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Travis Edmonson was intended guest of honor at the opening of the ARENA HOUSE CONCERT SERIES  at the home of Bonnie Brock in Glendale, Arizona when his protégé Tim Weed (formerly known as Tim Wiedenkeller) sang and performed a program of banjo, guitar and mandolin music on November  3  If you missed this one, check out  for the next event in the series.

In mid-October Travis was hospitalised with a serious case of pneumonia, and his swift recovery was precipitated by the many prayers and Good Thoughts from all those who hold him dear.  Warmest thanks to Everyone!

The Colors Food & Spirits cabaret in Tucson, presented by singer Liz McMahon, saluted Travis on Wednesday, October 23.  If you weren't able to   stop by for this show, join in on any other Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30 pm. Location is 5303 E. Speedway in Tucson, and all are invited to perform. Singer-songwriter Marilyn Harris provides accompaniment on piano. (Just bring your sheet music for her, and sign up by 6:00 pm)

On September 23, 2007 Travis Edmonson celebrated his 75th birthday with a dynamism and spirit which is an inspiration to all his fans who've held their breaths and sent so many prayers and Good Thoughts through the health crises he's endured over the past quarter century.

Festivities included a gala party on the day at the home of Bonnie Brock and a warm-up jam session hosted by Art and Claudia Yow.

Art Yow with Travis Edmonson
Art Yow with Travis Edmonson
at Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp, August 2007

More News! The Buffalo Bill Historical Center has just released a 25th Anniversary CD which includes the Travis Edmonson composition “Lavinia's Parlour.” Visit their website at

This summer The Travis Edmonson Collection has released a remastered version of The Latin Album, and with each CD, buyers receive a set of lyrics to all the songs in Spanish and English.  Also, two B&T compilation albums originally released on LP, "Bud & Travis" on Sunset and "Cloudy Summer Afternoon" on Capitol, are now available on CD for the first time. Click the banner at the top of any page to order.

Those who've been fans of Travis Edmonson since he was part of The Gateway Singers were excited to learn that the SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMING ARTS LIBRARY AND MUSEUM featured the ensemble as part of their exhibition saluting the legendary hungry i (where the group was resident for several years) from March 28 through August 25, 2007.

On February 4 Travis Edmonson was guest of honor at a Kingston Trio concert, and visitors to the website can enjoy some first-hand reportage about the occasion from Jon Karesh who spent the day with the Edmonsons, and was also guest of Bob and Bobbi Shane at the event.

On March 27, 2007 Travis Edmonson joined Enrico Banducci and such letgendary performers as Mort Sahl, Shelley Berman, Tom Lehrer, Glenn Yarbrough  and Kingston Trio members Bob Shane and John Stewart at a reception to launch the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum's exhibition saluting the hungry i.  

Mort Saul with Travis Edmonson

Other `alumni' of the club present included Orson Bean, Ronnie Schell and Ernie Sheldon who sang with Travis in The Gateway Singers.

To see more  photos from the evening (and how well they were all looking), visit the new dedicated hungry i website, and if you were ever in the audience, do leave your own recollection while you're there.

Enrico Banducci with Travis Edmonson
Travis Edmonson and the late  Enricco Banducci
who passed away on October 10, 2007

And you can experience your own hungry i reunion with the wonderful DVD featuring commentary by Enrico Banducci and performances by The Kingston Trio, Limeliters, Mort Sahl, jonathan Winters, Stan Wilson + rare Lenny Bruce footage.  Just click the icon to order direct from Amazon!

Travis Edmonson sings and plays guitar on new CD by Tim Wiedenkeller

Released as a benefit for the Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association (of which Travis Edmonson is a founding member), Tim Wiedenkeller's new limited edition CD “The New Old Pueblo” includes backing by Travis as well as the late Lalo Guerrero.    For the launch at the Tucson Folk Festival on May 5, Tim and his band performed a live recreation of the recording, joined on stage by Travis who offered poignant reminiscences as part of the tableau.

For more details and purchasing info, go to FEATURES section

Besides the news about Travis Edmonson's latest activities, visitors might be interested to learn that, in addition to fans from the U.S.A. we've heard from admirers as far flung as the Netherlands, New Zealand, Turkey, Singapore, Portugal  and Britain in Spring 2007.  You can read some of their remarks on pages 17 and 18 of the Memories section .



Mrs. Bob Shane with Travis EdmonsonMrs. Bob Shane with Travis Edmonson

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