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Friends and fans will be sorry to learn that Travis Edmonson's wife Rose Marie was hospitalised briefly at the end of October, but the good news is that she is now doing well, and wants to thank everyone for the prayers and Good Thoughts.

Sad news, however, is that Travis mourned the passing of his dear friend since college days, Nick Reynolds, the artist who brought so much harmony and fun to The Kingston Trio. Nicky, who left us on Tuesday, October 1, 2008, will also be intensely missed by all those who cherished his musicianship, persona and the human warmth which glowed out in everything he did.

To celebrate Travis Edmonson's 76th birthday on September 23, a host of friends gathered at the singer's Mesa, Arizona home to pay tribute on the Saturday before.  Read all about the birthday party!

Ellen Murphy and father Travis Edmonson
Daughter Ellen Murphy joined close friends to celebrate her father's 76th birthday.

Exciting news for all who've been following the story of Bill McCune's Travis Edmonson documentary in the Features section of this website!!

The film will be made available to the public on DVD, and even more terrific is the fact that it will contain many special bonus features including Travis music never previously released.

The package costs only $80 including shipping, and you can pre-order it NOW at

Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp this year (August 14-18) took the form of a salute to John Stewart who passed away in January.  Travis Edmonson was once again an honoured guest, and a highlight of the event was a Question & Answer session he held with participants eager to learn more about the B&T days as well as Travis' solo career.

Campers also had the chance to serenade Travis with some of the songs they'd learned from him.  One special moment was Allan Shaw of Folk Era doing a new Travis Edmonson song that Allan composed, based on one of Travis' poems.  Check out the session on YouTube.


In an attempt to maximize attendance at future Travis tributes, including the concert to launch the long-awaited Travis documentary, Bonnie Brock is establishing a special email list. If you'd like to be included, please send an email to

July 4 was a red letter day in Travis' date book, not just for the celebration of Independence Day, but also to attend a show of his son Steve Edmonson at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix.  If you too would like the pleasure of enjoying the great Payne Edmonson Band live, check out their website at

where you can also order their new CD!

A very special event took place in Phoenix, Arizona on May 9.  The “CONCERT FOR TRAVIS” saluting the hero of this website was held at  the FIDDLER'S DREAM COFFEE HOUSE.  Among the entertainers performing and paying homage to Travis were Dolan Ellis, The Santa Cruz River Band, Gaylan Jones, Sue Harris, Don Armstrong, Victoria Armstrong, Joe Bethancourt, Chris Burton Jacome.  MORE INFO

Oscar Cisneros, Don and Victoria Armstrong,
Earl Edmonson, Ron Iverson, Chris Burton Jacome & Joe Bethancourt were among those on hand to salute Travis Edmonson on May 9, 2008.  (Photo by Claudia Yow)

Super MP3 News

Download Malagueña Salerosa and other songs from Travis Edmonson's Tucson Tapes from Amazon!

All Bud & Travis, Travis Edmonson solo and Gateway Singers CDs are currently available at the reduced price  of  $16 each, and there are a couple extra-special offers, including a half-price sale on the eight original B&T albums.

Travis Edmonson mourned the untimely passing of his dear friend of many decades, John Stewart, who suffered a stroke and died on January 19, 2008  in the same San Diego hospital where he was born.  Travis was always John's special guest at the annual Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale, and you can watch John and Nick Reynolds' 2003performance of Sloop John B with Travis joining in at the link below.

We want to join Travis in sending our sincerest sympathy to John Stewart's family.  His warm spirit will always be with us, as exemplified in the small piece he wrote about Travis Edmonson's influence on his career.  

In January, The Travis Edmonson Collection released its 21st title which is our own selection of the best of Bud & Travis, entitled “Bud & Travis From The Ridiculous to The Sublime” (Sloop John B to Camminante).  Because we believe that the  Collectors Choice CD reflected most fans' favorites, this new album of 23 tracks contains many of the same songs - with a few changes to reflect the comments which greeted the 1997 CD (such as addition of Raspberries, Strawberries and the introduction to Sloop).  And rather than having the In Concert album dominate the CD, alternate versions of a number of songs have come from other albums. Great for introducing friends to the music of B&T.  See CD COLLECTION page.



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