in January 2006.  It's an educational package built around him singing In Spanish for teachers in elementary and secondary schools, intended to enhance cultural relations and assist with the learning of Spanish.  And what a wonderful way to introduce a whole new generation to this powerful music! Thoughts and ideas for “Travis Edmonson's Musical Gateway to Mexico” are welcomed .  Just contact the website via the button at the left.

Super exciting news in February is the long-awaited release on CD of Travis Edmonson's live solo show at The Troubadour, “Travis On Cue.”  Unfortunately, many of the releases of this album on Lp were flawed, and we're especially pleased to say that the Travis Edmonson Collection remaster is of absolutely stunning quality!

February 12 was a Red letter day as Travis Edmonson joined the  many fans and friends of Dolan Ellis to celebrate the latter's 40th anniversary as Arizona's Official State Balladeer.

Concert organizer Bonnie Brock presented an extra special event on Sunday, April 9 when Rose Marie and Travis Edmonson  hosted a performance by the stunning musician and singer Tim Wiedenkeller in their Mesa, Arizona home.

The long-awaited CD release of "Spotlight on Bud and Travis" took place on May 31.  Autographed copies may be obtained by clicking the album image
at the top of this page.

On June 17, Travis Edmonson was guest of honor at the filming of a Kingston Trio concert in Yuma, Arizona. Bill McCuen, who is also making a documentary about Travis, is putting the concert together  in a package to be released on DVD

Two new albums were released by The Travis Edmonson Collection in Summer 2006 - “Perspective on Bud & Travis,” and from The Gateway Singers, “Wagons West.” For ordering details, click the banner at the top of any page.

Travis Edmonson was special guest of John Stewart and Nick Reynolds at Trio Fantasy Camp  on August 11 and 12. He performed at the main dinner, and also entertained participants in a songfest which went into the wee hours on the Saturday night.

Travis Edmonson with The Kingston Trio: Bob Shane, Travis Edmonson, John Stewart and Nick Reynolds
Bob Shane, Travis Edmonson, John Stewart
and Nick Reynolds August 12, 2006

Travis Edmonson celebrated his 74th birthday on September 23 in fine style.  One of the guests, Travis' most recent singing partner, Frank Ross, reports on the festivities in the FEATURES section.

A delightful party that was, not only for the honouree, but all the guests, to see Travis in great form.  For those who've known him for decades, it was particularly special to observe that his bright and sparkling eyes were no different from those of the man they remembered from his twenties, despite the grievous health problems of the past quarter century. Magnify the photo on the page with Frank's article, and see for yourself!

Unfortunately, the event was followed by a serious fall on October 10, resulting in a broken hip that required surgery to repair.  Friends around the world join in sending Travis their wishes for a quick recovery with as little pain as possible.

Travis Edmonson wants to thank everyone who has sent in get-well messages and extended Good Thoughts and prayers for his recovery from hip surgery.  He returned home from hospital on October 25, and despite the tough circumstances, remains in Let's All Room Together Next Semester spirits, thanks to the goodwill those who care about him have shown.

He's also asking anyone who might have memorabilia from his career to help out with the documentary Bill McCune of McCune Television is making about him.  Travis would like  those who have ticket stubs, playbills, photographs (Travis alone, Bud & Travis, Travis with other celebrities, Travis with fans), ads, reviews or any other graphic material to make it available in the form of scans emailed to Should you have trouble reaching that address, just click the contact button at the left, and we'll get you in touch with Bonnie Brock who is assisting Bill McCune with assembly of visuals for the film which is due for completion some time in 2007.

Most welcome of all would be video footage, which is in scant supply.  Many thanks to all searching their collections to assist!



Travis Edmonson on his 74th birthday

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